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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2694

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“Little Xian!”

Bai Yumo exclaimed in a low voice.

Yu Jingxian’s whole body was trembling violently and her face turned gloomy. The moment that she turned, she could hardly believe her eyes. The person who stood in front of her was her elder sister, Yumo. Since she was married to Bai Mo City’s Bai Family, she changed her name to Bai Yumo.

“My elder sister, is this really you?”

Yu Jingxian sounded shaky. Grievance and sorrowfulness poured out from her heart instantly. She burst into tears upon seeing the familiar face.

“It has been a hundred years since we last met, you look totally different now Little Xian.”

Bai Yumo spread her arms out and Yu Jingxian buried herself in her sister’s arms instantly. The deep affection between the sisters was indescribable. Bai Yumo had noticed that Yu Jingxian looked extremely lean and pale at the moment. Her eyes were filled with anxiety and mixed emotions, resentment and suffering.

The two sisters cried and exchanged a hug. Even Bai Yumo had little control over her emotions.

“How is father’s condition now?”

Bai Yumo was extremely worried and looked at her father who laid on the bed. He was unconscious and exceedingly weak but he was still breathing.

“Our father has suffered for more than hundreds of years, lying on the bed all the time. Third and fifth eldest brother and I obtained the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart in the Tian Qi Mountain Range as Genius Saint Doctor Wang Lingzhi told us that our father will survive the illness if we could get it. It is urgent to change our father’s heart with the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart. Our father was fading away at the moment.”

Yu Jingxian said with a gloomy face.

“Does it really work, the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart?” Bai Yumo asked.

“The Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart grows from the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine, only one can be obtained in thousands of years. It has a very great vitality so I guess it’ll work.” Yu Jingxian said.

“So the ceremony in front of the city’s gate today was to welcome Wang Lingzhi?”

Bai Yumo went on.

“That’s right.”

“Why didn’t he come and treat our father?”

Bai Yumo knitted her brows.

“The eldest and second eldest brother insisted on preparing him a welcome dinner. So Wang Lingzhi could only treat our father tomorrow after taking a bath.”

“Turning their back upon their father, the unnecessary formalities and ceremonies are really troublesome. Both of them are getting useless now, they got me so pissed off.”

Bai Yumo clenched her teeth but she was helpless to change the situation. Since she was married, she was not considered as a family member anymore. But their father was critically ill, it was their responsibility to keep the order and settle the family’s affairs as the elders. Even though she knew that they acted improperly, she could not make any comment about it.

“The personalities of both the eldest and second eldest brother have changed a lot. Since the day our father came down with illness, they have been struggling for authority and power. And they even expect the death of our father so that they can hold the family in their hand and become the master of the family.”

Yu Jingxian’s eyes were brimming with tears. She could only reveal her weakness in front of her sister and she could only tell this to her sister. If someone heard this, they would probably criticize her for the improper behavior and disrespect to the elders.

“Are you sure about this?”

Bai Yumo was full of rage. It seemed like the ancient glory of Yu Family no longer existed, the harmony and peace was merely a false image.

“How dare I lie to you? And they are my elder brothers, why should I hurt them with this kind of malicious slander?

Bai Yumo realized the resentment in Yu Jingxian’s eyes. There must be a reason why she chose to speak out for this.

“Third brother used to be the most composed one, where did he go?”

“Third eldest brother was sent to Dragon Gate Ridge recently. Something strange happened in the mine so he was assigned to have a thorough investigation into the event. This is also the demand of the elders as they are afraid that the third eldest brother will argue over this. Besides, most of the elders are taking orders from the eldest and second eldest brother at the moment. Thus, there is nothing the third eldest brother can rely on, but he doesn’t care about it. That is why he is blackballed by the elders.”

Although Yu Jingxian said nothing about it previously, she knew that well.

“Oh, for crying out loud! Since I am back, I will never allow our family to stay in a state of disarray. Besides, our father is still alive.”

Bai Yumo got up suddenly, looking cold and awe-inspiring. Since she was married to the Bai Family, she had been overcoming all sorts of obstacles and experienced different hardships. And she would never be affected or be constrained by the world’s opinion. She’s tough, and courageous characters were trained in the battlefield. The blood and battle had strengthened her mind and filled her with the overberance and dignity as a warrior.

“You just stay here and look after our father. I will go and meet the black sheeps of the family. Let’s find out how they treat our father.”

Bai Yumo turned away, looking cold and gloomy.

The moons shone brightly and the moonlight was wonderful.

Jiang Chen was standing in the courtyard. He could feel Yu Jingxian’s grievances, sorrows and anxiety. He felt bitter and uncomfortable. Even though she betrayed him and left with the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart, he could not forget about her. But it was hard for him to pretend and act like nothing happened.

It sounded unreasonable to call this love but he was like a dumb man eating bitter herbs, he had to suffer in silence. He could not bear to see her suffer the pain. All of her actions and smiles remained in Jiang Chen’s heart, he just could not get her out of his mind. Perhaps it was so-called an ill-fated relationship. It was full of love and hate, regrets and farewell.

The reason Jiang Chen changed his appearance was to hide himself from Yu Jingxian. Otherwise, this would land both of them in great difficulties and awkward situations. It would make her feel lonely, helpless and ashamed.

Jiang Chen narrowed his eyes and swept over Yu Family with his Divine Soul. When he saw Yu Jiangxian’s father, Yu Huaqian, he was forced to stop by a formidable strength of soul.

Jiang Chen took three steps back until he was able to stand steadily. There was a shade of solemn aura between his eyebrows.

“It’s such a terrifying strength of soul. I guess someone casted the Soul Leaving Curse on him and I can feel that his soul is nearly exhausted.”

Jiang Chen thought. Yu Jingxian was walking out from her father’s room at the moment, and was startled after hearing Jiang Chen’s footsteps just now.

“Who is there?”

Yu Jingxian fixed his glance on Jiang Chen. Her eyes were glimmering with light, feeling strange.

“I just followed your eldest sister, Bai Yumo here.”

Jiang Chen stared at Yu Jingxian. At the moment, Jiang Chen didn’t hold a grudge against her. Although she left him in the past, he did not blame her for doing that. Now, he had finally found out the reason why she wished to get the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart desperately. She was just trying to save her father.

Jiang Chen wished to hate her but he failed to do so. The reason that she felt miserable and sorrowful was because of the entanglement in her heart. Jiang Chen knew it well but he was unwilling to mention it. It would be better to act like a stranger as it made him feel at ease.

Yu Jingxian chose not to compromise in front of the person she loved. Hence, she pushed the man she loved into the gulf of darkness at that time, she had vowed to save her father after all. They were not connected with each other but she spent her day with conflicting emotions and guilt.

“You look like one of my friends.”

Yu Jingxian was stunned for a while and said in a low voice.

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