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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2723

A Sword Strike Overcome Everything


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“I hope that you don’t disappoint me.”

Luo Binsi’s smile looked elegant. He could not wait to see Jiang Chen being torn apart by those monsters.


With Luo Binsi’s control, the hundreds of Divine King Realm monsters suddenly flooded over Jiang Chen.


Yu Huagan was raging and he wanted to save Jiang Chen but he was busy dealing with Dongbo Tianchi. Hence, he did not have any chance to take action.

*Peng! Peng! Peng!*

Terrifying blasts came out from the monster crowd. Jiang Chen fought the monsters with his bare hands. Those Divine King Realm wolves were not able to withstand his strikes at all. The hundreds  of them were all smashed by Jiang Chen effortlessly. Each of his palm strikes were unbeatable, they were able to kill all the living creatures within a hundred metres square. All of the monsters were killed. One could see how terrifying Jiang Chen was after his dragon transformation.

Yu Huagan was stunned and Dongbo Tianchi was dumbstruck. Even Luo Binsi stared at Jiang Chen unbelievably. He was like a War God who ruled over the world. His dreadful strength had overcome more than a hundred Divine King Realm monsters.

After less than five minutes, all of the wolves were turned into ashes by Jiang Chen’s attack. Even such a terrifying pact of monsters could not do anything against Jiang Chen. It’s undeniable that his strength was unbelievably formidable even though he was only a Half-step Divine King.

Jiang Chen did not get any hurt at all and he stood at the top of the mountain.

“Sir’s mightiness is unparalleled!”

Yu Huagan said sincerely. He had no regrets left in his lifetime after witnessing Jiang Chen’s dreadfulness.

“Great! Well done, well done. Good guy, you have really impressed me. However, you also completely provoked my anger.”

Luo Binsi was angry but he still laughed. He was provoked at how more than a hundred monsters were buried by Jiang Chen. However, Jiang Chen was indeed like an invincible War God and even a Mid-Divine King might not be able to withstand his thunderous strikes. Even though his monsters were formidable, they still failed to deal with Jiang Chen’s palm.

“I am going to show you what a real pack of wolves is.”

Luo Binsi did not believe that Jiang Chen would manage this time. He moved his palm. Another five hundred Divine King wolves came out from the surrounding crags. Hundreds of wolves crashed towards Jiang Chen. Their blue eyes gave out radiance, brightening up the entire place.

“I am going to see how you’re going to compete with me this time!”

Luo Binsi had already announced Jiang Chen’s death. Even a Half-step Hierarch would not take it easily. Moreover, Jiang Chen’s strength was quite limited and his stamina would definitely be used up. He would definitely die out of exhaustion.

“Sir, can you make it while facing so many wolves?”

Yu Huagan murmured while handling Dongbo Tianchi’s attack. He knew that Jiang Chen’s strength was unusual and he had a lot of tricks behind. However, there were still too many enemies now compared to before. Such terrifying mightiness was indeed frightening.

They would use up Jiang Chen’s strength and then kill him.

“Haha, as long as this guy dies, you would be the next. You shall know the consequence of going against the prince of the Wolf Clan. I thought you knew the dreadfulness of our clan and would come to stand along with us. Who knew that you were so stubborn? It’s quite disappointing. Feng Luojiang had already died, so the Liaobei Region will belong to me soon. The prince would definitely give me supreme glory too. Hahaha.”

Dongbo Tianchi was thrilled. As long as the ignorant kid and Yu Huagan died, he would be the king of the Liaobei Region. Even though he would still need to submit to the prince, he would still enjoy the glory by being under one person above ten thousand people.

“What is the difference between killing one and killing a hundred thousand people? It’s like killing one rubbish and a hundred thousand rubbish.”

Jiang Chen was composed and not afraid at all, even in the face of five hundred Divine King Realm wolves.

“Who can stop me from being carefree?”

Jiang Chen stepped into the pack of wolves with the Heavenly Dragon Sword in his hand. His sword shone brightly as its soul had already been awakened, it was no longer the same as it was in the past. It was extraordinary despite being only a Heavenly Divine Tool.

The monster pack suddenly engulfed Jiang Chen, but he remained unbeatable . Each of his sword strikes could kill more than ten of them. If these still had blood in their body, the place would have already become a bloody river.

“I don’t believe that you could overcome all of them!”

Luo Binsi said while gritting his teeth. He finally found things difficult. He could not see Jiang Chen inside the wave of monsters. However, he wasn’t relieved as long as he saw monsters continue disappearing.

Apparently,  Jiang Chen seemed to have already achieved an extraordinary realm. Each of his actions managed to kill ten; he was invincible.

“All of you are rubbish! Just disappear!”

Jiang Chen’s sword light broke through the entire place. There were only two hundred wolves left now.

“It’s impossible…”

Luo Binsi murmured. Even though he did not believe what he had seen, five hundred monsters had already been turned into ashes. This was the fact. It was like a Divine Emperor had arrived. Jiang Chen’s mightiness and aura was indeed overbearing. Is this the aura a Half-step Divine King has? Is this the battle strength that a Half-step Divine King has?

Luo Binsi asked himself. Even if he was Jiang Chen, he would not be so relaxed to overcome the situation. The hand inside Jiang Chen’s was too terrifying which would terrified Luo Binsi. It was too strong. Jiang Chen’s strength mostly came from that sword. That was the assumption he made.

“It’s… a miracle.”

Yu Huagan could not believe it. Jiang Chen once again impressed him.

“Summon another three thousand of them. Let’s see how I am going to massacre your Wolf Clan .”

Jiang Chen smiled coldly and said while staring at Luo Binsi who was clearly outraged. It was undeniable that Jiang Chen’s strength had made Luo Sibin startled. Although they had not started any battle, everyone could sense that Jiang Chen’s aura had already won against Luo Sibin’s. Jiang Chen’s overbearing and unbeatable manner had already overcome Luo Sibin, Yu Huagan and Dongbo Tianchi.

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