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Dragon-Marked War God Chapter 2746

Zhou Mountain Ridge, Luo Feng Valley


Zhou Mountain Ridge, Luo Feng Valley

Translated by Desmond

Edited by Lifer, Fingerfox

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Experts above the Late Divine King Realm will travel towards the Central Region Divine Land, the temple of immortality, the symbol of unceasing growth, to continuously break through and become better than others, to gain absolute authority, to have his name written in the stream of history.

Anyone who reached the Late Divine King Realm would gain power in a county or become a major player in that place, but would a true genius be confined at such a back-water place? Divine King Realm was easy to reach, only Hierarch experts were well-respected in the Central Region Divine Land.

“This fella dares to enter Luo Feng Valley recklessly, looks like he’s clueless about that place” Li Zheyan sneered.

“I need to see his corpse if he’s really dead. I will chase him to the ends of the world, unless he runs inside the Luo Feng Valley.” Xuanyuan Wuqiong said as he swiftly flew towards Jiang Chen’s location.

“Brother Xuanyuan is right, I demand his corpse unless he has entered the Luo Feng Valley.” Dan Yingqing said while gritting his teeth as he quickly followed.

The trio chased Jiang Chen down for 10,000 li. Jiang Chen realised that he was chased towards a giant-tall moat, one that he couldn’t even see the end of.


Jiang Chen did not realise that he was pushed towards a dead-end. Dark clouds surrounded the area, gloomy and dark. He realised that there were no animals in the surrounding area, it was definitely a dangerous place!

The most curious thing was the giant ridge in front, with a giant moat where the bottom could not be seen, with mist covering one’s sight to boot. It was definitely a dangerous place as his divine origin energy started becoming uneasy.

It was reasonable for Jiang Chen not to move and cross the canyon.

“Looks like those three fellas had caught up.” Jiang Chen muttered.

Everything shall be decided in this battle. Three days, Jiang Chen knew that the trio were still full of energy.

“Hahaha, why don’t you try and cross the deep and dark canyon?”

Li Zheyan said with a laugh as he appeared on the eastern side of Jiang Chen’s location.

“Looks like this fearless little bastard also knows what fear is. Heh.”

Dan Yingqing harrumphed as he appeared on the western side of Jiang Chen’s location.

Xuanyuan Wuqiong appeared right in front of Jiang Chen. They had surrounded him on top of the canyon.

“Looks like you’re not too foolish, you would’ve died if you chose to cross the edge.” Xuanyuan Wuqiong said.

Jiang Chen frowned. The trio obviously knew much more about the location compared to him and they were extremely vigilant.

“What is this place?”

“Zhou Mountain Ridge, Luo Feng Valley! The most dangerous place within Linhe Boundary, one of the two deadly places within the Lone Dragon County and also one of the six deadly places of the Northern Cold Divine Region! What do you think?”  Li Zheyan’s smile was getting thicker as he stared at Jiang Chen as if he was a prey that was ready to be slaughtered.

Jiang Chen’s expression slightly changed. Although he did not know how dangerous this place was, but to be regarded as one of the six deadly places of the Northern Cold Divine Region, it must be indeed dangerous.

Nobody knew exactly how big the Northern Cold Divine Region was. It shouldn’t be small since it’s one of the nine largest divine regions of the world. The Lone Dragon County was just a county within the Northern Cold Divine Region, and Linhe Boundary was the tiniest region within the county. Jiang Chen knew that he was pushed into a corner by these three old fellas.

“Looks like I’m all out of options.” Jiang Chen sighed.

“Perhaps we’ll let you go if you jump from here.” Li Zheyan said with a wicked smile, causing Jiang Chen to think that it would probably be a worse death than fighting them if he jumped.

“Perhaps I’ll think about it if you accompany me.” Jiang Chen smiled.

“Naive child, we’ll do you the honor since only death awaits you.” Dan Yingqing said.

Jiang Chen became silent for a second as he looked back towards the dark abyss, he felt a strong force of attraction from the bottom, pulling him towards it, giving him quite a shock. That force of attraction was pretty mysterious and the Heavenly Dragon Sword was giving off a vibrating sound.

“Is the Heavenly Dragon Sword afraid of something?” Jiang Chen murmured.

“However, I plan to live a long life even though you guys plan to die. Today, I, Jiang Chen, shall show the world what it means to go against me.” Jiang Chen jumped straight towards the trio with his blade with extreme vigour and confidence.

“Good! No wonder you’re Linhe Boundary’s once in a lifetime’s demon king. However, no matter how cocky or how powerful you are, you’ll never get away from us. You’re still but a child in our eyes.”

Xuanyuan Wuqiong stared at Jiang Chen angrily as they launched their attacks towards him.

“Good, I haven’t been able to fight with my all for quite some time. Hahaha.”

Jiang Chen fearlessly faced the trio even though he was at a disadvantage. However, his blade was a threat for the trio as they had to use a great amount of energy to block those sword strikes. Jiang Chen could stand proud and face the world even if he lost in this battle.

He’s facing three Half-Step Hierarchs. There won’t be many people who had done such a feat before, plus, he’s just a Half-Step Divine King.

Jiang Chen used everything he had and performed sword strikes after sword strikes. However, he had been fighting for ten days straight and was extremely weakened, still, he fought on after suffering injuries and recovering, this cycle continued to repeat and the trio did not expect Jiang Chen to be this difficult to defeat, just like a roly-poly that comes back up after pushing it down.

A normal Half-Step Hierarch would’ve been killed by the trio long ago. Yet Jiang Chen managed to hang on until then, the trio’s expression became pale as the battle went on, Jiang Chen was definitely like a cockroach, one that’s hard to kill.

“I will not accept this! If I, Xuanyuan Wuqiong, am unable to kill him!”

“This time, I’ll make sure to see to the end with my life on the line.”

“What is there to fear with our lives ending?! Fight to the end!”

Edited by: Lifer, Fingerfox

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