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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2727

The Three Great Royal Protector Clans


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“That figure… It’s my clan’s ancestor! No, not the ancestor, it’s the protector!” Yu Huagan said, shocked.

That figure with a staff was recognised by Huagan because that person looked exactly the same as that one painting in the Yu Estate.

“Yu Clan. Hmph, if it wasn’t for the Yu Clan spilling our secrets, our Wolf Clan wouldn’t have faced such an end!” Luo Binsi roared furiously, as if he had a great hatred towards the Yu Clan.

Yu Huagan was stunned. He did not know what Luo Binsi was talking about.

“My clan wouldn’t have faced extinction if Yu Clan was willing to pledge their allegiance towards us! Moreover, you framed us in front of the Snow Emperor and caused us to be destroyed by the Snow Emperor. Shouldn’t you guys bear this debt?”

“Were you also subordinates of the Snow Emperor?”

Yu Huagan finally remembered that the family was consecrating towards the Snow Emperor—once a powerful man that was even famous in the Northern Cold Divine Region. One of the most respected Emperor experts in the past.

“You guys are the slaves of the Snow Emperor, his dogs. There was one time in the past that the Snow Emperor lost a battle and no news could be heard from him, whether he’s alive or dead is unknown. It was the greatest opportunity for our clan to rise and become one of the most prominent clans of the time. It’s a pity that we didn’t manage to get our hands on the Snow Emperor’s Cold Ice Throne. Otherwise, you guys would’ve become dust! A heavily injured and dying man, didn’t Snow Emperor still die in the end? One of the three great royal protector clans, the Yu Clan has dwindled to this extent. Hahaha, not having a single Hierarch expert. You guys have tarnished the honour of your past ancestors. The Snow Emperor does not have what it takes to become our clan’s leader. The Royal Protector Clans is also a joke. That madman is inhuman, causing the extinction of my clan.” Luo Binsi said coldly as his eyes widened.

“Cold Ice Throne?” Jiang Chen frowned.

Is the Cold Ice Throne the one that they’re talking about? Snow Emperor? Could it be the Destruction Ice God?

“Snow Emperor, the once great hero of the land is not someone that could be sullied by the likes of you. My Yu Clan does not allow such blasphemy towards the Snow Emperor. The Snow Emperor wouldn’t have destroyed the Wolf Clan if it weren’t for your betrayal. This is karma.” Yu Huagan was fearless although he was hurt badly.

“Hahaha, this is hilarious. Your clan has protected the Snow Emperor for generations, yet look at how far you’ve fallen? The age of the Snow Emperor has long passed, my clan shall reign supreme in Liao Bei. In the Northern Cold Divine Region!”

Luo Binsi totally looked down upon Jiang Chen and Yu Huagan as he thought of himself as an omniscient king.

Jiang Chen activated the broken Eastern Emperor Bell and managed to steady his form and body, preventing himself from being devoured completely.

“Despicable Yu Clan, you dare compare my clan against yours?! Die.”

Luo Binsi threw a punch and Yu Huagan got pushed back to the point of almost dying.

“Sir, I’m sorry, my Yu Family has gotten you into this.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes became cold. He could not face Yu Jingxian if Yu Huagan were to die.

However, he could not get through this altar and decipher this formation.

“The blade that can split the sun and moon—Heavenly Dragon Sword!” Jiang Chen took in a deep breath.

“Use everything I have, the soul of Heavenly Dragon Sword, break through!”

Jiang Chen’s eyes became firm as the Heavenly Dragon Sword gave out a dragon roar, the blade was covered by a terrifying dragon soul and pierced through its shackle.

Who can stand before the might of this sword?

The soul of the blade is the dragon soul but it is formed from the vessel itself not by the Ancestral Dragon nor the Dragon Clan. The soul of the Heavenly Dragon Sword had not fully awakened previously but now, finally, it’s completely awakened after breaking through the shackle.

The ringing of the blade lingered as the dragon roars.

The Heavenly Dragon Sword rose like a shooting star. The sixteen Divine Burying Flags’ mighty wind-blades were all crushed by his trusted blade. Luo Binsi lost control of the Ancient Dragon Sacrificial Altar and he  coughed out a mouthful of blood. He did not expect Jiang Chen to break through the Ancient Dragon Sacrificial Altar, the backlash he received was heavy.

Jiang Chen looked at the Heavenly Dragon Sword with surprise, it did not disappoint him, albeit it spent all of his energy. The sword-soul was definitely out of his expectation.

Jiang Chen burst through the Ancient Dragon Sacrificial Altar with a heavy price. Both of them were terribly injured compared to how they were earlier.

“Hahaha, Wolf Clan, I’ve finally found you, to think there is still one of them existing under the heavens?” A loud melodical laugh reverberated through the plaza.

Luo Binsi and Jiang Chen paused. A mysterious man suddenly walked out from the darkness, the colour of his skin was somewhat dark. He’s wearing a cocky expression, and his eyes were shining as if he had found a great treasure.

His look was kinda confusing, his arm was filled with various bangles, pretty eye-catching.

Jiang Chen and Luo Binsi, both of them stared at the weird guy.

“Who are you?” Luo Binsi asked.

He was currently injured and the sudden appearance of the guy gave him quite a shock.

“Who am I is of no importance. You did not notice that someone is lurking behind you, I have to say… the Wolf Clan is pretty stupid. No wonder they got destroyed. Everything happens for a reason, my name is Yu Tian Feng. A Myriad Qi body and another one with Divine Origin Essence body. This trip is exceptionally fruitful. Hot damn! I get nervous just thinking about it.” Yu Tianfeng smilingly said.

“Looks like it’s one of those vultures. Treasures hanging out on his body, pretty catchy, doing things that others don’t… showing off all his treasures. ”

Jiang Chen secretly chuckled. Looks like this fella is powerful too. I didn’t even notice his presence until now. He’s pretty good at being stealthy… strong…

“Wolf Clan, Ninth Generation Yu Clan, three Great Royal Protector Clans, how can you miss out my Imperial Beast Clan? You guys are just Snow Emperor’s subordinates, you’ve finally recognised your position. My Imperial Beast Clan are the ones that should be leading all the demonic beasts!” Yu Tianfeng said coldly.

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