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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2711

Burning the Bridge After Crossing the River


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“How would this be considered as being hard on someone? Haha. As long as Yu Family give up their position as one of the three greatest families and give up the Dragon Vein, then we won’t disturb your family anymore. Right now, it’s not suitable anymore for the Yu Family to safeguard the Dragon Vein because you have lost your past glory. It’s amusing that you guys still want to live as if you deserve the glory. What a joke!”

Dongbo Tianchi said coldy and each of his words sounded extremely sharp. Jiang Chen could not help heaving a sigh. If Yu Huagan really fell down, the previous prosperity that Yu Family had might not be recovered anymore. The Yu Family was really pushed to a dead end but they couldn’t help it. Dongbo Family and Feng Family had taken the advantage when Yu Family was in a crisis. They also were good at observing the situation. If Jiang Chen were them, he might do the same thing.

They were not wronged by doing this and their decision was not wrong. It’s only because Yu Family was indeed dealing with both internal and external crises. They were in a great crisis. As Dongbo Tianchi said, Yu Family insisted on living under the glory despite having lost their previous prosperity.

The great elder looked pale and he had nothing to respond to Dongbo Tianchi. Yu Family, which was used to living under their glorious prosperity, was now in a terrible predicament in front of the other two families. The situation was completely different from the past. Ten thousand years ago, there were more than ten Hierarch experts in Yu Family. They were well-known in the entire Lone Dragon County. However, they had been declining over the years. Let alone Lone Dragon County, not many people know about the Yu Family’s past glory even in the Qilian Boundary.

It was as though the tiger had left its hill and descended to the plains, The Yu Family was the same as their situation became worse over time.

“I’m not sure if the master of Yu Family has such guts? If you can win against me or Brother Feng, we will never step into Yu Family anymore in the future. However, if you don’t have such capability, then the territory of Liaobei region might need to be reorganised. We don’t want others to invade our territory and, if that happens, Yu Family would perish too. It’s better for us to reorganise it now and see how we are going to divide the territory.”

Dongbo Tianchi smiled but he actually had already shown his aggressiveness and intention. It’s really sad how the Yu Family became this down and out right now. However, it’s a world where the law of the jungle prevails. No one could change this principle.

“In a simpler word, if Yu Family had the capability to take over our families, you wouldn’t just laze around, right? Hehe.”

Feng Luojiang was very straightforward. Since the Yu Family had lost their pillar, they found Feng Luojiang was here to challenge them.

Jiang Chen did not say anything as it’s not a place where he should speak. He did not want to meddle with the matter too as it’s the matter of Yu Family. They should solve the problem themselves and he could only help for a time not forever.


Yu Jingfan wanted to say something but was stopped by the great elder because he knew that Yu Jingfan was going to challenge the two masters without considering his own strength.

“I will represent the lord of Yu Family to accept the battle today. Don’t forget, you guys are still at our place. Even if we lose the battle, it’s not the place for you guys to talk nonsense. Our Patriarch still needs more experience and practice, that’s why I would represent him in the battle. If you can defeat me today, then Yu Family would give up twenty percent of the Dragon Vein. But if you lose, each of you will have to give us ten percent. What do you think about this?”

The great elder glared at Dongbo Tianchi. This was what he could only do now. It was the last hope to safeguard Yu Family’s dignity.

If they lose the battle, they would hand in twenty percent of the Dragon Vein to ensure the family’s safety which would be worthwhile. If they won, it would be a great thing to get twenty percent of the Dragon Vein from the opponent. However, he did not have the confidence to win the battle.

What the elder said had shocked everyone in the Yu Family. Even Dongbo Tianchi and Feng Luojiang did not expect the elder would be so straightforward. It was unbelievable. Dongbo Tianchi was quite tempted by the offer.

If they started a great battle and took over all of the Dragon Vein, he actually could only get around ten percent of the Dragon Vein after dividing with others. Moreover, a battle would cause lots of causality and damage to his family. However, if he won the battle with the great elder, he would get the ten percent of the Dragon Vein easily. It’s a good deal.

He knew that he was more formidable than the great elder, so he was full of confidence. How could he lose the battle?

Dongbo Tianchi was quite clear about the consequence. The elder’s offer was much better than going through a great battle. What the elder said was true as a thin camel was still bigger than a horse. If they were going to have a life-and-death battle, it was still very difficult for the two families to eliminate Yu Family despite the alliance. The consequence and loss would be great too which would be out of their estimation.

Feng Luojiang was thinking the same. Even though it did not seem like a good deal, it actually benefits them. If they chose to join hands to defeat the Yu Family, they might still face lots of problems later on. However, it would be more straightforward and easy if they just need to defeat the elder and get the Dragon Vein. Why didn’t he choose so?

Feng Luojiang was not afraid of the great elder at all. He was very confident in the battle.

Wang Linzhi was the only one who felt discouraged by the elder’s words. Whether the elder won or lost, his contribution to the two families would become meaningless now. What he had discussed with the two families would end in bubbles too.

At the moment, what could he say?

“However, I don’t fully agree with the elder’s suggestion. No one should meddle with the matter of our Dragon Vein. You should have a battle with each of us respectively and our bet would be ten percent of the Dragon Vein in total. What do you think about it?

Feng Luojiang’s words excited Dongbo Tianchi because he got his point. They indeed had a higher chance of winning the battle and defeating the elder. Although the battle seemed like a fair battle, they actually had higher chance of winning.

Wang Lingzhi was the only one who was unhappy from this. He had spent a lot of effort planning this. However, not he had lost the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart, but also gained nothing at all. The two families did not take his interest into consideration at all.

“Two masters, you should not burn the bridge after crossing the river.”

Wang Lingzhi said in their mind.

The two masters gave each other a glance. They were not foolish at all. If they would gain the Dragon Vein easily through a battle, why would they want to start a great war that will cause great chaos?

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