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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2676

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Jiang Chen wantonly attacked. The whole Clear Stream Sect became pale and they quickly evacuated from the area. Jiang Chen did not have the least bit of mercy anymore. The moment his father was harmed, he had decided that the whole sect should pay for the price.

“Jiang Chen, you’re the devil! Thousands of innocent disciples died because of you! Do you not have a conscience?”

Xuanyuan Zhong questioned Jiang Chen coldly.

“What did my father do wrong? Why must you prosecute him? Don’t you all have a conscience?” Jiang Chen asked with his piercing words!

Xuanyuan Zhong’s breath stagnated although his expression remained cold.

“Your father is just a single man. What did my ten thousand disciples do wrong?”

“Hahaha, this is a damn joke, is there a difference in killing a person and ten thousand people? Not even Lord Buddha from the Supreme Heaven could answer that question. What gives the Clear Stream Sect the right to flaunt? My father has never done anything wrong in his whole life, he lived a life of benevolence, what did he do wrong? Why don’t you answer me?

“Since you’re not going to answer, then, let me tell you, your ten thousand disciples couldn’t even be compared to a single strand of hair of my father. ”

Jiang Chen’s eyes were filled with tears. At that moment, the flame of his anger was burning at its finest. What did my father do wrong to suffer such injustice?

Jiang Chen looked at the sky and pointed his blade towards the cloud, he then cursed the heavens:

“Where is justice? Since you’re not going to judge, I shall then execute the justice that should be served for the heavens. My Dao is the Heavenly Dao!”

Jiang Chen’s voice reached far and wide. Thunder clouds gathered in the sky, as if the anger of the heavens was provoked.

Xuanyuan Zhong and the others were dumbfounded. Jiang Chen pointed his blade towards and cursed the heavens, causing thunder and lightning to fall before this place.

“Heaven? So what? My Dao can only be tread by me, Jiang Chen.” Jiang Chen sneered, not fearing the lightning and thunder above him as he launched himself towards Xuanyuan Zhong.

“Azure Dragon’s Five Steps!” Jiang Chen’s footsteps were firm.

His aura was getting fiercer every step he took, his qi reached the peak after five steps. The battle between the two of them had reached another height as the intensity of the battle increased further. The casualties of the disciples have reached several thousand.

Xuanyuan Zhong’s anger had also reached the limit. As the helmsman of the Clear Stream Sect, as one of the leading figures of the Linhe Boundary, one that was acknowledged by many, Xuanyuan Zhong cannot lose.

“Xuanyuan Halberd! Pierce the sky! Who can withstand its might?!”

The two clashed once again as the divine halberd came from the sky.


Jiang Chen got pushed back by Xuanyuan Zhong, his expression became slightly pale.  Xuanyuan Zhong was different from your average Mid Divine King experts, he’s stronger than those lots, as expected from the lord of the Clear Stream Sect.

“Ancient Soaring Dragon Technique!”

Jiang Chen’s anger once again burned fiercely, feeling the injustice suffered by his father. He wants the Clear Stream Sect to be dyed red in blood.

Golden dragon blood course through Jiang Chen’s body. The Ancient Soaring Dragon Technique once again pushed his capabilities to the limits.

“Such a powerful Dragon Clan Secret Technique.” Xuanyuan Zhong’s knowledge was vast as he immediately guessed Jiang Chen’s technique.

However, he had never seen such a secret technique before, so it must be exceptional. The Dragon Clan was an extremely powerful clan in the Central  Region Divine Land, no, even the whole Divine World. The said clan could even rival the might of the supreme heavens, changing the fate of others. Even the mighty Emperor experts have to respect the Dragon Clan.

Jiang Chen’s body was covered in golden armour. The Ancient Soaring Dragon Technique had finally exhibited its full might as Jiang Chen’s physical body was stronger than before. He used the Myriad Qi Cauldron that even Emperor experts craved for to refine his body, enabling his body to reach a great height. As for his compatibility with the Ancient Soaring Dragon Technique, that too has reached an unprecedented level.

“Sword Fusion! Freezing Three Thousand Li!” *the fourth blade*

Jiang Chen fused with the Heavenly Dragon Sword and unleashed the Solitude Sword Intent, engulfing the whole Clear Stream Sect. In a single sword flash, the 9000-meter tall mountain crumbled. The divine mountain that was the face of the Clear Stream Sect had crumbled.

Jiang Chen merged with his blade and pushed Xuanyuan Zhong back, the latter’s expression became distorted. He felt that he couldn’t catch up and take this boy down.

“Could this fella be one from the Dragon Clan? To have such powerful techniques, I am not his match.” Xuanyuan Zhong’s heart took a heavy blow, Jiang Chen’s might was truly shocking.

He was like a peerless battle god that the masses fear!

“Perish!” Jiang Chen’s blade flashed again.

The endless mountain range of the Clear Stream Sect instantly crumbled, half of the sect’s disciples lost their lives; wails and groans could be heard everywhere. Countless Early True God disciples couldn’t withstand the pressure of those crumbling mountains. Corpses laid waste whenever Jiang Chen’s blade cut through.

“Jiang Chen, you madman, are you trying to commit genocide?” Di Longhuai cursed.

Countless disciples, including his, laid waste in this devastating battlefield. He felt pained as he watched countless disciples die.

“Jiang Chen, curse you!” Di Longqing cursed as he could only watch his disciples die under the rubbles of the mountain.

The Clear Stream Sect had become a wasteland.

“This kid is the incarnation of the demon, we must kill him!” Li Xie roared furiously.

A dozen of them pushed the Twelve Fire God Guards back and moved towards Fire Qilin. The latter couldn’t handle that many enemies as he retaliated in difficulty. However, he knew that Jiang Chen was feeling much more pain than him.

“So what? I, Jiang Chen, do not need others to teach me how to do things. I’ll kill every single one of you, not a single soul of the Clear Stream Sect shall remain. I don’t care about my name, who can stop me! Who shall I seek to have my father’s pain repaid?! You, Clear Stream Sect, Linhe Boundary has committed a terrible sin, I, Jiang Chen, will never forgive you!”

Jiang Chen was now devoid of compassion. He had destroyed twenty sects before but he had never harmed those weak powerless disciples, yet…. What was his return?

He was compassionate, yet the heavens were heartless. He shall dye the whole Clear Stream Sect red with their own blood.

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