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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2719

The Prince of the Ice Emperor’s Wolf Clan


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Jiang Chen was like a peerless war-god. His body was like an unbreakable steel. He faced those beasts without fear as they clashed.

Yu Huagan’s expression became solemn as he faced those demonic beasts, it took him some effort just to defeat them but he’s still a Late Divine King, he’s stronger than Feng Luojiang and Dongpo Tianchi. He had suffered some minor injuries while facing those beasts.

Jiang Chen’s gaze was cold and calm. Those dozen or so beasts were all pushed back in just a few minutes. Moreover, their bones were crushed by him and their combat strength decreased significantly. He then proceeded to tear those beasts apart with his arms.

Those demonic beasts couldn’t get close to Jiang Chen and he demolished them in an instant, in a calm and composed manner.

Feng Luojiang was gasping for air as he was cornered by those beasts, distraught, his luxurious robe was covered with dust and dirt.

“You’re still observing on the side?! Aren’t you going to act?! ” Feng Luojiang said while gritting his teeth.

Jiang Chen was very strong as he tore a dozen beasts apart with just his arms, while Feng Luojiang could only evade in an unsightly manner.

“Why should I help you? It’s your mistake, why should I bear it for you? It does not concern me even if you got shredded to pieces.” Jiang Chen asked Feng Luojiang with a smile.

The latter couldn’t refute it as he was pushed back by a dozen of those beasts.

Yu Huagan took care of a dozen beasts after expending a great amount of divine origin qi. Moreover, he found out that he couldn’t take in a single drop of the surrounding energy from the environment. They must leave this place in order to recover their strength.

Jiang Chen put his arms on his chest as he observed from the sidelines. Feng Luojiang was fuming in anger but he couldn’t do a single thing against him.

Although Yu Huagan wanted to help, he did not do so as he too was almost out of gas. No one could save him if he used up all of his energy.

Although these demonic beasts were powerful, they were pretty brainless, they only attacked single-mindedly. Dongpo Tianchi and Feng Luojiang finally defeated the beasts after exerting their full strength. They were still the leaders of their family, possessing Peak Mid Divine King Realm cultivation, they’re still one of the best in the region.

“We’ll settle this score after we go out.” Feng Luojiang said.

Jiang Chen had become his number one enemy as Jiang Chen just stood on the side without helping, truly hateful!

“Out? Your imagination is wild, it’s easy to come in but it’s not for you to decide when to go out. ” Jiang Chen said coldly.

“What do you mean?” Feng Luojiang said.

“Brother Yu, I am not disrespecting you, he’s the one threatening me, are you going to leave me here too?”

“I didn’t say that it’s me that’ll try to keep you here.” Jiang Chen shrugged as he pointed towards the back of Feng Luojiang.

A tall, skinny man slowly walked out. He’s wearing a blue robe with blue crystals embedded on it, his hair was blue in colour, his face was pretty handsome, it’s like he came out from a painting. There’s even a faint blue-ish glow coming out from his face.

He could be described as a pretty woman. However, Jiang Chen felt that his appearance was pretty comical as he almost chuckled. His face definitely looked human but it’s too outstanding that it’s unbelievable.

Most importantly, his aura was pretty powerful. There’s an energy halo that lingered around his body, divine origin aura that’s surrounding his body.

“You guys shouldn’t have come.” The man with blue-coloured hair said with a smile.

He then lightly touched the flag and a powerful tremble course through the ground.

The trio looked back in shock. When did this fella appear behind them?!

“Who are you?” Feng Luojiang shouted.

“Who am I? Hehe, you guys broke into my territory and you dare ask who I am?” The man’s smile was as graceful as ever as he shook his head helplessly.

“Are you a man or a demon?” Dongpo Tianchi said coldly.

“Man or demon, does it make a difference? Everything has a soul under this heaven. You guys are just a part of it.” The man spoke in a calm manner.

“This fella is probably hostile and strong.” Yu Huagan whispered towards Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen thought. Definitely strong. This fella appeared out of nowhere. I wouldn’t have found him if he didn’t appear right in front of me. Not even a Half-Step Hierarch has that kind of ability. He has that suffocating aura. Countless divine origin qi was seeping out from his body and was absorbed back into his body perfectly. It’s like the most basic breathing method of cultivation, it feels so natural…

“Your territory? You’re from Ice Emperor’s Wolf Clan?” Jiang Chen probed.

The youth raised his brow and looked towards Jiang Chen, he then said:

“To think there’s someone who knows about my Ice Emperor’s Wolf Clan? Looks like you guys are pretty knowledgeable.”

“Ice Emperor’s Wolf Clan? It really exists?”

Yu Huagan and the others couldn’t believe it. The Ice Emperor’s Wolf Clan was once the royal family of Liao Bei, the true leader of the region. However, it was a legend from tens of million years ago, to hear it from this young man over there, they were pretty shocked by it.

“The Ice Emperor’s Wolf Clan. A name that existed  a long time ago, how many people still remember the name in this world now?” The man sighed.

“You say you’re from the Ice Emperor’s Wolf Clan and we should believe it? It’s just a legend from a long-gone past!” Feng Luojiang sneered.

“Then, every one of you shall stay in this place, how many years has it been? The Ice Emperor’s Wolf Clan was secluded for far too long, it’s time to see the sun.” The man said with a smile, one wouldn’t feel a single hostility from his words.

“Such a blatant statement! Be careful not to choke on it.” Feng Luojiang stared at the youngster without fear.

“Foolish. To be this arrogant in the face of the prince of the Ice Emperor’s Wolf Clan! Remember, my name is Luo Binsi!” The man’s eyes shot out a blue-ray, piercing straight towards Feng Luojiang.

The group then readied their bodies to face the threat.

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