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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2713

Returning in an Overbearing Manner


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A mouthful of blood spurted out from the great elder’s mouth. The great elder retreated but Dongbo Tianchi kept chasing after him.

“Since you have said so, I would accompany you in the battle until the end.”

Dongbo Tianchi snorted coldly. This old man is really courting death, it’s not him who did not show mercy.

Dongbo Tianchi kept chasing and attacking the great elder. The great elder’s face was pale, his injuries kept on piling up. However, he still did not admit defeat.

“The Great Elder will be killed by Dongbo Tianchi if this continues.”

Yu Jingxian wore a frown on her face, however, who could help them now? The mysterious man? He was looking at the battle scene with his arms folded which showed that he would not take any action.

“Ignorant old thing! Since you insist on dying, I will fulfill your wish.”

Dongbo Tianchi shouted angrily. A thunderous strike pressed against the great elder immediately.

At this moment, a white ray broke through the sky and sored up with incredible speed. As soon as the white ray flashed over, an oppressive palm strike clashed with Dongbo Tianchi.

The two palm strikes clashed against each other while dust flew all over the place. In the next second, Dongbo Tianchi was repulsed like a kite with its string cut.

“Who is that? Who dares to sneak attack me?”

Dongbo Tianchi shouted outrageously.

A white-clothed man stood up with a calm aura. He looked extremely composed and expressed an overbearing aura. His eyes were sharp, giving out dazzling lights.


“Yu Huagan!”


Everyone stared at the incomparably formidable white-clothed man. Soon, Dongbo Tianchi could not help trembling while being stared at by Yu Huagan. His eyes were like a pair of sharp swords, releasing great pressure against Dongbo Tianchi who was now covered in sweat.

“Is this really Yu Huagan? Wang Lingzhi, that bastard said that he was already a living dead and would die soon. Why is this person here now?”

Dongbo Tianchi felt complicated as he could sense that Yu Huagan was even more formidable compared to the past. He had already made a breakthrough in his cultivation realm. He was now a Late Divine King, otherwise, he would not release such a great pressure.

“It’s our father!”

Yu Jingfan’s eyes were filled with tears, as with everyone in Yu Family. Their eyes were full of excitement. Even Bai Yumo and the others who knew their father had already woke up could not help suppress their thrill.

Yu Huagan had been the backbone of their Yu Family. When the backbone fell, only then did they know how difficult and challenging it was to manage a great family.

When facing a great challenge, Yu Jingfan only realised that he was so helpless and disappointed. When the family needed him the most, he could not do anything for the family.

Their father once again lifted up the entire family. The people of Yu Family started cheering.

Although Jiang Chen had been saying that their father would recover soon, it had been too long since the last time they saw their father getting up from the bed. It already became a legend to see their father wake up and even recover his full strength.

Jiang Chen had made the legend come true and their father did not disappoint them. At this moment, he was like a saviour coming to the world. From today onwards, no one would dare to bully the Yu Family anymore and what had happened today would never happen again.

The entire Yu Family was thrilled. The great elder looked at the majestic figure who had defended him, astonished. Undeniably, they finally felt relieved because their Yu Family would finally be at peace again with the return of Yu Huagan. At least, no one would dare to challenge them again.

“How could this be possible?”

Wang Lingzhi exchanged a glance with Feng Luojiang who kept cursing Wang Lingzhi in his heart. Didn’t this bastard affirm that Yu Huagan would definitely die soon? Why did Yu Huagan suddenly become this formidable? He was even more powerful than before. He had already become a Late Divine King.  Even if Feng Luojiang joined hands with Dongbo Tianchi, they would only suffer defeat.

“Dongbo Tianchi, your family seems to have become more and more arrogant these days. How dare you come to Bai Yu City and challenge my family.”

Yu Huagan stared at Dongbo Tianchi coldly. Dongbo Tianchi said bitterly:

“It’s just a misunderstanding. Brother Yu, we just wanted to visit you actually and never expected things to develop like this. I am truly guilty. It’s really just a misunderstanding.”

“Misunderstanding? Why would our great elder be injured like this? How are we going to resolve this? Dongbo Tianchi, you seem to have forgotten about me since I haven’t come out for a long time.”

Yu Huagan snorted coldly.

“I will prepare a generous present and bring it here for the great elder next time I visit. This is all my fault, I hope that Brother Yu can forgive me. Hehe.”

Dongbo Tianchi laughed dryly. His strength was incomparable to Yu Huagan. If they really were going to have a life-and-death battle, he would definitely lose his life. If Yu Huagan had really died, then he would not be this afraid. However, obviously Yu Huagan had not died yet and his strength had even advanced greatly. Wang Lingzhi had really put them in danger.

Feng Luojiang could not help feeling relieved as he was not the one who started the battle. Luckily, Dongbo Tianchi took the initiative, otherwise, he would be in a terrible situation.

“If you are unsatisfied, you can come toward me.”

Yu Huagan said coldly with his overbearing manner.

“This is all a big misunderstanding. Hehe. Brother Yu, your cultivation has just broken through, hasn’t it? It’s such good news. Congratulations.”

Feng Luojiang said with a smile. He acted completely different from how he had acted earlier. At this moment, they all showed respect to Yu Huagan as he could defeat them easily now.

When one isn’t in a good position, one has to bow down to others. Both Feng Luojiang and Dongbo Tianchi could not compete with Yu Huagan now. It was a fact. If they still did not realise the situation, Yu Huagan might take further action and they would be embarrassed at that time. If a great war happened amongst the three families, Yu Huagan was capable of overcoming them even if they allied together.

Humph. Bullsh*ting. You guys know what you have done.”

Yu Huagan’s overbearing manner goes hand in hand with his cultivation realm. If a Heavenly God said something like this, it would be ridiculous and amusing. All in all, strong men deserve respect. It was an unchangeable law.

“Of course, of course. Hehe.”

Dongbo Tianchi said. He had lost the arrogance he had previously.

When Yu Huagan looked at Wang Lingzhi, he trembled in fear and looked pale. He could only smile and dared not to look at Yu Huagan at all.

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