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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2702

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When the Flags of Eastern Mountain City Wave, the Iron Heels of the Heavenly Wind City Approach

“I think Yu Huaqian is going to die within three years. Yu Family lacks successors and they are confronting internal conflicts constantly at the same time. Even the Eastern Mountain City is on the move now, can you still remain unmoved? I forgot to tell you that I realized that Yu Huagan is at his death door during the treatment. Even though he is at the Hierarch Realm, he is impotent and helpless now.”

Wang Lingzhi spoke without reserve, which astonished Luo Fengjiang. This guy told everything frankly and forthrightly.

“Since you’re here, I think you know better. Go on with your story, I am all ears.”

Luo Fengjiang tried to pass the buck to Wang Lingzhi. Wang Lingzhi wore a slight smile, without getting angry. He went on.

“The situation of tripartite confrontation doesn’t sound terrible or threatening. However, it will stir up a dispute or even a war once one of them collapses. It’s normal to be covetous and expect the collapse of Yu Family. Besides, I guess the Feng Family and Dongbo Family will never stand and do nothing. At that time, are you willing to see me staying together with Dongbo Family and spend all my time with them? Haha. If that happens, I believe the entire LiaoBei will undergo massive changes.”

“Did you discuss with the Dongbo Family?”

Feng Luojiang said in a low voice, he fixed his glance at Wang Lingzhi.

“After the fall of Yu Family, Dongbo Family and I could definitely eliminate and swallow up the entire Yu Family’s property. But I have to consider the consequences after all. How could I compete against Dongbo Family with my own strength? I am afraid that they will burn the bridge behind me. I can never rule out the possibility. So the reason I am here is to seek for a strong pillar and a strategic partner. If both of your companies joined hands, I won’t be afraid. If Yu Family is divided into three, I will take ten percent of it.”

Wang Lingzhi’s words were impressive and thought-provoking. He even told Feng Luojiang the conflict of interest clearly. Feng Luojiang knew that he was the strong pillar that Wang Lingzhi was seeking for, in order to stabilize his position in the conspiracy. Otherwise, he would never be able to resist the Dongbo Family once they grow stronger in the future. And it was like a piece of cake to swallow it up.

Wang Lingzhi was not afraid but he wanted to find himself a way to retreat. Once the Feng Family joined the alliance, everything would be different. Two families and Wang Lingzhi were restraining each other, each would not dare to act recklessly. This was considered as a little tripartite confrontation and Wang Lingzhi could barely count as one of the parties. However, perhaps it would arouse a storm in the whole world if one of the parties collapsed. Feng Luojiang knew that Wang Lingzhi was just making the hay while the sun shines. It was normal for him to seek for a shield and his actions had shown his wisdom as well. While the Heavenly Wind City would never join hands with the Eastern Mountain City after eliminating the Yu Family, this would create another situation of tripartite confrontation as what he wished.

“Why are you being so confident about this? Are you really sure that the Yu Family is going to collapse soon?”

Feng Luojiang still remained dubious as this was not a game of playing house after all. Countless people would be sacrificed once the battle commenced. This was a battle which was related with the fate of the families.

Wang Lingzhi’s face lit up with a faint smile. He reached out and grasped.

“Because I have an absolute power over Yu Huagan’s life and death.”

Perhaps he dared not to talk nonsense like this if he still has the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart. However, he had already lost his dignity and overbearance at the moment. He had no choice but to put his hope and trust in the Feng Family since they were the next best choice.

Feng Luojiang fell silent for a moment and nodded.

“Great! I trust you. Once the flags and banners of the Eastern Mountain City waved, I will assure the approach of the Heavenly Wind City’s iron heels!”

“The decay of Yu Family is approaching and I swear to listen to your command. When the world is divided into three, I will only get one of them!”

Wang Lingzhi and Feng Luojiang looked at each other with a smile. Wang Lingzhi had finally settled down at the moment. And it was unnecessary for him to explain further to the Eastern Mountain City as they would lose their chance to negotiate once the confrontation was formed. The dragon vein of Yu Family would never be swallowed up by the Dongbo Family.

Two months went off. Baiyu City had experienced tremendous changes. The battle between Yu Wangqing and Yu Wangnian became intense and the elders had chosen their sides in the dispute. The greatest and fourth elder were on Yu Wangaing’s side while the second and third elder were standing behind Yu Wangnian. Both sides were furiously and intensely competing against each other.

In the meeting hall, it was the ultimate battle between Yu Wangqing and Yu Wangnian. Both of them were extraordinarily strong but neither of them was willing to take a step back. The fight was getting terribly intense at the moment.

“A country cannot live one day without a king, a family cannot live one day without a master. The vast Baiyu City should have a head of the family who have absolute authority on major decisions and family affairs. The old master is at his death door now so this is the most suitable time to assign a new head of the family.” The greatest elder said with a dignified look.

“You’re right, brother. But the selection of the head of the family is a serious matter. What would happen if we chose a useless person to become the head of the family? Our Yu Family will be fallen into decay in the future.”

The second elder said with a half-smile.

“I agree with you. I think it’s the right time to choose a suitable person to take the position as the head of the family. Otherwise, we will never be able to put our heads together and make one family.” The third elder added.

“I think the head of the family should be taken over by Yu Wangqing. Since ancient times, the eldest is destined to become the master and the eldest grandson should naturally become the successor. I think you guys have no doubts about it right?”

The fourth elder burst into laughter.

“You’re right. The eldest grandson used to be the master. But we have all seen what Yu Wangnian have done in these years. I think Yu Wangqing will be the most suitable person to serve as the head of the family and it is reasonable for him to take control of Yu Family.”

The greatest elder touched his beard, feeling happy and satisfied.

Yu Wangqing straightened his shoulders and looked arrogant.

“Haha. You shouldn’t say that. The most important, capable and talented person will be assigned with the important task. Even though Wangqing is the eldest son in Yu Family, he isn’t the only choice. Wangnian has been upholding the justice for the family and his great efforts were seen by everyone present. It isn’t a strange thing if a capable person takes over the important position. I believe that Yu Wangnian is just the right person for the head of the family.”

The second elder said lightly and a faint smile flickered across Yu Wangnian’s lips. It seemed like it was difficult to choose a suitable person that would serve as the head of the family.

“Our eldest brother has made some great contributions and worked his fingers to the bone to our family in these years. But I think it’s time for you to take a good rest and I will take up the role as the head of family now. I’ll never let you down, brother.” Yu Wangnian said and giggled.

“Did you just speak your mind? It’s normal for me to work hard for our Yu Family. Why are you putting me off? I believe that I will be the most appropriate choice to serve as the head of the family.” Yu Wangqing said with a sneer.

“Our father is still alive but you guys are scrambling for the head of the family’s position now. How could you treat him like this? Don’t you feel ashamed to face our father if he could wake up from the coma later on?”

Yu Huafan said in a deep voice. They’re on the verge of the family’s war and everything was already prepared.

“Bastard, there is no place for you. Get out of here!”

Yu Wangqing roared in a deep voice, his face turned gloomy and cold.

“Brother, our fifth brother didn’t mean to say that. He is just unwilling to see you guys turning against each other in a bitter struggle for power. Besides, our father is still alive. How could you compete over authority despite the brotherhood?”

Yu Jingfan said in a low voice.

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