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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2728

Take Control Upon All Demonic Beasts, Obey!


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Imperial Beast Clan?

Not just Yu Huagan, even Luo Binsi was pretty shocked. The Imperial Beast Clan, they came to join in the fray. The situation was getting out of control.

The Imperial Beast Clan, the Yu Clan, Wolf Clan, were regarded as the three great Royal Protector Clans of the ancient Northern Cold Divine Region. Perhaps not many know of them but the Snow Emperor’s name was famous. These three clans were his protectors, the royal guards. The disappearance of the emperor caused the three clans to break off from one another. The Imperial Beast Clan went to Liao Bei and the Wolf Clan tried to steal the throne and the Yu Clan guarded it with their lives.

The Imperial Beast Clan was one of the most mysterious clans in the world, different from the Wolf Clan and Yu Clan. They’re not demonic beasts but humans. The Yu Clan has also shed away their demonic beasts form and got married with humans, only the wolves were the only ones with demonic beats bloodline.

“The Imperial Beast Clan has long since left Liao Bei, are you guys trying to come back now?” Luo Binsi said coldly as he looked at Yu Tianfeng.

The fella was strong…

“Hehe, that’s a tricky question, Liao Bei is my clan’s homeland. What do you mean by coming back? You, the wolves, are trying to conquer this place, right? But you’re the only one left, it looks like you guys are really going to be extinct. Haha. ” Yu Tianfeng’s laughter became much brighter as if he was the true winner.

“The three great clans and the Imperial Beast Clan are the strongest. Liao Bei is now a weak place. Yu Clan being weak and you’re the only one left, what do you guys have to fight back? Trying to regain your past glory alone? Keep dreaming, hahaha, even your trusted Ancient Dragon Sacrificial Altar got broken by others, truly pitiful.” Yu Tianfeng smacked his lips and said in a sarcastic tone, causing Luo Binsi to boil in anger.

“You would’ve acted earlier if you’re not afraid of the Ancient Dragon Sacrificial Altar! Hmph, trying to talk sh*t now, shameless!” Luo Binsi said coldly as his body shivered with battle intent and anger.

“Haha, you’re right, I’m pretty impressed by this little brother here. To cut through the Ancient Dragon Sacrificial Altar using only a single sword and while in the Half-Step Divine King Realm. Not even a Hierarch could get away from there. Truly, the wielder of the Myriad Qi Body. However, both of you are weak now, it’s time for me to shine.” Yu Tianfeng said.

Nobody expected this situation. The existence of the Imperial Beast Clan has long gone from the memories of the men, no one had expected the clan that had been missing for millions of years to appear once again. Yu Huagan did not expect it as many records of theirs have been lost after so long. It would be bad for them if they knew too many secrets with their weak strength.

“A great ploy. We’re fighting that hard over here and you’re coming out just to reap the rewards.” Jiang Chen smiled.

“Non… non… I’m just lucky and you guys are just fools! Hahaha.” Yu Tianfeng said confidently, seeing the others as a bunch of insects to be slaughtered.

“Unimaginable, Myriad Qi Body, Divine Origin Body, I should achieve a great breakthrough after I get you both. I will certainly reach the Emperor Realm within a hundred years. Lesser and lesser Emperor Realm experts walked upon this land. I’ll reign supreme upon the Northern Cold Divine Region, Central Region Divine Land once I reach the Emperor Realm!” Yu Tianfeng said.

“Don’t forget, Yu Tianfeng, I still have an army of 2000 Divine King wolves, it’s too early for you to be happy.” Luo Binsi waved his arm.

Although he wasn’t as strong as before, he’ll be able to recover his strength with those 2000 beasts buying some time for him. Hence, there’s no reason for him to be afraid of Yu Tianfeng.

Instantly, thousands of Divine King puppet beasts rushed towardsYu Tianfeng.

Not even Yu Tianfeng could take that horde head on.

“Damned fella, you’re one stubborn cockroach. Still resilient as ever even though you guys are dead for so long.”

Yu Tianfeng dared not to belittle his enemies and he faced the horde seriously.

“Not even a Half-Step Hierarch could take them on.” Luo Binsi said confidently.

However, Jiang Chen saw Yu Tianfeng was confident as if he’s prepared.

“Haha, puppet demonic beasts? They’re still beasts nonetheless. Don’t forget that my Imperial Beast Clan has techniques that could control all the demonic beasts under the heavens.  Let’s see how many of them can withstand this Imperial Beast Ring of mine!” Yu Tianfeng laughed.

There were too many beasts and he had to use many of these rings to take control of the situation.

Yu Tianfeng took out hundreds of rings and swiftly evaded all their attacks with seriousness.

“Imperial Beast Ring! Take control upon all demonic beasts, obey!”

Hundreds of demonic beasts were bound after he released all those rings. Each of those rings could bound 3 – 5 beasts, yet it wasn’t enough. A fifth of the demonic beasts were bound but the rest of them kept on attacking, his expression began to gloom.

“Diamond Imperial Beast Bracelet!”

Yu Tianfeng attacked once again but got pushed back as he got injured by a dozen beasts.

The Diamond Imperial Beast Bracelet enlarged itself and covered the whole plaza, the blueish light within the eyes of the beasts faded and was replaced by madness.

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