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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2683

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Xuanyuan Minyi looked calm and relaxed. There was a huge difference between his strength and Jiang Chen’s after all. Even though Xuanyuan Jie was already defeated, Xuanyuan Minyi was still confident in himself. Although Xuanyuan Jie was strong, he still lost against Jiang Chen. Most importantly, he lost the broken Xuanyuan Sword. Jiang Chen had also noticed that the sword was extraordinary and did not have any intention to give it back to him.

The two of them were known as the River Styx Heroic Duo back in those days and they were neck and neck in strength. Unfortunately, they had split up and went their separate ways after scrambling for the broken Xuanyuan Sword. Their master told Xuanyuan Minyi not to compete for the broken Xuanyuan Sword any more. Therefore, Xuanyuan Minyi decided to back out of the battle in Linhe Boundary.

At the moment, Xuanyuan Minyi had no reason to remain silent as the broken Xuanyuan Sword was originally a priceless treasure which represented their sect. It originated from the Xuanyuan Family in the Central Region Divine Land. Tai Zu stole the broken part of the sword from back then, and then started a sect and set up parties in this desolate place. Unfortunately, it was split up eventually. The Forgotten Sword Tomb and Clear Stream Sect used to have a lineal descent but split up after experiencing a series of ups and downs. But apparently, Xuanyuan Minyi did not seem to treat the Clear Stream Sect as his lineal descent’s sect. The one he pursued was the broken Xuanyuan Sword, what the Forgotten Sword Tomb had been protecting through the ages.

“I wish all of you would die. That will be the best result for me. Humph.”

Xuanyuan Jie said and smiled coldly. The brotherhood did not exist anymore but the broken Xuanyuan Sword still existed.

“Kid, it seems like I shouldn’t treat you so easily since Xuanyuan Jie has lost to you. Look.”

Xuanyuan Minyi snorted and struck out instantly with lightning speed. He attacked continuously and each strike was fatal. He intended to burn the bridge behind Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen looked serious and dared not to treat his opponent lightly. In terms of strength, he was utterly at a disadvantage. He could only move slowly and step back promptly. However, he was just looking for a chance to send out a deadly blow to kill his opponent.

“The water of River Styx, transforming into a sword and travelling to the west!”

Xuanyuan Minyi pointed his hands at Jiang Chen. A terrifying ice sword swept over the sky and stuck out ferociously, growing bigger and bigger. The sword was now thousands of feet high and its edge was pointing at Jiang Chen directly.

Jiang Chen kept on retreating, still looking serious. Those people around him were all trying to escape from the continuous attacks but countless of them were killed gradually. Eventually, the thousands of disciples were all killed.

“Five Elements Combat Dragon Seal!”

Jiang Chen struck out a blow, clashing with Xuanyuan Minyi’s River Styx Ice Sword. Unsurprisingly, Jiang Chen was forced to step backward. He could truly feel the strength of Xuanyuan Minyi at this moment.

“He is such a strong opponent, he is only a step away from reaching the Half-step Hierarch Realm. It seems like he is not an ordinary person.”

Jiang Chen thought in his mind. The power of the seal would have been able to devastate a Mid Divine King expert. However, Xuanyuan Minyi was still able to remain calm and unmoved.

“You are no match for me.”

Xuanyuan Minyi was full of confidence. He took a glance at Jiang Chen, revealing an expression as though his win  was already in the bag.

“No one knew who would come out on top until the last moment.”

Jiang Chen took a few steps backward and the Heavenly Dragon Sword swept over the sky, sending out an attack that  was not inferior to Xuanyuan Minyi’s. The soul of the Heavenly Dragon Sword returned and its seal was destroyed. The edge of the sword was sharp and it now had a higher chance of winning.

Xuanyuan Minyi looked dignified. Jiang Chen had finally made him feel slightly impressed.

“Not bad.”

Xuanyuan Minyi snorted and turned the ice sword in his hands. There was a thousand feet thick ice falling from the sky, not letting  Jiang Chen have a breathing space. No one knew how much the thousand feet thick ice and Sword of River Styx weighed. However, Jiang Chen tried to bear the strike with his strong determination. Even though the ground under his feet caved in, his face still remained calm and unmoved.

“The Sword of River Styx is unbearable, isn’t it?

Jiang Chen’s Heavenly Dragon Sword failed to smash the Sword of River Styx, and was completely oppressed by it. At this moment, Jiang Chen’s face turned solemn. It was true that Xuanyuan Minyi was slightly stronger than Xuanyuan Jie.

“Xuanyuan Minyi, I never thought you are stronger than me.”

Xuanyuan Jie said through gritted teeth. Although he was unwilling to admit it, Jiang Chen was utterly constrained by the Sword of River Styx at the moment, there was no chance for him to make a turnaround.

“Heavenly Dragon Sword, soul of dragon leaving the body!”

