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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2710

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Dongpo Tianchi’s expression changed. The three once again unleashed another wave of pressure. The Great Elder was pushed back and Yu Jingfan coughed out a mouthful of blood and he almost knelt down. At this moment, Jiang Chen suddenly appeared behind him and caught his arm.

He caught Jiangfan’s arm to support his body, to prevent him from kneeling as he withstood the pressure from the three. The honour of the Yu family would be utterly tarnished if he were to kneel right now.

Jiang Chen smiled and said:

“Patriarch Dongpo is right, one’s authority will face the same pressure from the authority one held.”

Everyone was shocked. Even Bai Yumo, who knew of Jiang Chen’s strength, had once again changed her view towards Jiang Chen. The pressure came from the two Peak Mid Divine Kings and one Peak Early Divine King. They were obviously exerting pressure towards the Yu family, whereby not even the Great Elder was able to withstand it. However, Jiang Chen alone had withstood the pressure from the three.

Not even the Mid Divine King Great Elder could do it.

The elders and the people of the Yu family were all shocked.

“This mister is very strong.” Yu Jingxian whispered.

Bai Yumo looked at her and nodded.

“Thank you, senior.” Yu Jingfan wiped away the blood on his lips and said with a smile.

“Who are you?” Dongpo Tianchi looked at Jiang Chen.

One versus three, without a shred of fear. Jiang Chen did not even bat an eye from their pressure.

Wang Lingzhi was the only one who was the most shocked. He did not expect Jiang Chen to come back to the Yu family after obtaining the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart. That had truly perplexed him.

“You… you…” Wang Lingzhi pointed at Jiang Chen and stuttered as his eyes became wide.

He could never forget Jiang Chen. This fella is too strong, he’s probably as strong as the two Patriarchs, I stand no chance against him.

Feng Luojiang frowned and looked at Wang Lingzhi.

“This man is not simple!”

Wang Lingzhi murmured to Dongpo Tianchi and Feng Luojiang.

“Who I am is of no importance, Yu Jingfan is my friend. You guys are acting extremely unruly within the Yu family’s ground, and to blatantly bully others, you guys are pushing the line.” Jiang Chen said.

Although Jiang Chen did not do anything special, he was still able to withstand the pressure coming from the three, preserving the honour of the Yu family. They were grateful for Jiang Chen, especially Yu Jingfan. The Yu family would’ve become a joke if he were to fall.

“Yu family is pretty powerful. Haha, does the Yu family’s Patriarch require an outsider to protect him? This is hilarious, the Yu family’s Patriarch to be this weak. Looks like the Yu family’s time has almost come. Sigh, the past Tiger of Liao Bei was such a great powerful figure, but now… sigh… ” Dongpo Tianchi sneered.

The people of the Yu family were angered by Dongpo Tianchi’s words but it was a fact, they couldn’t refute it.

“Even so, it’s not your place to cause trouble, the Yu family’s head shall not be ordered by others!” The Great Elder said.

“Naturally, we do not have the right to interfere in the internal affairs of the Yu family. It does not concern any of us. BUT the matter of the whole of the Liao Bei region is our concern. The current Yu family does not have what it takes to become the leader of the region now, right? Who will lead us if some people come and cause trouble? The Yu family? Hehe, I bet you guys will run away faster than a rat.” Feng Luojiang sneered.

“We’re not trying to bully you guys. The Yu family’s Patriarch must have the same capabilities or higher than us. Without power, anyone could become the Yu family’s Patriarch and it would certainly become the joke of the masses.”

Dongpo Tianchi’s gaze became colder as he moved closer.

“What do you guys want?!” Yu Jingfan said.

As the Yu family’s Patriarch, he will not step down even though there’s no chance in winning.

“Nothing, if the Yu family has what it takes to control the whole Liao Bei Region, it’ll be fine. If not… then, everything has to be reshuffled.” Feng Luojiang said.

Yu Jingfan’s expression changed slightly. The expression of the people of the Yu family became ugly. The true reason for these two families’ arrival had finally been revealed.

“In the end, you guys are attacking our Yu family to split our resources, kicking us out from the Liao Bei power distribution, right?” Yu Jingfan said coldly.

“We didn’t say that. However, I do believe that only the truly powerful one is capable of leading. As the Yu family’s Patriarch, I bet you have what it takes to take on the two Patriarchs. I, Dongpo Tianchi, will leave right now if you can win against me. If not… it’ll mean that the Yu family is on its last legs, where it doesn’t have the strength to lead the region.”

Dongpo Tianchi kept moving closer, causing Yu Jingfan to completely fall into his trap. He wanted the Yu family to fall on its own, then, he’d be able to take over it smoothly.

“You…”  Although Yu Jingfan was angry, he could only helplessly take it.

No matter how strong he was, he could never beat Dongpo Tianchi right now. The latter was a true Divine King expert, just a step away from reaching the Late Divine King Realm. Whereas, he was just a Half-Step Divine King. Is there a competition?

However, Dongpo Tianchi was also right. As the Yu family’s Patriarch, without actual strength, how could he lead the crowd? To become the head of the family?

Dongpo Tianchi and Feng Luojiang were extremely obvious. They want to reshuffle the whole Liao Bei Region’s territory and the Yu family does not have the power nor authority to become the leader of the region anymore.

Which meant that they should also hand over their part of the dragon vein. That was their true motive. They wouldn’t have come to the Yu family otherwise.

“You guys are being too much!” The Great Elder couldn’t stand watching it anymore.

He had to come up as the elder of the Yu family, he can bleed or even die but the honour of the Yu family must never be trampled upon.

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