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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2734

Cold River Stone

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“Heavenly Dragon Battle Armour!”

The Heavenly Dragon Battle Armour turned into one. Jiang Chen was trying to resist the Profound Ice Sword under the protection of the Divine Golden Bell. The Profound Ice Sword’s strength was weakened while Jiang Chen was also utterly frozen.

At this moment, Jiang Chen could feel that the universe was about to collapse and he knew that Luo Jing was going to kill him.

Jiang Chen was frozen by the Profound Ice Sword. Even though he was shielded by the Heavenly Dragon Battle Armour and the Divine Golden Bell, the strength of the intense coldness had pierced through his defense. A burning flame in Jiang Chen’s body spurted out instantly while the Five Elemental True Fire exploded like the volcanic eruption and broke through the Heart of Frost.

At this moment, Jiang Chen was trying to escape as he would be frozen solid at this rate if this continued. Luo Jing’s strength was still unknown for Jiang Chen but he’s already feeling helpless and hopeless in the face of the Heart of Frost at the moment.

“Killing you is just like taking out something in the bag. No one can get away from me.”

Luo Jing said arrogantly, looking at Jiang Chen who was currently in a great quandary. He was getting more confident and he was bound to fight to the death.

However, the Cold Ice Throne in Jiang Chen’s body started trembling unexpectedly at this moment.

Jiang Chen brought out the Cold Ice Throne instinctively. At this moment, Luo Jing was full of astonishment and felt overwhelmed just by looking at the Cold Ice Throne in Jiang Chen’s hands. His hands started trembling slightly.

“Cold Ice Throne, it’s the Cold Ice Throne. Hahaha. Even the heavens is assisting me. I have never expected this kid to have the Cold Ice Throne. I have struck gold this time. The fusion of the Cold Ice Throne and the Heart of Frost will be turned into the Cold River Stone. A stone that can reclaim the land from the sea and a heart that can freeze the Heavenly Astral. The Cold River Stone was considered as the matchless and irresistible trump card of Snow Emperor back then.”

Luo Jing said excitedly. It seemed like the Cold Ice Throne was in his bag now.

“Snow Emperor. It should be called the Destructive Ice God. How could the Cold Ice Throne combine together with the Heart of Frost?”

Jiang Chen heaved a cold breath and the Cold Ice Throne in his hands was trembling violently at this moment.

Jiang Chen knew that the Cold Ice Throne was not an ordinary item. He just didn’t know how to use it correctly.

“Hey kid, it is your fate to come here today. It seems like we are destined to meet. Hahaha. Just tell me your wish, perhaps I could make it come true. Maybe the Cold Ice Throne and the Myriad Qi Cauldron can help me board the throne of the Venerable Emperor in the future. Hahaha.”

Jiang Chen had never expected Luo Jing’s excitement and passion. However, the fusion of the Cold Ice Throne and the Heart of Frost would definitely be the most formidable and invincible weapon in the world.

“Did you say that the Snow Emperor was strong? And was called the Destructive Ice God.”

Jiang Chen fixed his glance at Luo Jing. The latter did not attack him immediately at this moment as he was truly excited, and the excitement was clearly shown on his face. He had been suffering miserably for thousands of years and he was only able to survive the Divine Tomb’s tragedy with the Heart of Frost. If he wished to be reborn, there was the Myriad Qi Cauldron. Not only that, there was also the Cold Ice Throne if he wished to make a breakthrough and fight against the Divine World. It was all destined to happen.

“How do you know about the Destructive Ice God? It seems like you have some stories. But I guess even the Cold Ice Throne could not save you now. I will definitely surpass the Snow Emperor soon!”

Luo Jing’s eyes were sparkling with a terrifying glimmer of light. He was about to soar to the heavens, it seemed like he was filled with strong determination to fight against the world. Jiang Chen looked frightened and anxious. He had no idea how strong the Destructive Ice God was back in those days. However, he was sure that Luo Jing was a great man amongst the Nine Regions just by looking at his extraordinary performance. He was certainly one of the greatest masters.

“Is it the summon of the Heart of Frost?”

Jiang Chen could hardly find out why this Cold Ice Throne appeared for no reason. It was probably because of the Heart of Frost. There was definitely a close connection between the both of them.

“You will never know how terrifying the Cold Ice Throne is.”

Luo Jing heaved a sigh. But at this moment, he was certain and confident that he would become a matchless and invincible person like the Snow Emperor.

“Just merge together, the Cold Ice Throne and the Heart of Frost. I can’t wait anymore.”

Luo Jing held the Heart of Frost with one hand and the other hand reached out to seize the Cold Ice Throne that was held by Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen kept on retreating, struggling to protect the Cold Ice Throne. Unfortunately, he still failed to do so eventually. The fusion of the Cold Ice Throne and the Heart of Frost was truly terrifying. Jiang Chen realized that both of them stick close like true brothers. He could hardly hold the Cold Ice Throne even if he exerted all of his strength.

The Cold Ice Throne and the Heart of Frost merged together instantly. A cold light appeared, and both of them merged together at the same time. Unexpectedly, it was completely merged together now. The Cold Ice Throne was inlaid with a diamond-shaped Heart of Frost perfectly. Both of them were glowing with bright light which made Jiang Chen close his eyes and dodge immediately.

“The Cold River Stone is finally formed. The fusion of the Cold Ice Throne and the Heart of Frost will always remain as the most deadly weapon in the world. It’s the Cold River Stone! Hahaha.”

Luo Jing’s excitement was all shown on his face. At this moment, he could feel that the entire universe was slightly trembling. The Cold River Stone in Luo Jing’s hand looked like a mountain. Luo Jing was holding the Cold River Stone, full of power and grandeur.

“I can’t even describe the mightiness of this Cold River Stone in one word.”

Jiang Chen murmured under his breath. The Cold River Stone was the deadliest and most destructive weapon which could even destroy the world. And now, he realized that his Heavenly Dragon Sword was not the most terrifying  divine sword in the world. The Cold River Stone was not inferior to his Heavenly Dragon Sword and the strength of the supreme coldness could even make him feel difficult to breathe. This was truly one of the strongest weapons.

“Even a Divine Emperor is no match for me now. The Cold River Stone in my hand has become my spirit which enables me to sweep through the universe.”

Luo Jing said lightly, full of great excitement. His eyes were then fixed on Jiang Chen once more while Jiang Chen wore a bitter smile. It seemed like he was the one who delivered the gift, this guy had snatched the Cold Ice Throne from him.

“It’s your turn now. Cold River Stone, cold mountain tremble!”

Luo Jing simply threw out the Cold River Stone in his hand and tried to constrain Jiang Chen’s strength. Jiang Chen’s face turned red and he immediately escaped into the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda swiftly. At this moment, Jiang Chen disappeared completely while the terrifying Cold River Stone was trying to suppress the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda. It was extremely difficult for him to escape from it. Even though he was staying in the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda, he could hardly breathe as the terrifying oppressiveness was spreading everywhere.

“Does this mean that the Cold River Stone is strong and powerful enough to suppress my Ancestral Dragon Pagoda?”

Jiang Chen said in a deep voice.

“You still own a Spatial Divine Tool. It is out of my expectation. Haha. It is impressive that you own a lot of treasures even though you are merely a Half-step Divine King. It seems like fortune is smiling on me this time.”

Even Luo Jing did not expect this to happen. Jiang Chen was struggling to escape but he would never be able to leave this region as long as he was under the oppression of the Cold River Stone. Luo Jing might not be able to find him for some time but it did not mean that he would never be found forever.

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