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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2696

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Yu Jingfan became serious, he felt that he got hit. The moment the Soul Leaving Curse was planted, he felt that the world was turning and twisting around, his mental capabilities went down the drain.

The remaining six Heavenly God experts died and he too was in great danger. Yu Jingfan felt regret as he didn’t even know what or who his opponents were. What was inside this mine pit?


At this moment, Jiang Chen was forced to act. He unleashed his powerful, destructive soul energy and forced the Soul Leaving Curse out of Yu Jingfan’s body. A purple light flew out from his head and was swallowed by the tiger-shaped demonic beast. The beast growled, displaying its anger but Jiang Chen had already put Yu Jingfan beside him.

Yu Jingfan’s expression changed. Everything was drained from his body but luckily the damage wasn’t that great. Fortunately, the Soul Leaving Curse has not spread within his body, otherwise, not even Jiang Chen could push it out from his body that easily.

Yu Jingfan was sweating profusely as there wasn’t an ounce of energy left within him. He forced himself to stay awake with sheer willpower as he watched Jiang Chen’s back.

“Many… many thanks to your assistance, friend.”

“What the hell is this?”  Jiang Chen asked quietly.

Jiang Chen and the tiger-shaped demonic beast stared at each other. The latter could feel the strength of the former’s soul and became extremely vigilant.

“No idea. This fella came from the lower levels of our clan’s mine. I do not have the strength to overpower it, it’s probably at the Divine King Realm.” Yu Jingfan said while gasping for breath.

“Something that came out from the mine pit?” Jiang Chen frowned.

Is there something else inside this mine?


At this moment, the tiger-shaped demonic beast lost its patience and rushed towards Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen clashed with the demonic beast with his bare fists. His body could even take on a Heavenly Divine Tool without suffering any injury, he could even take on a strike from an Origin Divine Tool with the help of the Dragon Transformation Art and Heavenly Dragon Battle Armour. His pure physical strength was much more powerful than your average Divine King realm expert. He and the beast were caught in a terrifying melee. Yu Jingfan’s expression changed, disbelief, shock. He’s so strong?!

The tiger-shaped demonic beast’s attack could easily shatter a mountain. He dared not to take it head-on. However, Jiang Chen could go toe-to-toe against it, even overpowering it. The sound of bones cracking could be heard from the tiger-shaped demonic beast’s body, it was clear and crisp. Jiang Chen had overpowered the beast with his pure fist alone.

The tiger-shaped demonic beast looked ferocious but when it came to Jiang Chen, it’s just your average small fry. Its bones couldn’t withstand Jiang Chen’s pounding and were shattered into pieces. However, it still pounced towards Jiang Chen without pausing, the reddish glow within its eyes glimmered, it looked like it did not fear death.

“A puppet-like being, it only has a shattered soul. You must be a Hierarch when you’re alive. Now you’re just a broken being without control, what do I need to be afraid of?” Jiang Chen sneered.

Although its body was in tatters it still continued to pounce upon its enemy, disregarding the threat of death.


Jiang Chen crossed his arms and grabbed the tiger-shaped demonic beast’s body. He then proceeded to tear the beast apart, separating its skin, showing its bloodless and meatless body with shattered bones.

Yu Jingfan was stunned by this scene. This youngster… wow… to tear the tiger-shaped demonic beast with his bare hands. He could only evade and hide and try to survive under the onslaught of the beast yet this youngster was able to kill it with his bare hands, a true warrior.

“Sir, you are truly godly!” Yu Jingfan said sincerely.

The trouble of this tiger-shaped demonic beast was finally over. Dragon Gate Ridge’s peace is restored.

“No trouble at all.” Jiang Chen shook his head and replied.

Yu Jingfan didn’t know who he was and he did not plan to reveal himself.

“Why did sir suddenly come to this place?”

Although Jiang Chen saved Yu Jingfan, this was his clan’s dragon vein. The Divine Origin Stone mine was all in this place. Yu Jingfan had to be wary.

“I came with Bai Yumo and am currently temporarily residing in the Yu Estate. I quickly came here when I saw something was amiss through the stars.” Jiang Chen said indifferently.

“What? Eldest Sister is back? Hahaha, that’s great! She’s finally back, it’s been hundreds of years.” Yu Jingfan’s eyes were excited and happy.

“I thank Sir’s benevolence. Since you’re the friend of my Eldest Sister, then, you’re naturally our Yu Clan’s VIP guest. I am Yu Jingfan, I am truly grateful for your help.”

Yu Jingfan was happy and excited after hearing that Bai Yumo has returned.

“I’ll lead you back to the Yu Estate.” Jiang Chen said.

Yu Jingfan was extremely weakened. With all his energy drained, it would be tough for him to return home. Everyone scattered from the mine. The ten Heavenly God experts who got killed was a great loss for the Yu Clan. The clan only had around one hundred Heavenly God experts, to lose 10 percent of their manpower in a single expedition. Yu Jingfan felt disheartened by this.

“Thank you, sir.” Yu Jingfan smiled awkwardly and nodded.

The instant Jiang Chen and Yu Jingfan were about to leave. Jiang Chen suddenly looked back at the deep mine, he felt a terrifying tremor. Looks like this tiger-shaped demonic beast is not the only thing in there…

Jiang Chen did not believe it. Because the Soul Leaving Curse that was placed upon the Patriarch Yu Huagan’s body.

In that deep and dark mine, Jiang Chen saw tens… hundreds… thousands… of tiger-shaped demonic beasts…

Yu Jingfan’s heart skipped a beat.

Yu Jingfan and the others would probably be frightened if I told them. Jiang Chen was intrigued by this mine pit, what’s down there? He’ll surely come back to explore it!

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