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Dragon-Marked War God Chapter 2770

Don’t Go Too Far

Don’t Go Too Far

Translated by Desmond

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“We’re out of time, quick, leave. Otherwise, both of us will be killed.” Luo Ping said while gritting his teeth.

He could not bear nor watch Luo Ninger fall into the hands of such a scum and get violated by them. He would rather die.

“Ninger will die together with you!” Luo Ninger grabbed Luo Ping’s arm tightly and said firmly.

“Why can’t you understand. Sigh…” Luo Ping let out a bitter smile. They’re out of options.

“Such a sad affectionate couple, really makes one love and hate. However, I have a peculiar habit, and that is to separate couples, kakaka.” The black-robed old man said coldly.

“I, Luo Ping, will take you down with me!” Luo Ping shouted in anger as he rushed towards his enemies.

Luo Ninger did not show any weakness too, she wouldn’t escape, and be together with her Senior Luo Ping.

“Body of Hundred Battles. Come forth!” Luo Ping’s eyes were filled with battle intent.

This was his sect’s strongest technique, his trump card that he had prepared for the Battle Royale of the Nine Counties, however, he was forced to use it now to save both of their lives as the opponents were much more powerful than him.

Luo Ping raised his silver spear, enduring the excruciating pain on his shoulder. His defensive capabilities were top notch, his body was trained to be extremely sturdy. He was great in close-quarter combat, he’s confident that he could hold them but not for long.

“Black Eagle, looks like that sect is pretty strong, we must not belittle our opponent.” The fatty said with a wry smile.

“I know. I’ve fought the Battle Sect several thousand years ago. This old one almost died in the hands of that bastard Luo Yingxiong.” Black Eagle gritted his teeth.

He obviously did not forget about Luo Yingxiong. I will not let those from the Battle Sect go easily.

“Very well, let’s see how he’ll handle us, with one of us attacking and the other defending.”

The fatty was confident as his defensive capabilities were on-par against Luo Ping. The three of them clashed into a chaotic melee. Luo Ping immediately fell into a disadvantageous position as he could not beat the duo. Luo Ninger thought that he could at least hold on for several rounds. While it was true, he couldn’t land a blow to them.

“Senior Brother! Ning Er will assist you.” She dared not to dawdle and quickly joined in with her spear.

Unfortunately, her spear techniques were lacking compared to Luo Ping. An Early Divine King like her could not be compared against the duo, she could only take away some pressure off of Luo Ping even though she joined in. Both of them were continuously pushed back. The proud and invincible techniques of the Battle Sect became useless against the despicable duo.

Honestly, Luo Ping and Luo Ninger had already done their best. Their opponents were just too strong, Mid Divine Kings that had lived through countless years. Their experience and strength were greater compared to the young duo. Plus, those two knew about the techniques of the Battle Sect, which also gave them an edge. Adding to the fact that they have the terrain advantage, the young duo were extremely disadvantaged.

“Leave, quick, Ning Er, I will stop them with my life!” Luo Ping shouted.

He couldn’t take on the flurry of attacks from Black Eagle. Every strike he threw was swept away by Black Eagle. Black Eagle’s attacks were perfect, there was no wastage in his moves, powerful. Luo Ping, even when he unleashed the Body of the Hundred Battles, still could not withstand those flurry of attacks from the duo. There was nothing he could do.

“I, Luo Ninger, belong to Brother Ping, in life and in death. I have no regrets.” Luo Ninger bit her red lips, causing it to bleed, her smile was sad yet beautiful.

Luo Ping’s voice reached towards the sky as his anger burned, yet no matter how unacceptable he thought this was, there was nothing he could do as he had to witness his beloved be taken away from him, there was nothing he could do…

“I curse you!!!” Luo Ping rushed towards his enemies without fear and burst forth with great willpower, yet he was still no match against Black Eagle and the fatty.

“Little lad, you’re still a worm even if you bet on your life, you’re not a dragon, hahaha.” Black Eagle belittled Luo Ping with an arrogant laugh.

Luo Ping finally suffered a severe injury after withstanding the attacks from the duo.


Luo Ping coughed out his blood essence, his divine origin energy was at an extremely low level.

“If this was an one-versus-one, the odds would probably be 50-50.” Fatty said.

Both of them had experience, strength and terrain advantage. It was impossible for the boy to suddenly win.

Black Eagle nodded. Luo Ping was on his last legs, not being able to fight back anymore, Luo Ninger was also pushed back by the duo and her expression became pale.

“Overconfident fella, I’ll pee on your face and give you some good nutrition, hehe.” Fatty suddenly smiled and looked towards Luo Ping.

“One can be killed but not humiliated!” Luo Ping gritted his teeth and raised his spear, he glanced towards Luo Ninger and took a deep breath.

“Brother Ping, no!!” Luo Ninger’s expression changed drastically and she hugged Luo Ping tightly.

“Hahaha, interesting, interesting, this is hilarious.” the Fatty was laughing hysterically, his eyes were filled with degradation and ridicule.

Luo Ping smiled bitterly, you must get through my corpse, first.

“Don’t go too far. Disgusting scums.” A sigh could be heard.

Fatty and Black Eagle immediately turned back and saw an azure-robed youngster with a sword behind his back, looking at them coldly with his arms wrapped around his chest.

“Boy, you wanna die?”

“Another fearless fella, looks like today’s menu is pretty good.”

The duo sneered and looked at the azure-robed youth in disdain.

“Jiang… Jiang Chen? It’s really you!”

Luo Ping looked at Jiang Chen in disbelief, his pupils contracted, a burning flame course through his veins.

Luo Ping remembered the time when Jiang Chen reigned supreme in the Divine Tomb. Although he had never talked to Jiang Chen before, he opened up the gate towards the Divine World, otherwise, the others would’ve become spirits and ghosts in the tomb.

Therefore, Luo Ping had always remembered Jiang Chen’s deed. He willingly went against the sect’s elders, wanting to go to Linhe Boundary to save Jiang Chen when he was in danger, hoping he could go and save him. It was something he must do. To repay his gratitude!

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