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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2743

Never Go Against Him


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“Even if he is defeated today, I will not blame him. He was my most outstanding son and I am always proud of him. My son never owes others anything. If he had not appeared today and put others in danger, I would never forgive him. However, he’s here now. I leave no regret.”

“Let’s fight. I am going to see how powerful you are to be so overbearing.”

When Dan Yingqing took a step forward, the colour of heaven and earth changed. They immediately fought, their battle was intense. The Heavenly Dragon Sword roared and soared up to the clouds. The battle finally broke up. Jiang Chen stood up with his sword and wielded it with its dazzling sword light. The scene was stunning.

Jiang Chen did not show any mercy with his sword strikes. Using up all what he got, Jiang Chen immediately casted his dragon transformation and utilised the Ancient Soaring Dragon Technique fully. Although he had not refined the Divine Origin Essence, his sword’s power was fully displayed and even an ordinary Divine King expert would not dare to fight him.

Not to be outdone, Dan Yingqing filled himself with thousands of sharp light rays while holding a colourful giant chain that swept across the entire sky. His oppressive aura had fully covered the entire heaven.

The sword rain of Heavenly Dragon Sword and the colourful giant chains were wrestling fiercely at this moment, making the entire sky extremely terrifying. Jiang Chen’s sword was incomparably sharp; there was nothing that the sword could not pierce through. Meanwhile, Dan Yingqing was also very formidable as he was a Half-step Hierarch expert that no one should underestimate. Jiang Chen would not cast the Ancient Soaring Dragon Technique if  the opponent was not this strong. He knew that he could not be reckless in this battle. Although the three great Hierarchs had not stepped into an unparalleled realm yet, Jiang Chen felt that he should still show the Half-step Hierarchs respects.

“What a powerful strike!”

Li Zheyan and Xuanyuan Wuqiong exchanged a glance and saw that each other’s face was full of astonishment. Jiang Chen’s dreadfulness was completely out of their imagination. Jiang Chen, a mere Half-step Divine King, had demonstrated the skills that even a Half-step Hierarch wouldn’t dare to underestimate.

“Great strike!”

Dan Yingqing shouted loudly. They continued their intense fight. The Heavenly Dragon Sword was like an azure dragon able to devour everything. As soon as the sword soul was out, the surrounding area greatly trembled. Even the lightning and thunder in the sky and Dan Yingqing’s rays of lights were overcome by the sword soul.

“Divine Radiance!”

Dan Yingqing was holding the giant chain that covered up the sky. He kept launching dazzling radiance against Jiang Chen, however, Jiang Chen was not an ordinary cultivator whom everyone could defeat. Even though Dan Yingqing was a Half-step Hierarch expert, it was still impossible for him to defeat Jiang Chen!


Jiang Chen shouted and slashed the sky with his sword. Dan Yingqing kept stepping back as Jiang Chen’s Solitary was not what it used to be now after it had transformed. The Heavenly Dragon Sword was also no longer what it used to be. Even Jiang Chen did not expect that the sword’s strength had advanced so much after its soul awakened. The sword soul had given the full expression  and performance of Sword of Solitude. This was beyond Jiang Chen’s imagination because its power was undescribly strong.

“Brother Jiang is too strong.”

“Yeah. The three old guys seemed to have bad luck as they encountered Jiang Chen. Humph Humph.”

“Things don’t go well. Their battle has involved the outer area of the Profound Wind Sect. Luckily, we have gotten out of that area.”

Countless people were in cold sweat and looked terrified.

The battle between Jiang Chen and Dan Yingqing was very terrifying. The void within a hundred thousand miles was burning in fire. Some parts of the outer sect areas had been affected and numerous mountains were shattered. Luckily, they had already withdrawn himself from the place as Xuan Qingming had already foreseen this might happen. Everyone was inside the inner sect area now.

Xuan Qingming became serious now. He had foreseen this would happen. A Half-step Hierarch’s battle strength was sufficient to destroy heaven and earth. The Profound Wind Sect would become their battlefield and was affected badly.

Jiang Chen and Dan Yingqing were both repulsed by their own strikes. No one managed to gain the upper hand in the battle. Jiang Chen’s strength had indeed terrified them. There was a huge gap between a Half-step Divine King and a Half-step Hierarch. However, Jiang Chen managed to be neck and neck with Dan Yingqing in the battle.

Undeniably, Jiang Chen’s sword was incredibly terrifying to everyone. Those who were hiding in the dark to watch the battle were dumbstruck. They had heard about Jiang Chen’s dreadfulness before but they never saw him display it with their own eyes. Today, they were all stunned as they watched at the battle scene. He was an unparalleled genius, a monstrous figure whom one only appeared once every hundred thousand years.

At this very moment, the citizens of the entire Linhe Boundary put their attention on Jiang Chen.

Everyone had the same thought at the moment: Never go against this man!

It was impossible for all those elders to reach Half-step Hierarch Realm. Jiang Chen had stolen the night in the battle. His sword had shown his invincible aura to those elders and experts.

However, Jiang Chen frowned his forehead slightly at the moment because if they continued the battle here, the Profound Wind Sect would suffer a disaster. If something terrible happened to the sect, he would not know how to explain to Xuan Qingming. He would not want this to happen.

This battle would definitely bring disaster to the place and destroy the natural landscape badly.

“Hahaha. I never expected that a Half-step Hierarch expert is only like this.”

Jiang Chen said with mad laughter. He indeed had such capability to be arrogant. This was an undeniable fact and even Dan Yingqing had to admit Jiang Chen’s strength. Jiang Chen was even more formidable than many of the so-called monstrous geniuses. It would be a bad news to the world if Jiang Chen continued to grow his strength.

In other words, he was like a demon king. Dan Yingqing would not allow Jiang Chen to continue to grow and let the worst happen.

“The two of you, don’t you want to join hands to overcome him together now? What are you waiting for? This guy is really unusual.”

Dan Yingqing said with a deep voice. He would not allow others to steal the night in the past, however, it’s a different case now.

All of them only had another one hundred years to live. Initially, they wanted to be isolated from the outside world to cultivate their realm and absorb the spiritual air  in order to attempt to break through the Hierarch Realm. However, they were out now and this battle would definitely cause great damage to their body strength. It’s not a time for the three of them to have a competition now. They could not let Jiang Chen take the advantage.

Li Zheyan and Xuanyuan Wuqiong were well-aware of this too. They could not have a life-and-death battle now. That was why they were not angry at Dan Yingqing’s action. They would do the same if they were him.

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