Jiang Chen roared furiously. The dragon soul of the Heavenly Dragon Sword pierced through the heavens, the three thousand miles of glacier was shattered and the Sword of River Styx was torn apart.

The Dragon soul of the Heavenly Dragon Sword revealed its mightiness completely. Xuanyuan Minyi was startled.

“Let’s see what is left in your bag this time.”

Jiang Chen gave a hasty glance at the sky, raised his sword and rushed towards Xuanyuan Minyi. Since the Sword of River Styx was already destroyed by his strike, he was bound to defeat Minyi.

“Do you really think that my Sword of River Styx will be broken so easily like this? Nothing could break my sword, even the Xuanyuan Sword.”

After Xuanyuan Minyi finished his words, he put his palms together. The pieces of the Sword of River Styx reassembled once again, which was completely no different to the previous one. The Sword of River Styx struck out once again ferociously. Jiang Chen’s face turned ghastly white for the first time.

“Perfectly reassembling the sword without a trace of the damage. This guy is not ordinary.”

Jiang Chen stepped back constantly. While the Sword of River Styx which was a thousand feet high devastated the sky furiously. Everyone from the Clear Stream Sect looked astonished. At this moment, most of them could hardly breathe after witnessing the mightiness of the sword.

Xuanyuan Minyi looked at the sky and ignored Jiang Chen. The Sword of River Styx devastated the mountains and forests continuously, which aroused a storm in Clear Stream Sect. Even without Jiang Chen, the Clear Stream Sect would be eliminated soon.

“Three Thousand Flames Dragon Seal!”

Jiang Chen launched the Five Elemental Trigram Fire Formation and stuck out the Three Thousand Flames Dragon Seal. At this moment, the Sword of River Styx and the Three Thousand Flames Dragon Seal collided against each other. Three Thousand Flames Dragon Seal reassembled with the Fire Elemental Trigram Fire. Jiang Chen casted a dragon-shaped art technique, soared into the sky and competed against the Sword of River Styx .

“Isn’t it the Fire Elemental Trigram Fire? How is it possible for him to control the Fire Elemental Trigram Fire at once? You’re truly impressive.”

Xuanyuan Minyi said under his breath. Although the Three Thousand Flames Dragon Seal that formed by the The Fire Elemental Trigram Fire could resist the Sword of River Styx, both of them could do nothing to constrain each other.

“Even though the Fire Elemental Trigram Fire is formidable, there is nothing that could melt my Sword of River Styx in the world. You will never understand how strong my sword is. The water from the River Styx is a kind of arctic water. Is there anyone who could break it? Hahaha.”

Xuanyuan Minyi said with disdain and ignored Jiang Chen.

But Jiang Chen was at ease and said calmly.

“Even though the Fire Elemental Trigram Fire can’t melt your Sword of River Styx, your Sword of River Styx will never be able to approach me.”

Jiang Chen said confidently. He could kill Xuanyuan Minyi without a doubt if they competed in terms of endurance.

Xuanyuan Minyi narrowed his eyes slightly as what Jiang Chen said true.

“Do you really think that nothing in this world could melt your Sword of River Styx? Haha. It is just ridiculous. Even my Karmic Fire of the Red Lotus?”

Red Lotus, who was dressed in red, leapt up to the sky. Her shadow was like a gorgeous girl in heaven, looking graceful and cool. There was no expression on her face, but a blaze of flame between her eyebrow which made everyone feel frightened.

“Red……Karmic Fire of the Red Lotus?”

Xuanyuan Minyi staggered back and looked ghastly pale.

“Does it really exist?”

Xuanyuan Minyi was full of doubt and wonder. Red Lotus reached out and the Sword of River Styx that used to be terrifying turned into raindrops in the twinkling of an eye. It fell on the ground, washing out the dust just like the rainfall. Xuanyuan Minyi was completely stunned at this moment.

“It’s the real Karmic Fire of the Red Lotus. The most terrifying flame in the world!”

Xuanyuan Minyi murmured. He had never thought that the Karmic Fire of the Red Lotus truly existed in Linhe Boundary. He thought it was just a rumour, however, it was true as he witnessed how the flame melted his Sword of River Styx just now. It was the sword that he felt proud of the most. The invincible and invisible water turned nothing in front of the Karmic Fire of the Red Lotus.

“It seems like you’re way stronger.”

Jiang Chen took a glance at Red Lotus and gave her a thumbs up.

“Don’t get me wrong, I am not doing this for you. I am just annoyed to see him keep on blowing his own trumpet.”

Red Lotus said lightly and disappeared immediately without a trace. She returned to the Myriad Qi Cauldron once again.

Disappearing without leaving any trace. Even Jiang Chen felt impressed, not to mention Xuanyuan Minyi. What an awesome life. It was unnecessary to explain more about it, they were referring to Red Lotus’s life.

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