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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2682

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“Forging ahead, the place where the sword pointed!”

The Heavenly Dragon Sword leapt up in the sky once again and collided with the broken Xuanyuan Sword. At the moment, the radiance that was shedding brightly lit up the entire world. Countless people gave a hasty glance at the sky. It was considered as the most astonishing and unprecedented battle in the Clear Stream Sect .

Above the Heavenly Dragon Sword, there were souls of dragons howling ferociously and deafeningly. Jiang Chen fused the Ancient Soaring Dragon Technique with the Heavenly Dragon Sword which made him fight like a duck in water. The Heavenly Dragon Sword was like a butterfly which was about to break out of the cocoon. Its outer layers were peeling off, slowly showing the most perfect side. The seal by the Craftsman God was utterly broken at the moment. The Heavenly Dragon Sword was shedding its original radiance, and was now blazing brightly through the heaven.


The soul of the Heavenly Dragon Sword looked like a dragon that was soaring up in the sky from the sea and piercing through heaven. Meanwhile, the broken Xuanyuan Sword was just a broken sword without any soul. Therefore, the strong blow of Jiang Chen’s sword’s soul had engulfed Xuanyuan Jie instantly. Xuanyuan Jie’s splendour literally disappeared, he had fallen on the ground, utterly defeated.

Xuanyuan Jie roared ragingly in the void. He then spurt out a mouthful of blood and he looked ghastly white. He fell from the altars and got down on one knee, he completely lost his strength to fight.

Jiang Chen was holding the broken Xuanyuan Sword, his whole body gave out a kind of terrifying Divine Dragon’s aura at the same time. The Heavenly Dragon Sword and the broken Xuanyuan Sword were trembling violently but they were not afraid of each other.

Xuanyuan Jie was badly defeated. Most importantly, the Heavenly Dragon Sword had broken through the seal at a critical time and showed the mightiness of its soul perfectly. Although the broken Xuanyuan Sword was formidable, it could not make any difference.

“The younger generation excels the older generation. The talented youths are born every year but none of them is able to make any far-reaching influence. I lose……”

Xuanyuan Jie smiled bitterly. He was hurt by Jiang Chen’s sword soul and he was on his last legs.

“Thanks for giving me the sword as a gift. But I will still eliminate the Clear Stream Sect!”

“What do you mean giving you the sword? Haha. I don’t think that you could take it easily.”

Xuanyuan Jie shook his head and smiled with a blazing glance. He raised his head and looked at the eastern sky. There was a terribly tremendous sword’s shadow which travelled from thousands of miles away.

Jiang Chen’s eyes constricted. He could feel the sword’s aura as it approached him. Even though it was still a thousand miles away, the overbearing aura made him draw a few steps backward.

“It is such a dreadful sword aura.”

Jiang Chen said under his breath. There was a thousand feet tall silhouette of the sword towering in the void. The radiance on the sword’s edges looked real and unreal at the same time. An elder, dressed dark greenish long robes, was standing with folded hands. It brought a kind of oppression to the entire Clear Stream Sect.

“Finally, you’re here.”

Xuanyuan Jie said lightly and looked at the elder dressed in dark-green long robes with a dissatisfied glance.

“I don’t mind if you die. But you can’t lose the sword.”

The elder said coldly.

“Kid, just give me the broken sword and I will consider sparing your life.”

“What if I don’t? I like this broken sword and it is my bounty. Why should I give it back to you?”

Jiang Chen said with a cold smile. This guy was not an ordinary person, Jiang Chen could feel that this guy would be a tough opponent. However, he would never lose anything in his hand.

“You’re young and talented. But if you still refuse to do so, I am afraid I am going to strike now. Haha.”

The elder’s face lit up with a smile.

“Xuanyuan Minyi. I will see who is able to gain the upper hand. Haha.”

Xuanyuan Jie burst into laughter and looked at Jiang Chen. His face was contorted with hate.

“Xuanyuan Minyi? Isn’t he Xuanyuan Jie’s elder brother? River Styx Heroic Duo, he is one of them.”

Li Xie said in a deep voice, looking solemn.

“Great. Xuanyuan Jie is later known as Old Ancestor River Styx. When he was at his peak, he used to have a brother called Xuanyuan Minyi, the older one in the River Styx Heroic Duo. I didn’t expect that he is still alive.”

Dan Feng could not help but nod his head. This was considered as one of the most astonishing matters that gave a shock to the entire Linhe Boundary.

“Old Ancestor River Styx, Xuanyuan Jie is already defeated. I don’t know if Xuanyuan Minyi could be the backbone of the Linehe Boundary now.”

Ti Longhuai said with a bitter smile. After suffering defeats continuously, they’re extremely depressed. Jiang Chen’s strength was way too terrifying, almost unbeatable. This was their judgement of Jiang Chen, he was like an impassable mountain for them. And he was merely a Half-step Divine King.

“Don’t worry. I am not a loser like you. How could you lose the treasure of the ancestor?”

Xuanyuan Minyi said coldly, which made Xuanyuan Jie snort face contorted.

“Stop talking nonsense. Let’s talk about it later after you get back the broken Xuanyuan Sword.”

Jiang Chen looked at each of them. Apparently, they had a close relationship but both of them did not wish each other to get the broken Xuanyuan Sword.

“I am not interested in both of you guys but this sword is mine for sure and I swear to eliminate Clear Stream Sect. If you wish to leave now, I will try to act like nothing happened.” Jiang Chen said confidently.

“Hahaha. The newborn calves are not afraid of the tiger. Compared with Xue Liang, you are way stronger. It’s a pity for such a talented guy. Anyways, the broken Xuanyuan Sword is yours to take if you could defeat me.”

Xuanyuan Minyi did not feel frustrated but gave him a smile. He said it while shaking his head.

“Do you know Xue Liang?”

Jiang Chen wore a frown on his face. Xue Liang was considered as one of his close friends and they used to help each other in the past. Xue Liang was from the Forgotten Sword Tomb and Jiang Chen was unwilling to offend them. He would land Xue Liang in trouble if he did so.

“I am the guardian of the Forgotten Sword Tomb now. Xue Liang is the son of my master.”

“Alright. I will spare your life then!”

A faint smile flickered across Jiang Chen’s lips. Forgotten Sword Tomb was the only sect that did not hunt him in the past, it was all because of Xue Liang. So Jiang Chen would never bite the hand that fed him.

“Kid, I appreciate your talent but I can’t allow you to take the broken Xuanyuan Sword. This is the treasure that our Forgotten Sword Tomb has been protecting for more than thousands of years.”

Xuanyuan Minyi’s glance was blazing and dignified. It showed that Jiang Chen could not be treated easily since he had defeated Xuanyuan Jie after all. Xuanyuan Minyi could not ignore Jiang Chen’s strength at the moment.

“Deal. Let’s see who is the winner then.”

Jiang Chen looked straight ahead. Xuanyuan Minyi was not here for Clear Stream Sect but to get back the broken Xuanyuan Sword for the Forgotten Sword Tomb. Apparently, he was determined to get this sword as well.

“Great. Meeting new friends by having a fight. Let’s get along well together. I will leave immediately if I lose. Or else, I will take the broken Xuanyuan Sword without taking your life.”

Xuanyuan Minyi’s words startled Jiang Chen. That was a reason why Xuanyuan Jie did not seem delighted after meeting Xuanyuan Minyi. Their relationship was truly mysterious and confusing.

“It’s a promise then.”

Jiang Chen stepped back and readied himself for the fight. This battle would be relatively difficult and challenging compared with the previous one.

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