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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2717

Sixteen Divine Burying Flags

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The group’s attention was captured by the tunnel with a glowing blue light, they followed the light and entered a one zhang radius tunnel.

On the walls of the tunnel, beastly claw marks could be seen, it looked like this cave was carved out by some beasts. There was a thick divine origin qi lingering around the walls.

“If that was really true, I wonder how much Supreme Grade Divine Origin Ores we have lost. Sigh, there aren’t many ores mined every year, yet there’s a giant hole here, it’s such a waste.” Feng Luojiang smacked his lips.

He could’ve reached the Half-Step Hierarch Realm if he had that many Supreme Grade Divine Origin Stones.

The group moved forward carefully as it was extremely dark. Jiang Chen heightened his senses to capture any sudden movement. Suddenly, the Fire Qilin said something in Jiang Chen’s mind.

“I sense a dangerous air, be extra careful, Jiang Chen.” The Fire Qilin said.

Jiang Chen felt alarmed as Qilin felt something dangerous too. Deep down, there must be something dangerous lying in wait.

“There’s nothing here, we’ve travelled pretty far but it’s still quiet, that blue light feels fickle, it’s flickering, as if it could go out anytime.” Dongpo Tianchi shook his head.

At this moment, Jiang Chen squinted his eyes and found that there were countless transparent crystals on both sides of the tunnel. There were tiger-shaped demonic beasts trapped within the crystals, they were gigantic, around 3-5 zhang big, some were only 1-2 zhang but their eyes were closed shut.

“These crystal stones are filled with tiger-shaped demonic beasts.” Jiang Chen said.

“Where?” Yu Huagan asked and looked towards where Jiang Chen was looking. There were countless demonic beasts in those crystal walls.

“These demonic beasts had probably become fossils, god knows how long it has been.” Feng Luojiang was startled and said.

However, he wasn’t afraid as they were all sealed without a shred of lifeforce coming from them, most likely having become fossils a long time ago.

“Yeah, it’s pretty magnificent.”  Yu Huagan gasped.

There’s a tiger-shaped demonic beast fossil within the crystal walls every five meters apart.

Jiang Chen felt that these beasts, although sleeping and trapped within the crystal, felt like they could jump out at any moment. If it weren’t for the lack of life energy within these beasts, he would’ve thought that they’re alive. They must’ve existed several hundred thousands years ago.

The group travelled further down several thousand meters more and reached a thousand meter radius underground plaza, bones were piled up in the middle of it, they were not sure whether it was from those demonic beasts, pretty creepy.

“To think it’s a formation?”

Jiang Chen saw an eight-trigrams shaped formation in the middle of the plaza. He  couldn’t determine what formation it was but he felt a tinge of energy coming from the formation. On the altar, 16 broken Divine Burying Flags were placed!

“Such great effort and resources!”

Jiang Chen was shocked. He had obtained one Divine Burying Flag before and it’s extremely powerful. Now, with sixteen of it, such power, such dominance!

The Divine Burying Flag was not a general term for it, because the commanding flag of an ancient formation could become a Divine Burying Flag after ten-thousand years of soul gathering. These sixteen Divine Burying Flags were already in tatters, the surface of the flag was already gone yet it was still as powerful as the one he had.

On the formation, the five basic elements were placed, the eight-trigrams were placed, the ten-directions under the heavens, the twelve… it was complex and Jiang Chen couldn’t understand it. He only knew that this formation was extremely dangerous, it’s probably because of this formation that there isn’t any energy nor spiritual qi in this underground tunnel.

This formation still exists even though thousands of years have passed, the sixteen Divine Burying Flag still defends the formation even without spiritual qi.

The one who built this formation with the sixteen Divine Burying Flags was surely powerful. There must be a connection with this formation with the Ice Emperor’s Wolf Clan. Jiang Chen couldn’t understand what this underground dragon vein was made for.

Although the words on the flags were gone, it’s power could still fend off an army, that was the terror of these Divine Burying Flags.

“Sir, what do you mean?” Yu Huagan looked towards Jiang Chen and asked.

“It’s just sixteen broken flags, hmph, even if it’s a formation, it should’ve been broken by now. Who could survive that long except for Emperor Realm experts?” Feng Luojiang said in disdain as he looked down upon the sixteen flags.

Jiang Chen did not speak a word, because he knew that those Divine Burying Flags could still do great things and there’s probably a great formation in place. Something that’s out of his understanding. Jiang Chen finally felt an invisible pressure after the Fire Qilin’s warning.

Feng Luojiang sneered. He’s still a Half-Step Divine King, definitely not on-par with us, no matter how strong he is, he doesn’t amount much in this underground place.

However, Jiang Chen was no coward, he will certainly not back off even though he knew about those flags. The amount of Supreme Grade Divine Origin Stones were out of this world. There’s certainly a great fortune that lies ahead, Jiang Chen’s curiosity was pushing him forward to solve the secret of this underground dragon vein.

“Spiritual Gathering and Transporting Formation!”

Jiang Chen unleashed the formation, silently trying to form a link with this underground dragon vein but failed.

Jiang Chen once again became solemn,

“This place is devoid of spiritual qi.”

Jiang Chen’s Spiritual Gathering and Transporting Formation would not have failed if there were spiritual qi around, meaning that all formation with spiritual qi as the base cannot be formed. Without spiritual qi, nobody could replenish themselves. Not even his wood spirit could help him recover. This underground dragon vein was truly a barren and deathly place, one that cuts off a person’s lifeline if they dug too deep!

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