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Dragon-Marked War God Chapter 2769

Another Expert

Another Expert

Translated by Desmond

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In an instant, Luo Ping and the black-robed old man clashed for a dozen rounds, the terrifying aftershock destroyed the surrounding terrains.

The old man retreated with ease while facing Luo Ping’s sharp and fierce spear techniques. There wasn’t a successful blow landed against the old man. The old man could sometimes find an opportunity to deal a difficult attack to Luo Ping, causing the boy to feel pressured. Even so, the boy managed to stand his ground and nobody was seen to be gaining the upper hand.

“Luo Hou Spear, shake the Saints!” Luo Ping’s spear was akin to a dragon, piercing and destroying his surroundings with no effort, causing the battle to become chaotic.

“Interesting, to think it’s the number one sect’s, Luo Hou Spear from the Qian Hua Boundary.” The old man sneered, the murderous intent in his eyes became thicker.

Looks like he was angered by the Luo Hou Spear and was somewhat afraid of it.

“It’s great that you know, old fool, surrender now. Hmph.” Luo Ping’s spear strikes became fiercer than before.

The Luo Hou Spear was one of the best techniques around and Luo Ping’s trump card. His spear techniques were regarded as a once in a thousand years talent of Qian Hua Boundary’s number one spearman. His abilities were pretty strong. He does not show any fear even when he was faced with an unknown senior.

“It’s a pity that your Luo Hou Spear is not good enough. In the past, Luo Yingxiong was able to reign supreme in Qian Hua Boundary with his Luo Hou Spear. I’ve witnessed his valor and greatness, you’re still far lacking compared to him.” The old man said in disdain, never really taking heed upon Luo Ping.

“Nonsense, old fool, looks like I have to show you something, otherwise, you’ll look down on me.”

Luo Ping flew up to the sky with countless spear images appearing beside him. (Imagine Fate’s Gilgamesh’s Gate of Babylon)

“Senior Brother, be careful!” Luo Ninger said anxiously

That old fella was too mysterious. They had no idea where he hails from, and since they were both in a dangerous situation, they must not fall into a trap set up by others.

“Oho, not bad, pretty good, hehe, no wonder you’re so fearless, trying to become the prince to save the day, eh? You’re still too young. That little lady of yours likes you alot.” The old man kept provoking Luo Ping.

The young man was angered by him and his techniques became dull and disoriented as a result. The old man took his attack with ease. Luo Ninger could see that Luo Ping was losing.

Luo Ninger became anxious, Luo Ping will certainly lose if this continues. The black-robbed old man was definitely a veteran and he’s well-versed with the terrain, they were definitely at an extreme disadvantage. The old man then started to gain the upper hand and retaliated against Luo Ping.

“Ghost Falcon Claw!”

The old man’s hands then created strong winds as he struck with his claw.  Luo Ping was forced to defend as he lost the  initiatives. He tried to stabilise his flow and form even though he’s a bit shocked, but he realised that the attacks from the old man became fiercer and powerful than earlier. He defended against the claw strikes with his spear and claw marks could be seen appearing on his Mid Heavenly Divine Tool.

“Such terrifying techniques, this Eastern Ancient Mountain Range is filled with hidden experts and masters.” Luo Ping was shocked.

He was a Peak Early Divine King yet he was overpowered by this old man in every turn. He could even stand his ground against a Mid Divine King with his spear techniques and talent, yet, he’s unable to show his superiority against this old man.

“I’ve grown bored of you, little fella…” The old man harrumphed.

His attacks became fiercer than ever before. Luo Ping could not withstand the chaotic attacks with his splendid spear techniques. He lost the initiative and the upper-hand. He coughed out a mouthful of blood after taking three claw-swipes.

His palms were bleeding, his white robe was covered with blood, his face was covered with sweat. Luo Ping’s robe was in tatters. One of the claw-swipes struck upon his left shoulder blade, disabling his left shoulder.

“Damned old coot, die!” Luo Ninger shouted and rushed towards the black-robbed old man with her fist.

“No! Ning Er!” Luo Ping shouting, his heart trembling.

Ninger was much more important than his own life as she was the love of his life.

“Hehe, little lady, your opponent is me.”

Suddenly, a fat man appeared in front of the black-robbed old man, like a wall, appearing before Luo Ninger’s path. She was instantly blown back after her strike landed on that big-fat-wall. Her expression stiffened. She stabilized her body after staggering a dozen steps back, there were footprints on the ground after that impact, signifying the great recoil she suffered.

“Another expert!” Luo Ping’s expression became ugly as their situation worsened with another expert joining in.

That young looking fatty was emitting a strong pressure too, his defensive capabilities was great too as Luo Ninger was pushed back by the recoil.

“Old fool, looks like you’re having fun, playing with these two little fellas. I’m drooling already, that boy looks nutritious, muscles everywhere, it’s going to be great to chew. Hehe, as for the little girl? Look at those clear eyes, damn! I’m drooling hard just thinking about it. Looks like I am in luck.” Fatty sneered as his eyes turned towards Luo Ping and Luo Ninger.

“What should we do, Senior Brother!” Luo Ninger stared at Luo Ping. Both of them could not defeat their opponents.

“Leave, quick, leave this place to me, I can stop them.” Luo Ping said as this was the only choice left.

As long as I’m able to buy some time for Ninger, there’s still hope, it’s probably impossible for both of us to get out from this.

“Trying to leave? Hahaha, keep dreaming, you really think you have what it takes to stop both of us?” Fatty laughed disdainfully towards Luo Ping.

“How do you know if you haven’t tried?” Luo Ping said calmly as he was prepared to die, to cut a path of survival for Luo Ninger.

“No, Senior Brother, I will not leave you.” Luo Ninger said while shaking her head as her eyes became teary.

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