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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2691

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“I didn’t realize that you’re here. I was scared.”

The beast that looked like a wolf said in a low voice, looking extremely terrified. More than hundreds of thousands of citizens were absolutely dumbfounded. When Fire Qilin stepped on the void, the wolf-shaped beast immediately surrendered and bowed down before him. The beast dared not to move as it was afraid of defending the Fire Qilin.

“Another beast? We’re really going to die?”

“It seems like this beast has nothing against us.”

“Yes, look at that guy. It’s just unbelievable to see that a hundred feet tall beast is bowing to that flaming red beast and submitted.”

“Does a good beast really exist?”

Countless people were tip toeing; their hearts were filled with nervousness. A simple roar of Fire Qilin could kill thousands of them. An ordinary human like them would never be able to resist a level of destruction as fatal and devastating even to the world. Since the City Lord already perished while protecting them, his wife was left struggling to hold this out. This made the citizens in Bai Mo City cry their eyes out. They were at their death’s door at the moment.

“You killed countless innocent citizens. It is an appalling and unforgivable sin. Is it your true aim of cultivating?”

Fire Qilin fixed his glance at the wolf-shaped beast and said with a ferocious roar. The beast knelt and bowed continuously.

“Please spare my life, I was just carried away by the victory. Please forgive me.”

“Are you telling me to spare your life? How about the thousands of innocent citizens who died, did you let them off? Today, I am going to carry out God’s will and eliminate this devil here.”

Fire Qilin howled furiously while the beast trembled in fear.

“Sir, you made me do this. I will never surrender even if my neck is on the chopping block.”

The wolf-shaped beast clenched its teeth and soared up into the sky. It intended to have a life and death battle with Fire Qilin.

“You’re digging your own grave.”

Fire Qilin sneered and breathed fire. The whole body of the wolf-shaped beast was burned up in just a blink of an eye. The beast’s face was contorted in pain as it trembled violently. Fire Qilin snatched the hundred feet body with both of his claws and threw it out of the city and landed on a mountain a thousands miles away.

“You should die now.”

Fire Qilin took out the heart of the wolf-shaped beast with its claw and killed it instantly.

Jiang Chen then rode on the Fire Qilin and entered the city. Thousands of citizens bowed down before him while shouting Fire Qilin’s name loudly. Everyone shed tears of gratitude, overwhelmed and excited. They thought they would die and never expected to get help from a great master and rescue them.

There was a lady who was encased in armor She stepped forward and got down on one knee. Her hand, which was holding a sword, was shaking violently, her eyes looked sincere and true.

“Thank you for saving our city’s citizens. I am the City Lord’s wife, Bai Yumo. I would like to express my gratitude in the name of all of my citizens.”

“Please get up, it was nothing exemplary. You don’ t have to bow to me, Mrs. City Lord.”

Jiang Chen fixed his glance at the charming Mrs. City Lord. She looked kind of familiar to him.

Bai Yumo took a glance at the Fire Qilin beside Jiang Chen. She could still recognize this saint and robust Qilin Divine Beast. Without absolute power and talent, it was absolutely impossible to make this kind of divine beast submit to him. As this divine beast had a haughty temper, it showed that Jiang Chen was not an ordinary person since he could make the Fire Qilin stay still by his side silently.

Jiang Chen’s face contorted at the moment as he was approaching the Bai Yu City, which was near to the border area of the Qilian Boundary. He did not wish to meet Yu Jingxian at the moment.

“I will never forget your great kindness, our life savior. Our Bai Mo City will definitely build a statue of yours and make it a place of pilgrimage.”

In a dignified voice, Bai Yumo said.

“It’s a pity. Countless innocent people went through such great suffering but they have to overcome mountains of difficulties in rebuilding their homes. It is a wretched life for you, Mrs. City Lord.”

Jiang Chen said.

“My husband protected the city and fought to the death for countless of his citizens. It is a worthy death, I ask no more than that as his wife.”

Bai Yumo’s words sounded majestic and sonorous, she was not talking nonsense. Her strong determination and decision said it all. Otherwise, Jiang Chen would not show great respect to her.

“I am truly impressed with Mrs. City Lord’s righteousness and kindness. I hope that you’ve already calmed down. I have something urgent to deal with and I am heading to the Northeast of Qilian Boundary. Sorry to tell you that I have to go now.”

There was a glimmer of light in Bai Yumo’s eyes.

“Are you heading to the Liaobei Three City?”

“How do you know that?”

Jiang Chen seemed startled.

“The border area of the Qilian Boundary… where the land is vast but also barren. In that place are three main cities formed by three competing families, Feng Family, Yu Family and Dongbo Family. This is just my guess, but since you are moving all the way to the north, your destination is probably one of the cities where my parents live. It is in Yu family. However, I have never gone home for more than hundreds of years. Even when I realized that my father was seriously ill, I haven’t gone home as I am totally tied up with all of these. There are beasts running wild through the hundred thousands of mountains in the western of Bai Mo City. So I dared not treat this easily and I also don’t have time to go home.”

Bai Yumo heaved a deep sigh. She had been thinking about her parents but she had no chance to go home.

“Do you mean Yu Family in the Bai Yu City?”

Jiang Chen was slightly stunned. That was why she looked familiar to him, this woman even had a degree of resemblance to Yu Jingxian.

“The beasts are running wild and acting recklessly. The thousands of citizens will be faced with danger if there is no one who can guard the city.”

Bai Yumo looked dignified and awe-inspiring. Women are never inferior to men, this was what we called a heroine.

Jiang Chen remained silent for a while and went on.

“Alright. I can help you. I’ll cast a formation that no one could break through easily except those who are in the Late Divine King realm. Once the formation is established, I can guarantee that the beasts will not be able to run wild anymore.”

Bai Yumo’s eyes were full of astonishment.

“Master, do you even know how to cast a formation?”

“I know a thing or two about it. But I will need a great amount of High Grade Divine Origin Stones to do so.”

Jiang Chen nodded.

“Well. We promise to scrape together enough Divine Origin Stones for you even if I drained all the energy of the city lord palace.”

Bai Yumo could hardly contain her excitement. If Jiang Chen could ensure the city’s safety and protect the citizens from danger by casting a formation, the problem would be solved once and for all. The Bai Mo City would be harmonious and peaceful afterwards.

Jiang Chen stayed for one day to cast a formation in the city. Even though the formation was incomparable with the Profound Wind Sect’s Great Sect Guardian Formation, it was still exceedingly terrifying and irresistible. At least, he could assure that those beasts and monsters would not be able to ravage through the city anymore.

After Jiang Chen completed the formation, the citizens of the city were moved and they uttered words of gratitude to Jiang Chen for his help. Bai Yumo even bowed before Jiang Chen and a white-clothed energetic young guy also went down on his knee behind her.

“You don’t have to bow to me, Mrs. City Lord.”

Jiang Chen shook his head. The only reason that Jiang Chen lent a hand to her was to show his great admiration and respect for her as he was not a person who used to interfere in other people’s business.

“This is my son, Bai Zhe. I am truly overwhelmed and grateful with what you did for our city. We will never forget your kindness. Bai Zhe, you will be the master of this city. You will be in charge of protecting and guarding the entire city’s safety from now on. Be thankful and appreciate your life savior’s help.

Bai Yumo said in a low voice.

“Thank you for your kindness, our life savior. I will never forget this.”

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