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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2699

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“Foolish lad! You’re not even a Divine King yet you wanna fight me? Haha. The Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart is not something you can touch!” Wang Lingzhi said disdainfully towards Jiang Chen.

“Well then, let our fist do the talking.” Jiang Chen shrugged as he moved forward steadily.

“Boy, you’ve chosen the wrong opponent. I’ll kill you to vent my anger. Hmph”

Wang Lingzhi did not hold back as he clashed with Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen’s attack was like a storming rain. Wang Lingzhi’s expression instantly changed. He did not expect Jiang Chen to be so strong. Not even a Peak Early Divine King like him could withstand that barrage.

Jiang Chen was unparalleled and unstoppable. Wang Lingzhi could not withstand that mighty and unstoppable force, and he was forced to defend and retreat.

“Boy, how are you so strong?” Wang Lingzhi said nervously.

Jiang Chen then closed-in swiftly and overpowered Wang Lingzhi with absolute strength. The latter lost the dignity of a Divine King. This was his first time seeing and experiencing such a humiliation, a Half-Step Divine King overpowering a Divine King. Not even those famous and powerful sect disciples could do such a thing.

“Boy, who are you?!” Wang Lingzhi’s expression became pale after receiving several palm strikes from Jiang Chen.

His bones were on the verge of breaking, he couldn’t fight back and he would certainly die if this continued.

“I can give you the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart but please let me go. I have done nothing wrong to you. It shouldn’t be too hard, right?”

Wang Lingzhi knew there’s nothing to gain if he continued, and he may certainly die here. However, he’s also angry that all his schemes went down the drain, but the fella was overpowering him, thoroughly.

“Why should I trust you? Who can prove that you don’t have an ulterior motive?” Jiang Chen sneered.

Wang Lingzhi shivered.

“I… I am just following the request of the Dongpo Clan’s patriarch, to ensure that Yu Huagan will stay on his bed and have the Yu Clan fight amongst themselves. The Dongpo Clan will then strike during the crucial moment. Then, the Yu Clan will eventually fall. I’m just a chess piece in this plan, my only aim is the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart.” Wang Lingzhi threw all the responsibility to the Dongpo Clan, denying all of his own actions.

Jiang Chen then understood that this wasn’t just Wang Lingzhi’s plan to get the  Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart. The contest between the clans in this region was pretty intense, but he didn’t believe that Wang Lingzhi was just a pawn.

“I have no interest in the squabble between these two clans. Give me the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart, I’m rushing to go back to the Spirit Jade City.”  Jiang Chen said impatiently.

As if he’s not interested in the two clan’s battle, and let Wang Lingzhi’s guard down. There’s no point in Jiang Chen killing Wang Lingzhi. As a matter of fact, the Yu Clan would have a chance to turn everything around if he allowed Wang Lingzhi to go back to the Dongpo Clan.

Wang Lingzhi was shocked beyond words. However, he saw that Jiang Chen did not want to kill him and was indeed rushing to return to Spirit Jade City. He definitely looked like he was just passing by, and was not someone from the Yu Clan.

Wang Lingzhi breathed out a sigh of relief. Although it took him great effort to get the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart, and although it would be taken by Jiang Chen, he was still able to preserve his own life. Plus, he could still fall back to the Dongpo Clan, he just needed to be extra careful when dealing with them as it was like going down the den of cunning foxes.

Jiang Chen turned and left after he got his hands on the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart, without even looking back at Wang Lingzhi.

“God dangit. ARgh!! That bastard! I’ve made such an effort and prepared such plans, yet he’s the one who benefits from it, but I can only blame my misfortune!”

Wang Lingzhi was extremely sad, but compared to losing his own life, the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart was still a small price to pay.

Wang Lingzhi chuckled bitterly. Now, he could only return to the Dongpo Clan, as it was his final bet to become stronger.

Jiang Chen once again returned to the Yu Estate. Yu Jingxian was already bawling. Bai Yumo, Yu Jingfan and Yu Huafan’s expressions were of sorrow.

At this moment, the whole Yu Estate had become gloomy, Wangqing and Wangnian’s contest for power had finally begun.

The whole Yu Clan knew of this situation. Yu Huagan was on his death door. Although they tried their best to keep the info from leaking… they still  failed. Everyone within the clan was anxious as they started to stand on each of their respective sides.

Jiang Chen slightly shook his head as he watched Yu Huagan silently lying on the bed. He could probably live if the Soul Leaving Curse is lifted. But, he’ll become extremely weak and would require a long time to recover his strength. He’s not entirely without hope.

“Sir, my father is seriously ill, please do forgive me if there’s any negligence that was caused.” Bai Yumo looked at Jiang Chen and said quietly.

Since she’s the eldest of the family, the whole Yu Clan would be in utter chaos if she too were to become dysfunctional and started crying. Plus, she was always one to be level-headed and firm. She wouldn’t even bat an eye in a battlefield. She can only hide her sorrow deep within her heart.

“No matter, perhaps, your father can still be saved.” Jiang Chen said.

Bai Yumo instantly looked at Jiang Chen. She wouldn’t have listened if it wasn’t Jiang Chen. His strength and mysteriousness caused her to believe in him. This mysterious man was placed in such a high pedestal in her heart.

Yu Jingxian, Yu Jingfan and Yu Huafan looked at Jiang Chen in disbelief. Even their breathing became heavy. Hope was burning once again in their heart.

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