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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2701

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Jiang Chen held the Great Yu Soul Forming Light in his hand and got it under control. The terrifying soul of the Great Yu Soul Forming Light was spreading widely to every part of Yu Huagan’s body. At this moment, Jiang Chen was startled. By the refinement of the Great Yu Soul Forming Light, Jiang Chen eventually realized that the Soul Leaving Curse was hiding in Yu Huagan’s mind and it was as small as a cicada.

“Let’s find out who you’re!”

Jiang Chen was casting the Great Yu Soul Forming Light while the terrifying soul was cultivating the Soul Leaving Curse in Yu Huagan’s mind continuously. The Soul Leaving Curse was a kind of spiritual item which had eaten away half of Yu Huagan’s soul. It was on the eve of success. But Jiang Chen had cut off all of its path of retreat

“Let’s see how long you can last.”


The Soul Leaving Curse kept making sounds as the Great Yu Soul Forming Light was considered as the curse’s ultimate enemy. It was a terrifying Divine Tool for cultivating souls. The Great Yu Soul Forming Light was exceedingly terrifying. As time went by, the curse eventually failed to resist the power of the light, and escaped from Yu Huagan’s body. Jiang Chen had already launched a formation and the Soul Leaving Curse was caught by Jiang Chen in the twinkling of an eye.

The Soul Leaving Curse which was as small as a cicada previously, transformed rapidly like layers of hemp and showed a horrid face. It seemed dreadful and extremely horrifying.

“It looks strange and creepy.”

Jiang Chen’s face lit up with a faint smile. He continued cultivating it with the Five Elemental True Fire once again.

“Oh! Oh! You’re such a despicable human. You’re going to pay for what you’ve done. Release me now!”

The ghostly face was wiggling out, and spoke like a human.

“Hey devil, not bad. Are you the one who placed this Soul Leaving Curse?” Jiang Chen said.

“That’s nothing to do with you. Why don’t you mind your own business? Release me now. Otherwise, our Saint Lord won’t let you off.”

The ghostly face said, giving Jiang Chen a ferocious stare.

“So you have a Saint Lord? Haha. I am burning with curiosity to find out where you’re from.”

Jiang Chen cast the Five Elemental True Fire and tried to melt the Soul Leaving Curse. There was an ear-splitting explosion while the Soul Leaving Curse uttered a piercing scream.

“I will tell you now. I will tell you now!”

The ghostly face stared fiercely at Jiang Chen.

“None of you could escape as our Saint Lord has already risen. I am merely his little soldier. Unfortunately, you messed up everything.”

“Who is your Saint Lord then?”

Jiang Chen demanded.

“I will never tell you even if I die. You don’t have the right to know who our Saint Lord is. Our Saint Lord will live forever, eternal and immortal. Our Saint Lord will devour the entire world!”

The ghost face roared ferociously.

“I will fulfill your dream since you want me to melt you down.”

“I will never tell you even if you melt me down.”

“Really? Instead of melting you down, I will make you suffer under the refinement of the Great Yu Soul Forming Light forever. You will never die even if you want to. As long as your soul is immortal, you will be writhed in the dreadful torment forever.” Jiang Chen went on.

“You……You’re such a despicable wretch. Humans are so mean.”

“Our Saint Lord is the Nine Heavens Saint Lord from the Wolf Clan Ice Emperor. Finally, he is going to return after suffering for thousands of years. You despicable human beings will become the slaves of our Saint Lord soon.”

“Wolf Clan Ice Emperor? Isn’t it an ancient race?”

Jiang Chen said with a slightly wrinkled brow, he was full of doubts.

The moment he fell silent, the ghostly face killed itself, vanishing in a moment and disappeared without leaving a trace. This guy had impressed Jiang Chen. Most of the people would definitely beg him to spare their life but this ghostly face had a strong determination. It chose to die without a chance of being spared, rather than submitting to Jiang Chen. Apparently, it was impossible for Jiang Chen to know more about it.

