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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2697

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On the next day, the two brothers, Yu Wangnian and Yu Wangqing, planned to hold a great feast for Bai Yumo’s return. However, the latter sternly refused as she was worried about her father’s health. She could accept anything as long as her father could be cured.

Yu Wangnian and Yu Wangqing were severely impacted due to Bai Yumo’s return. As they couldn’t act unscrupulously as they did before. Although Bai Yumo had been married off and left for Bai Yu City. She was still the eldest and shall be regarded as the mother of the family when no parents are around. Her position was one that Wangnian and Wangqing were afraid of.

Bai Yumo did not reprimand them too heavily as their father’s health was their priority. As long as father can stand up and take control of the clan again, a person who has married off like me will not need to push around others in this family. Everyone is probably hoping for father to recover except for Wangqing and Wangnian.

The Saint Doctor Wang Lingzhi was a famous figure in the Northern Qilian Region. Plus he said that he could save their father if the Cloud Ancient Vine Heart was found.

Currently, in front of Yu Huagan’s bed, several people were standing. Yu Wangnian, Yu Wangqing, Yu Jingxian, Yu Jingfan, Bai Yumo and Saint Doctor Wang Lingzhi.

“I shall take a look at Brother Yu, and see how he is faring… oh right, is the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart prepared?” Wang Lingzhi asked.

“It’s prepared. I hope Senior Saint Doctor is able to save my father. This little one is willing to work for you forever.” Yu Jingxian said while gritting her teeth as she handed over the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart to Wang Lingzhi.

Wang Lingzhi took in a deep breath and his expression became solemn and his heart was hit by a wave of emotion. The Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart, that could stir countless men. Its life energy was apparent. Especially towards people like him who has been practising the art of medicine for so long.

“Good! Good! This is it! Although I have never actually seen it before, I’ve read it in an ancient text, this is the true Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart!”

Wang Lingzhi’s arms were somewhat shaking when he received the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart. He was at the Peak of Early Divine King Realm, he could easily reach the Late Divine King Realm with this treasure. Moreover, as the Saint Doctor, he could definitely exert the maximum effect of the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart.

Wang Lingzhi licked his dried lips, his eyes were filled with envy but his expression was unfazed.

“With this Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart… your esteemed father will certainly be cured! However, there is a chance that it may fail, I have to be honest… I can’t do anything if there’s any mishaps or accidents. There is no certainty in these situations. I will only do my very best to save the patient, everything else will depend on his own luck.” Wang Lingzhi said with a solemn expression.

“Rest assured. Senior Saint Doctor, us Yu Clan will not simply cause trouble to others. It’s probably fate if anything bad happens. We’re willing to trust you.” Yu Wangqing said.

Although he looked like he was being courteous, deep within his heart, he hoped that Wang Lingzhi would make a mistake and cause his father to die. Then, the stage will finally be opened for him to perform. Without his father being dead, he couldn’t ascend the throne…

“Yeah. Senior Saint Doctor, please try your best, no matter the result, our Yu Clan will not complain.”

Yu Wangnian and Yu Wangqing had never been that cooperative for so long. These brothers have been fighting for power and authority for so long just to become the head of the Yu Clan.

Bai Yumo frowned. The words these two fellas used were definitely disturbing… as if they want father to fall into eternal slumber… She was definitely pissed but she could only wait and observe, putting her hope upon Wang Lingzhi.

“Very well then, this one shall commence the operation, please, leave this room.” Wang Lingzhi said.

Everyone followed Wang Lingzhi’s instructions and left the room. They anxiously waited outside the room.

“Do you think the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart could save father?” Yu Wangnian asked quietly.

“It should be alright since we’re talking about the Saint Doctor over here. He’s pretty famous around this area.” Yu Jingfan said as he prayed that his father would  awaken soon.

Then, their little sister’s effort on bringing back the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart would not be wasted.

“Father will be alright.” Yu Jingxian clenched her teeth and said, hoping, praying that their father will wake up.

Bai Yumo hugged this little sister tight within her arms with tears around her eyes. Nobody wanted to speak another word as they silently waited.

Jiang Chen stood at the corner while sensing the aura of the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart. He almost wanted to rob it and run away in a single instance and nobody could catch him. But the Yu Clan would certainly fall into a state of disarray. He couldn’t bear to see Yu Jingxian fall as well. Plus, he could possibly save her father, because the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart was not the only way.

However, Jiang Chen was prepared, he would not wait any longer if Wang Lingzhi put the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart into Yu Huagan’s body.

Jiang Chen caught a glimpse of Wang Lingzhi’s cunning eyes. His soul energy had covered the whole of Yu Estate and Wang Lingzhi’s actions were well within his senses.

“Hehe, you’ll have to depend on your luck now Brother Yu. This fake Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart is made from a third-grade revitalising pill. Please, do endure a little… Your energy is all dried up and your soul energy is like a flickering candle. You’re like a living dead. I’ll use your dying body to obtain this Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart, it’s pretty reasonable right?”

Wang Lingzhi turned his palm and a third-grade replenishing pill that was like the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart appeared on his palm, attempting to swap it to the original.

Although the pill’s effect couldn’t be compared against the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart, it was still an Immortal Grade pill, the life energy it had was vast too. However, it was useless to use it on Yu Huagan even if all those life energies were spent.

“Hmph, there really IS a scheme in play here.” Jiang Chen thought as he clearly saw what Wang Lingzhi had done.

Wang Lingzhi purposely poured a great amount of divine origin energy into Yu Huagan’s body, causing the patient’s body to be extremely weakened. His lips curved up as he hid the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart.

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