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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2737

Since ancient times, the one who cares more always suffers more.



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It’s time for Yu Huagan to return to his family. As the other two patriarchs are gone, it’s time for him to conquer the whole Liao Bei.

But at this moment, he saw the members of the Yu family digging out the entrance of the mine.

“It’s Jingxiang and the others…”

Yu Huagan steadied himself and walked towards the exit. At this moment, Yu Jingfan and the others noticed him.

“Lord Father? You’re back!” Yu Jingfan said in disbelief.


Yu Jingxian jumped into his father’s chest. Her father has protected their family after their mother passed away. Yu Jingxian could not imagine how she’d get through it if her father suddenly passed away. She did not want to go through the same experience again after seeing her father get back up and then falling into such danger again.

“Lord Father!”

Bai Yumo’s eyes were red too. Yu Huagan’s heart felt warm as he hugged both of his daughters. It’s been so long since he hugged them both. This warmth could not be replaced by anything else.

“Oh, Father, where is mister?” Bai Yumo asked in a rush.

Jiang Chen was nowhere to be found. The two patriarchs were missing too, were they trapped underneath? Bai Yumo became worried.

“Dongpo Tianchi and Feng Luojiang died.”  Yu Huagan said solemnly.

“What about mister? Where is he?” Bai Yumo asked worriedly.

At this moment, Yu Huagan released a sigh for her two daughters, realizing that they were both sad due to not seeing Jiang Chen. However, Jiang Chen was like a god, they could not hope to reach him.

Yu Huagan might have not believed it in the past that Jiang Chen could perform such great feats with just a Half-Step Divine King cultivation realm. But after going through the battles with Jiang Chen, he finally knew how naive and uneducated he was, a family that has a long history such as his could not even compare against Jiang Chen.

“He’s not injured and has safely left the place.” Yu Huagan said in a serious tone.

“He left without a word?” Bai Yumo murmured, her expression was somewhat gloomy.

The flame that was burning within her heart was then extinguished.

“Did he just leave without saying anything?” Bai Yumo couldn’t accept it.

Could it be that he’s not asking for anything even though he had done so many things for our family? Bai Yumo wanted to ask Jiang Chen, but she knew that it’d only bring pain to her. After all, she knew all along that there shouldn’t be fruit born between them.

“He wanted me to tell you something, Xioa Xian, he said he does not blame you.” Yu Huagan said quietly.

Yu Jingxian was stunned, while Bai Yumo frowned in confusion.

“What… what is his name…” Yu Jingxian looked at his father with a weird expression. She did not expect this.

“His name is… Jiang Chen.”


Yu Jingxian’s expression became pale and her body shivered, her lips twitched.

She totally did not expect and dared not to expect that he was Jiang Chen. The moment she laid her eyes upon him, there was a sense of familiarity but she dared not to think much about it. However, with her father telling her his name, that invincible guy was Jiang Chen?!

All of this was too dramatic for her to digest. Yu Jingxian had utterly fallen into a deep confusion.

Unfortunately, who would understand the pain she’s currently experiencing? Yu Jingxian felt like she was in a dream, that suffering, tearing pain.

She knelt down as her tears rained, everyone was stunned. Only Yu Jingfan silently looked at Yu Jingxian, yet he too, did not know the details of the matter.

Yu Jingxian hugged her chest tightly, especially after Jiang Chen told her “I don’t blame you” these words pierced her heart. Who could imagine just how much anguish and guilt she has suffered before.

Yu Jingxian did not expect Jiang Chen to still be alive, she was definitely happy but had never thought of him appearing in the family, and helping their family to get through the disaster, saving her father. Yet she was the one who harmed him previously. What the hell am I?

Yu Jingxian chuckled bitterly. Naive, stupid, clueless. Jiang Chen had forgotten about those negative things the moment he stepped into the Yu Estate. Especially the words he said in the bamboo garden, it was still fresh in her mind.

Descending to her like a god, saving her father and her family, in the end leaving quietly!

However, even if Jiang Chen did not blame her, could she let it go? She was just a girl, not a god, she cannot change things nor forget everything, it has already been imprinted deep within her heart.

Love, hate, parting or sorrow? Yu Jingxian could not understand it as she could not repay Jiang Chen even if she spent her whole life doing so.

Jiang Chen…  You’ve made it hard for me, Yu Jingxian, to live as a proper human…  I wanted to repay you with my own life and follow you even in death. Yet you miraculously survived and arrived before me like a god, I’m caught off guard.

“Jiang Chen, I hate you, I hate you!”

Yu Jingxian’s eyes became red as she coughed out blood. Her eyes became blurry as the colours of nature disappeared.

That painful shout startled everyone and made them sigh and pity.

Bai Yumo looked at her litter sister with a tinge of sadness, loneliness and pity. She could feel the love she’s feeling, the kind of love that couldn’t be conveyed and wouldn’t reach him, the kind of love that made her hate him but could not bear to do it.

Yu Jingxian turned and left. Yu Jingfan and Bai Yumo wanted to chase after her but was stopped by Yu Huagan, he then muttered:

“There’s no hate without love. Since ancient times, the one who cares more always suffered more and this feeling of depression and pity will last for a long time.”

A tear drop disappeared into the faraway land as it marked a temporary beauty.

Night has fallen. Yu Jingxian could not feel love, couldn’t rest on a man’s shoulder as she could only be alone.

The destroyed fate between them had utterly crushed her feelings.

Bitter tears fell as she crumbled.

At that moment. Yu Jingxian swallowed her sadness and took upon this responsibility called love.

However, she never regretted this love. This hatred, she accepted it with sadness.

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