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Dragon-Marked War God Chapter 2757

A Broken Spirit, an Incomplete Game of Go!

A Broken Spirit, an Incomplete Game of Go!

Translated by Desmond

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“You would’ve ran off if I was at my peak.” Xiong Hou said while gritting her teeth.

How far have I truly fallen, even a little fella who’s not even a Divine King dares to talk sh*t against me.

“I’m just afraid that you might be in danger, therefore, I chose to stay.” Jiang Chen said in a heartfelt manner.

These were his honest words, otherwise, he would’ve ran away. Still, he gained a lot from this encounter, at least, the story was more than enough for it.

“This is not a place where you should be.” The white-robbed goddess remained cold towards Jiang Chen.

“Bah~ just consider me being nosy.” Jiang Chen shrugged. Looks like there wasn’t a need for him to stay anymore.

The moment Jiang Chen wanted to leave. Xiong Hou pounced with all her might towards Jiang Chen, trying to devour him in a single bite, it was her only chance for a comeback.

“You dare?!” The white-robbed goddess shouted as she moved to stop Xiong Hou.

Xiong Hou used her final ounce of energy for that pounce, to devour Jiang Chen for a final comeback. The body of Myriad Qi was truly nutritious for her body.

Jiang Chen’s pupil contracted as he quickly retreated. The opponent was the king of the ancient beasts, it was too fast for him to react, the Heavenly Dragon Battle Armour was instantly broken off by the beast, he felt an unprecedented crisis.

The ambush of Xiong Hou was fast and ferocious, but she was still nothing to the goddess. Jiang Chen saved her life before, she would gladly do the same without hesitation as she’s not one to owe others a favour.

The white-robbed goddess and Xiong Hou clashed once again, Jiang Chen was pushed back by the powerful shockwave. Xiong Hou’s vicious plan did not succeed in the end. Jiang Chen’s expression became pale, coughing out a mouthful of blood, however, he was safe. The goddess was not in good condition though, that angelic feel of hers was gone and she was in tatters, her garment became unsightly as it was torn and dirtied. Still… the vibe she gave off was still as magnificent as ever.

“This time, thank you.” Jiang Chen said with a bitter laugh.

Both the goddess and Xiong Hou were thoroughly spent. Xiong Hou was extremely angered, her eyes were filled with vicious anger, she had a chance of a comeback! And now it’s all gone.

“From now on, we owe nothing to each other.” The goddess said indifferently.

“Speak! Where is the Ice Origin Lake Water Bead? This is your final chance.”

Jiang Chen took out the Great Yu Soul Forming Light. At this moment, it was his time to shine, as both the White-robbed goddess and Xiong Hou was at their weakest point.

“Great Yu Soul Forming Light! F*cking lad! You’re cruel!” Xiong Hou gritted her teeth, feeling extreme frustration. After all, the  Great Yu Soul Forming Light could surely suppress her weakened body.

“A broken spirit and an incomplete game of Go is within the cave. The Ice Origin Lake Water Bead shall appear if you win against him. That was what the spirit told me in the past, however it has lost consciousness, I do not know who he is.”

“I hope you’re not lying, I’ll temporarily keep you in the Great Yu Soul Forming Light.” Jiang Chen sneered.

“Don’t force my hand, otherwise, I’ll drag everyone down with me. I do not fear you, puny Divine King.” Xiong Hou said with a vicious expression, however, he was utterly spent.

“I believe you! BUT that’s after you break through my Great Yu Soul Forming Light.”

Jiang Chen used the Great Yu Soul Forming Light to suppress Xiong Hou, the latter wanted to resist it but was silently suppressed by the might of the Great Yu Soul Forming Light.

“My Xiong Hou Clan will surely rise again  in this world if I am still alive!” Xiong Hou roared angrily.

Her angry voice reverberated in their ears. The white-robbed goddess glanced towards Jiang Chen. This fella is somewhat useful.

“It’s a pity, these two fellas are just hanging on a thread, I’ll relieve you both of your pain now!”

Jiang Chen looked towards the two beasts and his blade flashed upon them.

Their eyes let out a single teardrop, their final gaze was gentle.

“Being reared by and having their essences sucked out by Xiong Hou, their bodies and spirit were already spent beyond repair. However, it was still preserved by Xiong Hou, degrading it to become a mere vessel of nutrition for her to devour. They are thanking you, it was a relief for them.” The White-robbed goddess said quietly.

The two beasts vanished from the trace of the world instantly, Jiang Chen then saw two dragon balls appear before him.

“Although the dragon ball is a great item… you deserve it.”

The White-robbed goddess did not want to contest against Jiang Chen for it.

“Then, I shall gladly take these.”

Jiang Chen took a deep breath after taking the dragon balls. This encounter was truly fruitful.

The goddess walked towards the depths of the cave when he was preparing to leave because he knew how powerless he was. Even the peerless Xiong Hou was suppressed by this broken spirit, why should he venture on? He’s not a coward, but he understood what it means to be reckless and foolish.  It’s stupid for him to venture on for the sake of uncovering a mystery knowing that the danger was way over his capabilities.

“You still insist on going in?” Jiang Chen looked towards the White-robbed goddess.

“None of your business.” The White-robbed goddess proceeded to enter the cave.

Jiang Chen frowned. This fearless woman, I can’t beat her now, should I continue forward? Towards a certain death?

Jiang Chen wanted to leave. However, it did not sit well in his conscience. No matter how, she has become his woman, whether she accepts it or not, it was an unchangeable fact for him.

Jiang Chen followed the white-robbed goddess into the cave. The cave became quiet after Xiong Hou was gone. However, the pressure remained, Jiang Chen suspected that the mystery of Luo Feng Valley was not related to the Xiong Hou.

“Such a gigantic Go set!”

A giant stone platform that was over a hundred zhang wide appeared before Jiang Chen, black and white pieces situated on top of it. The white-robbed goddess frowned and was deep in thought before the game.

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