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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2738

Three Supreme Reverends

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Jiang Chen looked back and sighed.

The matter of the Yu family has been concluded. Some people were bound to be a fleeting memory. Jiang Chen wasn’t heartless, but sometimes it must be done. He was shouldering too many things and responsibilities, plus his heart strives for a greater power.

Jiang Chen only thought about his father as he rushed towards the Linhe Boundary, towards the Profound Wind Sect.

“A defensive formation, to think a puny sect like this without a Divine King has such a powerful formation. I’m envious. Hmph.” A white-haired old man said, his face was full of wrinkles but the aura he emitted was humongous.

He was Divine Pill Sect’s Dan Yingqing, possessing a powerful strength. He hadn’t been out in the world for three thousand years as he went into seclusion. However, he could not lay low anymore as his sect was destroyed.

“Shocking, the three of us might not be even able to break open this formation.” Another old and skinny man said with a laugh.

This man is the Ghost Eye Sect’s Li Zheyan. Similar to Dan Yingqing, he’s also a powerful expert that has been laying low in the world. If it wasn’t for Jiang Chen causing such havoc in the Linhe Boundary and causing the death of many sect members of the three sects, they may not have come out from their seclusion.

“Fellow comrades, today, I, Xuanyuan Wuqiong, vow to eliminate that bastard.” The last red-faced old man said.

“Clear Stream Sect has suffered a heavy blow, the root of the sect is completely uprooted. Old Man Xuanyuan, we share a common hatred.” Li Zheyan said with a sheepish smile. Yet the hatred within his eyes was obvious.

Jiang Chen had destroyed the roots of the three great sects and killed countless Divine King experts. It was an utter spat towards the Linhe Boundary. Not even the Reverend of the Nine Boundaries was able to stop Jiang Chen. He’s truly fearless as he dared to go against the whole Linhe Boundary.

“Hmph, I shall have him pay with blood for my Clear Stream Sect. There’s also no need for the Profound Wind Sect to exist.” Xuanyuan Wuqiong waved his arm,  causing a dangerous giant wind to blow towards the Profound Wind Sect.

Although Jiang Chen placed a defensive formation, some would still question whether it could stop the attacks from all corners. At least it could stop the three of them for now. However, they were certainly more terrifying than Jiang Chen, even their Sect Lord felt meager in front of them.

“Three seniors, what did my Profound Feng Sect do wrong to you?” Xuan Qingming asked solemnly.

He had already reached the Late Heavenly God Realm but he obviously could not match against a Half-Step Hierarch expert. If Jiang Chen did not cause such trouble in Linhe Boundary, Xuan Qingming probably wouldn’t have the chance to speak with any of them.

Power was everything, that was the rule of the Divine World. Those with power have authority. The Linhe Boundary has to comply with any wishes of these three people. Xuan Qingming was currently facing  dangerous foes. Although Jiang Chen did say that the formation could withstand a Hierarch, he was still worried now that these three had appeared before his Profound Wind Sect, the whole sect was worried.

Half-Step Hierarch, a Reverend, a truly unstoppable force.

“These three experts, they’re trying to break through our sect’s formation… What can we do?”

“Dangerous, Senior Jiang Chen gave us great hope and also great terror.”

“Sigh, I wonder when will Senior Brother Jiang Chen come back. Those three do not look like they’re giving up. Could this formation protect us?”

“Nothing is certain, not even the Sect Lord knows what to do.”

Everyone was worried as they watched the three figures. The disciples of  Profound Wind Sect wore a heavy expression, anticipation, and worry. Jiang Chen was able to cause such change in the Linhe Boundary single handedly. But that legend was caused by him alone.

“I am Clear Stream Sect’s Supreme Elder, Xuanyuan Wuqiong. Speak, where is Jiang Chen?” Xuanyuan Wuqiong stared at Xuan Qingming and said coldly, as if everything was not of his concern.

The whole Profound Wind Sect was in an uproar, the Clear Stream Sect’s Supreme Elder. He’s here for revenge, Jiang Chen destroyed his sect and he would certainly do the same.

Xuan Qingming took a deep breath and said solemnly:

“I’m terribly sorry, fellow seniors, Jiang Chen is not in our sect.”

“Not here? Hehe, fine, no matter where he is, I’ll surely rip him apart!” Xuanyuan Wuqiong said in a dominating manner.

Xuan Qingming breathed with difficulty. Although that pressure did not break through the formation, the pressure of a Half-Step Hierarch could still be felt. Xuan Qingming instinctively took two steps backward.

“However, I heard that Jiang Chen’s father is here, hand him over and perhaps, I’ll let you go.” The Supreme Elder of the Ghost Eye Sect, Li Zheyan, said with a smile, his eyes were emitting a vile feel.

“Jiang Chen’s father is not in my Profound Wind Sect, I hope fellow seniors will search elsewhere and look for Jiang Chen’s trace.” Xuan Qingming said.

“Then, put down the barrier and let me have a look around the Profound Wind Sect.” Xuanyuan Wuqiong said as he stared at Xuan Qingming like a piercing blade.

“I’m sorry, I cannot comply!” Xuan Qingming said.

“Hehe, looks like something stinks here, although Jiang Chen may not be here, his father must surely be in there.” Dan Yingqing sneered.

“Although my Profound Wind Sect is not as great as yours, our root is here. It shall not be tarnished by others! Otherwise, my sect will be mocked by others! If fellow seniors wish to cause trouble for the Profound Wind Sect, I shall face it to death!” Xuan Qingming said with a cold expression. Not giving a f*ck towards the three reverends.

At this moment, he did not know whether the formation could really do what it was told. Yet he must do it as Jiang Chen left his father in the Profound Wind Sect. Xuan Qingming could not face Jiang Chen if anything were to happen to his father.

Therefore, he was willing to go against those three with his sect.

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