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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2675

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Jiang Chen’s eyes were like scorching fire, giving out dazzling radiance. His hair was dancing in the wind and his aura was terrifying. He was like a phoenix reviving in the fire.

When everyone looked at him, they all felt a great pressure released by his eyes alone. Xuanyuan Zhong was the sect master of Clear Stream Sect and his strength was well-recognised by the entire Linhe Boundary. He was also the one most qualified to make decisions for a situation. However, he now became extremely serious and depressed at the moment. He did not know why Jiang Chen seemed to have experienced some great transformation and became more powerful than before. His cultivation realm did not advance much but his eyes made people feel very uncomfortable.

“Even if he’s strong, he is still a Half-step Divine King. Why do we need to be afraid?” Xuanyuan Zhong thought.

However, how Jiang Chen made an absolute counterattack. It was very astonishing given that he was badly beaten by twenty Divine Kings just a while ago. He was still able to stand up again now. It’s really impressive to see a person who had such dreadful strength of recovery.

Ti Longhuai, Dan Feng and the others’ countenance fell. At the moment, they all looked at Jiang Chen managing to stand up from the predicament. They were all startled.

“Why didn’t he die?”

“He’s too strong. I thought he would definitely die. We wanted to throw him to the Falling Wind Crayon earlier, but it seems like we are going to go through a battle now.”

“After all, this Jiang Chen is indeed a curse to us. We must eliminate him.”

Countless experts nodded silently. As soon as Jiang Chen came out again, they already felt extremely threatened.

“You seem very composed. Seems like the injury you suffered has almost recovered already.”Xuanyuan Zhong looked at Jiang Chen and said.

“You’re right. I am going to eliminate the entire Clear Stream Sect now. I actually only planned to kill you guys, the top dogs, and did not want to involve those innocent people. However, how you treated my father changed my mind.”

Jiang Chen stopped for a second and looked around the entire Clear Stream Sect. He then said coldly:

“Everyone should die!”

Jiang Chen’s words sounded very ruthless, however, it didn’t affect most of the disciples of the Clear Stream Sect because they only listened to their sect master, Xuanyuan Zhong. He was the real king here and the real leader. As long as he was still here, Clear Stream Sect would not collapse and would not fall. Whatever Jiang Chen had done would become a joke for them in the future.

Humph Humph. What a shame. Our sect master and the remaining twenty Divine King experts are still alive. Who is he here when they are still here.”

“You’re right. He really thinks that he is the king? I am still here, if you’re capable, you just come kill me.”

“He’s just a lunatic. How can he achieve anything? Although he is slightly more powerful than us, is he really more powerful than our sect master?  I do not believe so.”

“He’s only courting his own death. Our sect master will not tolerate him to be this reckless. Our sect master is kind and merciful. He doesn’t know what death is. Let’s see how he is going to be killed by the sect master soon.”

Jiang Chen did not say much. A great battle was going to break out soon. These people were ignorant and shameless and Jiang Chen finally knew how inhumane and immoral Clear Stream Sect was.  It was a terrible and shameless sect. It’s a madly arrogant sect that did not have the qualification to call itself the number-one sect.

Jiang Chen smiled faintly, but no one knew how bitter his smile was. His father’s life was in danger now because of Ti LongHuai. How would Jiang Chen spare them kindness?

It’s time to slaughter!

“Jiang Chen, it’s time to end your era.”

Xuanyuan Zhong frowned his forehead. It’s finally time for him to take action now. If Jiang Chen continues to make a mess, how is Clear Stream Sect going to keep its dignity? How is Xuanyuan Zhong going to persuade everyone?

“Go die now!”

Xuanyuan Zhong stuck out a thunderous attack which was like a Buddha’s palm strike, falling down from heaven and pressing against the void. The void space that was surrounding Jiang Chen was completely crashed. He seemed to be defeated by the palm as well.

Early Divine King Realm and Mid Divine King Realm were two completely different realms. Being the sect master of Clear Stream Sect, Xuanyuan Zhong was undeniably strong. His palm strike could shatter mountains and rivers and turn everything into dust.

“You want to kill me with such a little trick, don’t you? You might be too naive.”

Jiang Chen smiled proudly. With dragon transformation, his palm strike managed to confront Xuanyuan Zhong’s powerful strike. Jiang Chen was now more formidable, defeating Xuanyuan Zhong’s palm strike completely. But he also took a few steps backwards, both of them were actually neck-to-neck in the battle.

“Good fight!”

Fire Qilin’s eyes shone as he became excited when he saw  how Jiang Chen made a heavy blow against Xuanyuan Zhong. The blood in his body was boiling at the moment.

Xuanyuan Zhong’s countenance fell as he thought his strike would defeat Jiang Chen and then gain the victory consequently. That strike had actually used up eighty percent of his power but it was still defeated by Jiang Chen unexpectedly. It was startling.

“What a dreadful guy, seems like I should not have any reservations anymore.”

Xuanyuan Zhong became extra careful now and took action again to wrestle with Jiang Chen. He held a halberd to fight with Jiang Chen again. The battle became quite intense. No one expected Jiang Chen, who was only a Half-step Divine King, to fight Xuanyuan Zhong. He was not defeated at all. This was an unexpected result to all of them.

The Heavenly Dragon Sword and the Halberd were wrestling against each other while giving off dazzling radiance that made everyone hard to open their eyes. Jiang Chen’s strength advanced by leaps and bounds with the dragon transformation and Myriad Qi’s assistance. His body was comparable to a Heavenly Divine Tool now. A normal person would not be able to break his defense even if Jiang Chen did not counterattack.

“Halberd, break the void!”

A strike of the Divine Halberd fell from the sky. Jiang Chen took a step back to charge his attack and swept across the void. Sword shadows wrestled with the Divine Halberd above the void. Countless disciples who were below True God Realm were shaken by the shock caused by the battle. Everyone was frightened as the radiance from the battle had swept across half of the Clear Stream Sect.

The battle was not over yet, but Xuanyuan Zhong’s face looked gloomy now. If the battle continued like this, he was afraid that the foundation of the Clear Stream Sect would really be destroyed.

“I’ll wait for you at the peak of the mountain! It’s very cruel to involve and kill so many innocent lives in the battle.

“Hahah, is there anyone innocent in your sect? I have said so before, no one in the Clear Stream Sect will survive.”

Jiang Chen roared madly. You forced me to do this.

“Fight without any scruples. A battle is supposed to be hearty and delightful. Hahaha.”

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