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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2700

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Yu Jingxian’s eyes stared at Jiang Chen with eyes wide open.

“Sir, is that true?”

“It’s not 100% but I can try.” Jiang Chen said as he and Yu Jingxian looked at each other.

A light of hope lit up in her eyes at this moment, including the others as they turned towards Jiang Chen. Not even Wang Lingzhi could save his dad and the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart was useless, who could save him?

Jiang Chen felt somewhat pained as he saw Jingxian’s fiery gaze. However, he did not want to interact too much with her and he did not really blame her as he would’ve done the same for his own father. There’s no right or wrong, it’s just human nature.

“Sir, if you could save my father, I, Yu Jingxian, am willing to become your slave,” said Yu Jingxian as she kneeled down.

Jiang Chen immediately caught her, not allowing her to do so.

Jiang Chen turned towards Bai Yumo and said:

“I will do my best to save your father. Ask them to leave, I do not wish to let others know about this.” Jiang Chen said.

Bai Yumo was stunned.

However, she immediately understood why. First, Jiang Chen did not want to give too much hope to others and disappoint them once again, that would be too cruel. Next, it’s to prevent the information from leaking to other clans. It’s time to use this situation to their benefit, to see who’s the real threat towards the family, those who’re in hiding will surely show their true colours in hopes to attain power.

Yu Jingxian bit her lips, she could feel that this man was not interested with her even though she was extremely beautiful.

“All of you leave, only you three should know about this, otherwise… don’t blame me for doing anything drastic.” Bai Yumo said coldly.

The eldest still has some power over the family. The others quickly looked towards their dying father with bitterness and left the room.

“Sir, please speak without worry.” Bai Yumo said quietly.

She knew that Jiang Chen had something to say after following his husband to various battlefields as she became sharp in various situations.

“The Saint Doctor Wang Lingzhi had never planned to save your father.”


Bai Yumo shuddered as her expression changed drastically. She then gritted her teeth and said:

“Sir, is that true? Why did Wang Lingzhi do it? He has probably escaped by now.”

“He was eyeing the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart from the start, he did not care about your father’s life. He probably even hoped for him to die, by then, he can gain even more.” Jiang Chen said.

Bai Yumo was pretty shocked by Jiang Chen’s words. He chose to tell her this because she was sharp and knew how to look at the bigger picture. The Yu Clan would fall if there’s no one who could take control of the situation.

“Sir, please do tell.” Bai Yumo said respectfully.

“They are aiming at your Yu Clan. Wang Lingzhi is in cahoots with the Dongpo Clan. Your clan will be in utter chaos by internal strife after your father is dead. Then, the Dongpo Clan will take this opportunity to strike at your weakened clan and easily conquer it. The crucial part of this plan is Wang Lingzhi. The Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart that he used was a fake, he had stolen the real one away. He probably didn’t  know how to save your father.”

“Sir, do you mean that this is a scheme cooked up by Wang Linzhi and the Dongpo Clan?” Bai Yumo analysed the whole situation.

Looks like this is a great scheme and Wang Lingzhi plays a great role in this.

Jiang Chen then took out the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart and placed it in his palm. Bai Yumo was shocked.

“I will take this Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart as payment for curing your father.” Jiang Chen said confidently.

She did not have any complaint and she understood that this was the real Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart. She trusted him more as Jiang Chen was being honest and did not hold anything back.

Jiang Chen’s a benevolent man as he’s the reason why Baimo City is still standing. She’s extremely grateful to him.

“Do not tell anyone about this, for now. Then, perhaps there is still hope for your Yu Clan. The internal strife shall be solved once I cured your father. Whereas, how to face the external enemies… that would depend on your own abilities by then.”

Bai Yumo immediately kneeled down towards Jiang Chen. She knelt down for all the people of the Yu Clan, and also for her father.

She couldn’t express her gratitude towards Jiang Chen’s benevolence other than this, and she did not know how to repay it. She remembered her husband who would rather fight those demonic beasts on the battlefield rather than dying sick in his own bed.

“Leave for now. Your father is struck by the Soul Leaving Curse, he’s weakening not because of his organs failing on him. I will do my best.” Jiang Chen asked her to leave.

The others looked at her after she left the room. She was struck by a wave of emotions yet she was still calm on the outside, others may not be able to handle it that well. The Yu Clan might have been submerged by such a great scheme…

Jiang Chen looked at the unconscious Yu Huagan, sighed and shook his head. Not even ten Wang Lingzhis could do anything to save him.

“It all depends on you now, Myriad Qi Cauldron!”

Jiang Chen took out the Myriad Qi Cauldron, a small part of the myriad qi could recover half of Yu Huagan’s energy force and it’ll only take a while to restore him to full health. However, the Soul Leaving Curse could not be removed by this.

That small part of myriad qi could even make those Emperor Realm experts be jealous of it. However, it’s a pity that Jiang Chen has spent almost all of it previously. The base of the Myriad Qi Cauldron was not unlimited and Jiang Chen’s body was thoroughly refined by the Myriad Qi Cauldron and there’s not much left within it anymore.

“Great Yu Soul Forming Light! Devour it!”

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