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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2678

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The Ancestral Dragon Pagoda let out a bright light. Jiang Chen could feel the increased power of the pagoda after the second dragon ball was embedded. The Eight-Sided Cauldron was instantly pushed back after the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda unleashed its energy. Dan Yangzi stabilized the Eight-Sided Cauldron with his hands and was pushed back 800 li from the force, his expression became gloomy and  his breathing became chaotic.

“One Eye Ten Thousand Years!”

Ghost Eye Sect’s Li Zhan followed suit and a third eye appeared on his forehead, and a shining ray burst forth. Jiang Chen felt that the flow of time around him had become extremely slow. At the same time, Xuanyuan Zhong took this opportunity to close in with his halberd. Jiang Chen immediately activated the Divine Golden Bell: God Sealing Prohibition and cut himself off from the outside world. The halberd struck on the Divine Golden Bell and a loud bang could be heard.  Xuanyuan Zhong found the result unsatisfactory as he was the one who was injured from this clash, suffering the counter force of the blow.

“The Eastern Emperor Sect’s Eastern Emperor Limitless Art, pretty strong.” Xuanyuan Zhong was in awe.

He never expected Jiang Chen to be able to learn the Eastern Emperor Limitless Art in just a few years’ time. It was totally unexpected.

“My Clear Stream Sect’s Xuanyuan Art is not weak too.”  Xuanyuan Zhong stared at Jiang Chen and leapt towards him with his halberd.

The Xuanyuan Art was Clear Stream Sect’s secret technique, and was only passed down from one Sect Lord to another. At this moment, he had unleashed the most powerful technique of the sect, the halberd gained an immense buff with that technique, the air and space trembled after this technique was unleashed.

A grand dragon shot out from the halberd, forming into a battle soul, closing into Jiang Chen.

“It’s a pretty terrifying technique, but, it’s still nothing for me.” Jiang Chen harrumphed and was unfazed.

The grand dragon burst out from its shackles and rammed towards Jiang Chen’s  Divine GoldenBell, yet nothing happened, only the gong of the ram could be heard a thousand li away, causing the ears of others to ring.

In some sense, this wasn’t just the  Divine Golden Bell of the Eastern Emperor Limitless Art, but the true Eastern Emperor Bell. It’s defensive capability was one of the best as it would even shake those God Emperors. Even though the Eastern Emperor Bell was in tatters, it was still better than any average divine weapons.

The Xuanyuan Art has unleashed all its might yet it couldn’t even pierce through the bell. Even though Li Zhan had slowed down the flow of time surrounding Jiang Chen, they still weren’t able to land an effective blow and defeat him.

“That’s what your Eight-Sided Cauldron amounts to? Ancestral Dragon Pagoda, subdue!” Jiang Chen’s eyes were cold.

At this moment, he unleashed the full might of the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda.  Xuanyuan Zhong, Li Zhan and Dan Yangzi withstood the pagoda’s pressure with their all as they were pushed down to their knees and their expression became pale. They have finally experienced the terrifying might of  Jiang Chen.

“I can’t take it anymore…” Dan Yangzi gritted his teeth as his meridians were on the verge of breaking, and cracks were appearing on his trusted cauldron.

“My Eight-sided Cauldron, no…” Dan Yangzi shouted in anguish.

His cauldron was shattered into pieces by the suppression of the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda.

“I’m at my limit too!” Li Zhan was also the same.

Jiang Chen had subdued the three of them, thoroughly.


Xuanyuan Zhong spit out a mouthful of blood and a snap could be heard as his legs lost its support.

“To think that I, Xuanyuan Zhong, will die in the hands of this little bastard, I cannot accept this, I cannot!” Xuanyuan Zhong’s eyes were filled with regret and hatred. However, he was helpless as he could not fight back anymore.

They have become puppets that were controlled by Jiang Chen. The three great experts of Linhe Boundary had totally, utterly lost, without a shred of doubt.

“The three Sect Lords collaborated and they are still going to lose?”

“This fella, I do not know what to describe him anymore. Satan from the 18th floor of hell?”

“I think… that this will be my most desperate moment, this fella will certainly not let us go.”

“Is Linhe Boundary doomed? Jiang Chen is too scary.”

The Ancestral Dragon Pagoda was like a giant golden mountain, keeping the three Mid Divine King experts suppressed.

Jiang Chen stood on top of the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda with pride and vigor.

Who can withstand his might under this heaven?!

Jiang Chen wanted to use the whole Clear Stream Sect to wash away the pain and wrongful treatment his father had faced, nobody could stop him.

The heart of the remaining fifty thousand disciples became cold, those elders that came to assist the Clear Stream Sect to eliminate Jiang Chen became pale. Jiang Chen had utterly subdued the Clear Stream Sect with overwhelming might, nobody could stop him anymore, he was unstoppable!

The three sect elders were pushed to the ground once again by the pressure and the lower half of their body was shattered. He didn’t just injure the three sect lords but also the three sects and humiliated the whole Linhe Boundary as they were the pillars of the region. At this moment, they were but a remnant of their previous self and their honor have been utterly shattered.

“Old Ancestor, save me…!” Xuanyuan Zhong roared in anguish.

He doesn’t have any means left to lead the sect to win this battle and the thousands of years of history of the sect will be destroyed with half of his disciples dead and his honour destroyed.

Jiang Chen squinted his eyes. Is there someone left in the Clear Stream Sect? To have Xuanyuan Zhong call out someone as Old Ancestor, looks like this sect’s root is really deep.

“Useless fool, Clear Stream Sect almost got destroyed in your hands, this is truly disappointing.”

A white-robed figure suddenly appeared in the sky. The old man had a benign countenance, yet that pair of eagle-eyes gave off an extreme pressure.

Wrinkles could be seen on his thin face. However, in the eyes of Xuanyuan Zhong, that old man looked tall and mighty, causing him to be in awe and fearful.

The old man harrumphed and looked at Xuanyuan Zhong, clearly dissatisfied.

“Xuanyuan Jie, is that you, senior?”

Dan Yangzi squinted his eyes and said with his trembling voice as blood could be seen spilling from his lips as he was utterly suppressed by Jiang Chen.

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