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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2712

Safeguarding Yu Family’s Dignity at the Cost of One’s Life


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Wang Lingzhi was at a dead end and there was no way of turning back anymore. However, the two great families were in a different situation. They had more bargaining chips to offer. In the three families’ perspective, he was no threat at all.

Wang Lingzhi looked pale. Although he had expected this to happen, he hadn’t foreseen this to happen so early and that the two guys he was with would be this cruel to ignore him. Without him, how would have they gotten such a golden opportunity to attack Bai Yu City?

If he hadn’t helped smoothen things out, how would they have such a chance to oppose Yu Family? He had made at least half of the contribution to make this happen. However, he had become so worthless in their eyes now.

Wang Lingzhi regretted very much because he was not strong enough. If he was as strong as Dongbo Tianchi, they might not speak to him like this. Unfortunately, he did not have such strength.

If there was a Late Divine King expert supporting the Yu Family, they wouldn’t be so daring to push the limits in an aggressive manner.

“Alright! Deal!”

The great elder said while gritting his teeth. Although he knew that it was a trap, he had no other options.

Bai Yumo and the others were angry and anxious, however, none of them could represent the Yu Family to make a response. It’s all  about power. Even if Yu Wangqing and Yu Wangnina were here, the situation would still be the same.

“Great Elder……”

Yu Jingfan was very anxious, praying that his father would wake up immediately. Father, without you, our Yu Family would collapse soon!

Three days ago, Jiang Chen had stopped everyone from disturbing Yu Huagan. However, there was no news about his father yet at the moment.

“I like how you are so quick in making decisions. Let’s go to the fighting hall now!”

Dongbo Tianchi took a step forward and said in a deep voice.


The elder took the lead and arrived at the location first while looking extremely solem. Everyone in the Yu Family was anxious because the battle was greatly related to their family’s destiny. Twenty percent of the Dragon Veins was half of their total property. However, they had no choice as the great elder was the strongest in the family. He was the only one qualified to take part in the battle.

“We will depend on you, great elder.”

“Great elder, don’t disappoint us.”

“No matter if we win or lose, our family loses nothing.”

Everyone was looking forward to the performance of the great elder as he was the strongest in the Yu Family. If he could not help Yu Family gain the victory in the battle, their family would surely fall sooner than later.

Feng Luojiang and Dongbo Tianchi were very confident in themselves, whereas, the elder had no choice but to fight an uphill battle. The three of them were in a very different situation right now.

“Sir, what are the chances of the great elder in winning in the battle?”

Yu Jiangxian looked at Jiang Chen and asked in a soft voice while feeling nervous.

“No chance to win at all.”

Jiang Chen said without thinking much. Yu Jingxian and Bai Yumo’s countenance fell as soon as Jiang Chen said these words. They were afraid that the great elder would have no chance to win anymore.

“Then how…?”

Bai Yumo said.

“Let’s see what we can do.”

Jiang Chen said.

At this moment, Dongbo Tianchi and Feng Luojiang had finished their discussion. Dongbo Tianchi was very confident, and was the first one to battle. Feng Luojiang was second.

“Elder, I would not show you any mercy in order to get the ten percent of the Dragon Veins. Hehe. I never expected that Yu Family would be this generous. It’s really admirable.”

Dongbo Tianchi smiled and said.

The people of Yu Family swore in their heart as Dongbo Tianchi made such a sarcastic remark after pushing their family into this predicament. They would not have offered such a deal if they were not forced by the situation.

“Then please don’t show mercy, master of Dongbo Family. Even if I die, I would not lose Yu Family’s dignity.”

The great elder said faintly, showing great determination. Although he knew that he would not be able to defeat the opponent, he would still safeguard the dignity of his family at the cost of his life. The great elder had already been ready for a life-and-death battle!

“Great! Bold and courageous. I admire you. My palms and legs don’t have any eyes, don’t blame them for being ruthless.”

As soon as he finished these words, Dongbo Tianchi stepped out and casted thunder strikes inside the fighting hall.

Mountains and rivers were shattered by Dongbo Tianchi’s overbearing aura. Not to be outdone, the great elder counterattacked. Both of them were in a fierce fight immediately. The scene was frightening. They could lose their life at any moment if they were not careful enough. The elder had already staked his life in this battle. He did not have any other desire in life except safeguarding his family’s dignity. He had the determination that Dongbo Tianchi did not have.

Dongbo Tianchi did not have that determination as he still had a huge wealth with him. He would not put his life at risk as the elder did. Helplessly, the great elder was put in a disadvantageous position in the battle. He was repulsed by Dongbo Tianchi’s continuous palm strikes.

Dongbo Tianchi’s aura was like an overbearing dragon. Despite the great elder’s utmost effort, Dongbo Tianchi did not lose the upper hand at all and showed no sign of losing.

The elder was at the Mid Divine King Realm, however, there was still a huge gap between him and Dongbo Tianchi. Being the Patriarch of the Dongbo Family, he was undeniably strong. He was just one step away from  reaching the Late Divine King realm. Of course, one could not compare him to the elder.

Dongbo Tianchi had perfectly demonstrated the meaning of discrepancy of strength in the battle. He managed to amplify the gap between their strength by attacking the elder unceasingly. The elder had no chance to counterattack at all. He could only keep retreating and was looking embarrassed.

“He might not be able to sustain for too long.”

Jiang Chen shook his head.

As soon as Jiang Chen finished his words, what he said came true. The elder was unable to deal with the opponent even though he had given it his all. All of his attacks were neutralized by Dongbo Tianchi perfectly. Soon, he had to face the thunderous suppression by Dongbo Tianchi.

“Taste my palm strike now!”

Dongbo Tianchi was fearless and his manner was unbeatable. At this moment, the elder’s countenance fell as the opponent’s attack was like a thunderstorm that kept pouring down on his body. He was sent flying after being attacked by thirty palm strikes. He looked terrible and pale.

“Do you still want to continue?”

Dongbo Tianchi smiled coldly.

“I won’t give up until I die. This is our Yu Family’s dignity.”

The elder said while gritting his teeth tightly.

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