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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2679

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“It’s him? It’s really him? Old Ancestor River Styx that has shaken the Linhe Boundary 7000 years ago, Xuanyuan Jie?!” Li Zhan gasped.

Obviously, the name Old Ancestor River Styx gave him a pretty great shock.

“Little Yang, to think you have become the Divine Pill Sect’s Lord, time is really unforgiving. Is Dan Yuanzi, that old fool still around?” Xuanyuan Jie’s eyelid slightly raised.

“Master Dan Yuanzi passed away 700 years ago.” Dan Yangzi sighed and said helplessly.

Xuanyuan Jie’s palm slightly trembled and his expression became somewhat lonely as he shook his head. It seems like he’s reminiscing about his old friend.

“Old Ancestor River Styx? Hoho, interesting, the Old Ancestor of the Clear Stream Sect? Looks like I’ve managed to fork out some old fossil.” Jiang Chen sneered.

“Repent, little child, you have sinned, surrender now and this old man may possibly let you live, otherwise, you should know what awaits you.” Xuanyuan Jie said indifferently as if he’s teaching Jiang Chen a lesson.

“Come and have at me if you wanna fight, I, Jiang Chen, will flatten the Clear Stream Sect and I would like to see who can stop me!”

Jiang Chen took a step forward and emitted a stronger battle intent, completely disregarding Xuanyuan Jie.

“Boy, you’re death has arrived. The Old Ancestor went into seclusion for three thousand years and never once came out, his strength must be at its peak. You better kneel down and beg for forgiveness and you MAY have a chance to live.” Xuanyuan Zhong sneered as he found his confidence.

“Yes, you’ll only die if you go against Old Ancestor River Styx. Old Ancestor River Styx was absolutely powerful in the past and I’m not even born yet. You’re extremely ballsy trying to go against the Old Ancestor.” Dan Yangzi said confidently.

They were sure that they’re safe now that Xuanyuan Jie has arrived. He’s at least at the Late Divine King Realm and Jiang Chen’s certainly not his match.

“Finally, a senior came to the rescue. The Ghost Eye Sect humbly asks the senior to show us your might and save us.” Li Zhan’s lips were smirking.

Jiang Chen’s death shall soon arrive.

“Noisy!” Jiang Chen frowned.

“Die! Nobody can save you all, not even the Heavens!”

Jiang Chen pushed the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda down. At that moment, Li Zhan, Dan Yangzi, Xuanyuan Zhong’s expression became pale and they shouted in unison:

“Save me, Old Ancestor!”



Xuanyuan Jie squinted his eyes and shouted:

“Bastard, you dare?!”

However, Jiang Chen did not care and continued pressing down the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda, exerting a tremendous amount of pressure and squashed the three Mid-Divine Kings into a clump of meat.

Everyone was dumbfounded, the remaining 50,000 disciples of the Clear Stream Sect were dead quiet. The other great Divine King experts too gasped and shivered. It was too much to take on. Jiang Chen was truly ballsy for daring to kill them in front of Old Ancestor Xuanyuan Jie.

Xuanyuan Jie did not expect Jiang Chen to be this ruthless and not give him any respect. He thought the kid would kneel and beg for forgiveness but, using the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda, he flattened the tree of them instead. At this moment, he was thoroughly angered by Jiang Chen’s act, killing the lords, causing such chaos towards the Clear Stream Sect, killing off their disciples. The Linhe Boundary will fall into chaos if he doesn’t act.

Jiang Chen’s swift execution gave chills to everyone, fearing they may face the same fate. Di Longhuai, Di Longqing, Li Xie, Li Batian, Dan Feng and the others were dumbfounded. Because their Sect Lords were killed in front of their eyes. A great uproar would certainly fall upon the Linhe Boundary as the three pillars that supported the  Linhe Boundary were now gone.

Jiang Chen looked at Xuanyuan Jie and says with a smile:

“I’m sorry, it’s just three dogs, what seems to be the problem about killing them? Why? Does this old dog have a problem with it?”

Xuanyuan Jie shook his head and his smile became much scarier. Because he knew that this young man would certainly go against him until the end. Although he had not reached the Peak Divine King Realm yet, he was certain that he could easily squash this kid.

The impact of the death of those lords was immense, knowing that Jiang Chen could easily kill them off.

Moreover, this wasn’t just about the death of three individuals, it’s the honour of the whole Linhe Boundary. Jiang Chen totally ignored it. The three great sect lords were like insects in his point of view, stomping them to death without any effort. It was unprecedented for the Clear Stream Sect ever since its founding. The whole sect was in utter chaos after their lord’s death. It was a sorry sight to behold, plus, he did say that he would kill everyone within the sect.

Xuanyuan Jie was out of patience and the other Divine King experts were filled with fear and confusion.

“You’re pretty strong but arrogant. Not bad, to be this calm even though you’re facing the whole Linhe Boundary. But you will not escape death today.”

“Really? Let’s see who can stop me. I’ll kill every single soul of this place no matter what, even if death approaches me! My father’s debt will not be left unpaid! I would even kill the Nine Region Lords if they came!”

Jiang Chen and Xuanyuan Jie stared at each other. None willing to back off, however, Xuanyuan Jie was obviously the stronger one, as Jiang Chen felt immense pressure, similar to Zi Xi’s level.  However, his divine origin energy was certainly stronger than Zi Xi.

Xuanyuan Jie had lived through all these years while improving his power. He was certainly much more powerful than your usual Late Divine Kings as he was just a step away from the Peak Divine King Realm.

“Smart and talented but doesn’t know how to appreciate it. You are foolish. What can a Half-Step Divine King do in this world? I don’t need to use a quarter of my power to kill you. I will not be able to face the disciples of the Clear Stream Sect if I do not shatter your soul. You have crossed the line when you killed Xuanyuan Zhong in front of me.” Xuanyuan Jie said with a cold expression as he had lost his patience towards Jiang Chen.

“You can only talk after you beat me. .” Jiang Chen took out his finger and challenged Xuanyuan Jie.

The latter’s expression became gloomy!

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