Jiang Chen recalled what he had seen in the mine well in Dragon Gate Ridge. There was more than a tiger-shaped beast. Did the Wolf Clan Ice Emperor hide in the mine well also?

Jiang Chen heaved a sigh of relief when he saw the Soul Leaving Curse had been utterly removed from Yu Huagan’s body. Even though Yu Huagan was still in a coma, he had a higher chance of survival. The Myriad Qi had rapidly restored his vital signs.

Yu Huagan could probably come out of his coma and recover completely within two months.

The moment Jiang Chen appeared, Yu Jingxian and the others held their breath and stared at him silently. No one dared to draw breath for a moment.

Jiang Chen wore a faint smile on his face. He would be terribly miserable if his father was the one who suffered like this.

“I accomplished the mission successfully.”

Jiang Chen’s words had made them feel truly relieved. When they were going to thank Jiang Chen for his kindness, they realized that Jiang Chen had already disappeared.

“That master is so powerful and incredible. He can even disappear without leaving a trace. May I know his name?”

Yu Jingxian gazed at Bai Yumo. While Bai Yumo was startled as she realized that she did not even know the real name of her life savior. She could only answer with a bitter smile and shook her head.

In the Heavenly Wind City, Wang Lingzhi looked worn out after a long journey. He had bottled up his anger and resentment all throughout the way. He felt more depressed and bitter as the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart was robbed by Jiang Chen. He knew that it would put him at a disadvantage if he tried to negotiate with the Dongbo Family. Besides, he was likely to be used by the Dongbo Family. Hence, he chose not to go to Eastern Mountain City directly. If the Dongbo Family felt doubtful about him and decided to eliminate the Yu Family, he would be helpless and lose his control. His strength would definitely put him in trouble. A negotiation should be conducted by two parties with equal strength. Otherwise, the whole world would collapse.

Wang Lingzhi was not a silly person, he was rather intelligent. If he could make an alliance with the Eastern Mountain City and wrest twenty percent of the Yu Family’s Dragon Vein successfully, it would be the best result for him. However, it was better to have two strings to one bow. He would bitterly regret if the Eastern Mountain City changed their mind.

The three greatest families had been living together and treated each other on equal footing for more than thousands of years. The reason that the families could live peacefully was because of the tripartite confrontation. If one of them collapsed, the other two families would definitely devour the remaining family ambitiously. It was a normal phenomenon and everyone would share the same thought. But once he was banished from the Dongbo Family, there was no turning back. Thus, dragging the Feng Family with him would be the best choice.

Dividing the forty percent of the Yu Family’s Dragon Range into three and three of them would get it equally. He would act as the middleman between those two families in order to constrain them. Even if he was unable to do so, the other two  families would never dare to act recklessly since the situation of tripartite confrontation remained. That was what he hoped for. He couldn’t make the Dongbo Family own everything alone but it would be a different matter if he could obtain the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart and enhanced his strength to another level. At this moment, he could only go for the next best thing, it was the most perfect and appropriate method.

The genius skillful Saint Doctor Wang Lingzhi arrived at Heavenly Wind City, and the City Lord, Feng Luo Jiang received him directly.

“Brother Feng, how have you been? Haha. I have something urgent and important to discuss with you this time.”

Wang Lingzhi said with a bright smile.

“Brother Wang, just speak out what is on your mind. I am a straightforward person, so I hate those unnecessary formalities and I can’t tolerate any sloppiness as well.”

Feng Luojiang looked tall and strong, overbearing and straightforward. His strength had even reached the Mid Divine King Realm.

“Great. I love your character. I will just speak frankly. Yu Family was confronting a mutiny, everyone was gone. May I know your next plan, Brother Feng?”

Feng Luojiang narrowed his eyes and looked at Wang Lingzhi with a suspicious and doubtful glance.

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