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Dragon-Marked War God Chapter 2759

Game Solved, There Is No Construction Without Destruction

Game Solved, There Is No Construction Without Destruction

Translated by Desmond

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Jiang Chen and the white-robbed goddess glanced at each other. Both of their expressions were heavy. However, it was pointless to blame anyone now, Jiang Chen was thinking of a way to get out of this situation too.

The goddess stared at the giant Go board, wanting to go for the final game, yet she held herself back, because she would be stuck in this place forever with Jiang Chen if she failed.

“Hehehe, Heaven’s mandate, Heaven’s mandate… looks like this game is unsolvable, one era has passed and it’s still the same.” The old man said with a bitter laugh, his voice was filled with sadness.

He really wanted someone to solve the game, yet no one succeeded.

“Do you truly hope someone would solve this set? Then, why do you play against your opponent instead of finding the solution for it?” Jiang Chen stared at the old man.

“I only wanted to lose, because this set was not set up by me, I too want it solved. Yet, there’s no way.” The old man helplessly said and shook his head.

“Who created this set? Have you ever tried solving it yourself, if you also wanted to break it? Do you not have an idea after billions of years has passed?” Jiang Chen asked.

“Who? I do not know, I only know after so many years, this set is an ever-changing set, just like the countless Daos that will converge in the end. Changing the minds of others to change this set. If this set could not be solved, then, this era shall not be able to withstand Heaven’s collapse.” The old man said with a blurred tone.

Jiang Chen did not understand parts of his words but he caught a keyword from the old man, you must overturn everything, rebuild the set, not get led by others. Meaning that, to solve this set, you must destroy the original setting and create a new path.

“Solve, solve the game, to solve the game, no matter what change one make, one shall forever be led by the nose.” Jiang Chen murmured.

No matter how great the white-robbed goddess was, she still lost in the end.   No matter how the black-robbed old man researched the set, he still couldn’t find the true ways to solve it.

“There is no construction without destruction, activation after destruction.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes shone brightly.

“Isn’t there one more chance? I would like to try.” Jiang Chen said.

The goddess looked towards Jiang Chen, the latter’s expression was cold and silent. She had to rely on him to solve it. However, the result of this set would determine their future, even their lives. Still… Jiang Chen never said a word even though she lost 9 in a row.

“Would you like to try? However, both of you will be destroyed if you lose.” The old man asked.

That Xiong Hou who had been sealed in this place for many years could only stop at the ninth attempt, not daring to move forward. Jiang Chen could not stay put in this place, there were people waiting for him. He would feel a great regret if he was stuck in this place. No matter what might come, he would move forward and grab hold of the chance he had.

“Although I may not amount much right now, I will eventually succeed if I keep moving forward! I’ll meet an ill-fate if I cower and hide no matter what, why not move forward?!” Jiang Chen said proudly, although not sure whether he would succeed.

“Great! Little lad has a great spirit! Hahaha, please!” The old man said with a laugh.

“Senior, please let me pass.” Jiang Chen said.

The old man was slightly stunned, not understanding what he meant by allowing him to pass through. Whereas the white-robbed goddess silently stared at Jiang Chen, not knowing what he was planning.

Jiang Chen took out his Heavenly Dragon Sword and pointed towards the giant Go board, he took a step forward and slashed. The white-robbed goddess and the old man were shocked by his act.

Jiang Chen slashed his trusted blade and the hundred Zhang Go board shattered, the Go pieces shattered into a pile of rubble.


The old man did not expect Jiang Chen to do such a thing. Cutting apart the Go board in a single slash and the Go pieces were shattered by the sword qi. That unbeatable set vanished into thin air, becoming a pile of rubble and ash.

“This is my method in solving the game.” Jiang Chen put away his blade and said.

To solve the set, it’s to destroy it, changing everything utterly, even by destroying it. There is no construction without destruction, only through destruction could one rebuild everything.

“Madman.” The goddess frowned, she did not think Jiang Chen’s method would work.

“Hahaha! Not bad! There is no construction without destruction! Not bad at all!” The black-robbed old man said with a laugh.

The fog around his appearance dispersed, showing a thin, average-looking face, even the white-robbed goddess had never seen it before. However, his eyes felt like it was glowing, shining, like the stars up in the sky, his expression was of joy and excitement.

“Could this be the way to solve it?” The goddess murmured.

She could not believe that Jiang Chen’s solution to beating the set was to cut it in half, destruction and reconstruction!

“Three thousand great worlds, anything imaginable will happen, another era after another era, little boy, your ‘game-solving’ gave me hope.” The thin old man said, feeling a surge of emotion.

“This… is the way to solve the game?” Jiang Chen said.

He too did not expect this to work, this was just his usual ways, always unexpected. He wasn’t confident in this method too, because it was almost impossible to win against this game.

“May I ask the senior, who are you?” The goddess knew how powerless she was in front of him; she did not dare think how powerful and terrifying this person was.

“I’ve said it before, I too do not know who I am, I am just an intent, not really a spirit. This time, you guys have destroyed my shackle and set me free, this is the Ice Origin Lake Water Bead.” The old man took out a crystal clear bead and threw it towards Jiang Chen,

The energy of the Ice Origin Lake Water Bead was much greater than the dragon ball. He knew that the current him was unable to control this Ice Origin Lake Water Bead.

“Thank you, senior.”

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