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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2673

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Xuanyuan Zhong looked at all of them and whispered.

“Just kill him? It seems like you want to let him off lightly. Haha. He is supposed to suffer the torment and the Falling Wind Canyon will be the ultimate resting place for him.”

At this moment, even Ti Longhuai took a cold breath as the Falling Wind Canyon had always been known as the most terrifying place in the entire Linhe Boundary. There were countless ghosts with solitary souls in the Falling Wind Canyon. Those who were filled with resentments, refused to go through reincarnation and were eventually buried in that place. That place writhed with Heavenly Lightnings and there were countless experts who had lost their lives there. It was said that the Falling Wind Canyon used to be an ancient battlefield. However, it had become a place that was full of ghosts and countless Heavenly Tribulation Lightning, it was definitely a place of death for the people in Linhe Boundary.

Years ago, a Hierarch expert refused to believe it and fell apart in the Falling Wind Canyon as a result.

Jiang Chen was at the death’s door now, he would have died miserably if he was thrown into the Falling Wind Canyon. It sounded more tragic and cruel than killing him directly.

“You made a promise to spare my father’s life.”

Jiang Chen said while gritting his teeth. He had suffered severe injuries at this moment while most of them kept leaving some terrible marks on his body. His injury was getting worse and it seemed like he was fading away.

However, Jiang Chen did not lose faith to protect his father till the end of his life.

“Oh, well. Our Clear Stream Sect will never break our words. Even though you’re wretched and despicable with bloodstained hands, our Clear Steam Sect will never go back on our word.”

Ti Longhuai took Jiang Zhenhai from Xuanyuan Zhong. Jiang Zhenhai had already lost the sight of both eyes. Although he was not able to see his son, he was experiencing a sentiment of remorse and wild regrets.

“Son, I am sorry.”

Jiang Zhenhai murmured under his breath and his voice was hoarse, Jiang Chen was the only one who could hear it.

“I will not kill him. But I think there will be more interesting and exciting ways than just killing him.”

Ti Longhuai looked cold and gloomy. Jiang Chen narrowed his eyes and wanted to get up from the ground but it sounded like an extravagance to him now.


Ti Longhuai reached out and gripped both hands, he tore both of Jiang Zhenhai’s arms off. Jiang Zhenhai moaned with pain while a resurgence of grief swept over Jiang Chen, his eyes were filled with deep hatred.

Everyone was watching this silently as they thought that Jiang Chen deserved the punishment.

“I will kill you. I will kill all of you.”

Jiang Chen said and gritted his teeth in anger. He was boiling with rage at this moment.


After watching Jiang Chen’s wretched condition, Lin Ruyue could not stand it any more and leapt up in the void. Unfortunately, she was immediately defeated by Ti Longhuai’s strike and suffered a serious injury before she could approach him.

“Are you Ruyue?”

The sharp terrible pain in Jiang Zhenhai’s body was incomparable with the vast grief and sorrow that he had suffered in his heart.

“Son, I am truly sorry.”

“Dad, it is unnecessary for you to feel sorry to me even if the entire universe is devastated.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes looked extremely pitiful but the familial love made his heart boil wildly.

“One day in the Immortal World is equivalent to one year in Divine World. You have left for more than a thousand years, I……”

Jiang Zhenhai looked down and said it after musing for a moment.

“I miss my son.”

These words were as heavy as a mountain and made Jiang Chen feel despair, feeling like a knife was piercing through his heart. It was true that he swept over the whole Divine World recklessly and treated everyone arrogantly. He had never thought about his one and only dad.

Jiang Zhenhai felt at ease in the Immortal World but the only concern in his heart was his son that he had not seen for over a thousand years. He missed his son. Jiang Zhenhai had concealed that kind of fatherly love in his heart for years. However, he neither mentioned it nor searched for him, as he felt hopeful and eager to stay in the same world with his son.

Fortune and glory was unbeatable, but it was still incomparable to a father’s warm thoughts. At this moment, Jiang Chen’s heart became delightful while his eyes looked calm and unmoved. However, his heart was raging wildly at the same time like the eruption of a volcano, it seemed like he was going to destroy the whole world!

Jiang Chen raised his head and drained all of his energy. He exhausted all of his energy just to stand straight. It was like thousands of mountains and roofs supporting his fighting will of steel, which made him get up and did not collapse once again.


Jiang Chen said it slowly. But finally, he realized how important his dad was to him.

“I would make the entire Linhe Boundary be my slave forever! I will eliminate everything in the Clear Stream Sect!

Jiang Chen said with tears in his eyes, glaring furiously at Ti Longhuai, Xuanyuan Zhong and the rest of them.

Even though Jiang Chen had suffered severe injuries and was at death’s door, he still managed to get up and everyone was filled with astonishment. Although the meridians and bones in his whole body were utterly shattered, he was still able to stand up through his tough and strong will.

“How could this guy be able to stand up again? It is just too terrifying.”

“He is still a useless disabled person even if he could get up again. What could he do to us now? Humph. He got what he deserved, this is all his own doing.”

“He is supposed to die. This dirty bastard killed countless people. No one will take pity on him even if he dies.”

Jiang Chen had received a torrent of scornful and sarcastic remarks but he did not care about their thoughts as his father was his only concern at this moment. What his dad told him had created  earth shaking changes in Jiang Chen’s inner world.

“You’re at death’s door now. Why are you still trying to get up? Haha. Just take back your dad. Hahaha.”

After finishing his words, Jiang Zhenhai was thrown by Ti Longhuai towards Jiang Chen. Ti Longhuai struck out a blow and smashed the meridians and bones in Jiang Zhenhai’s body. He was nearly dying like Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen’s eyes flashed angrily and he roared furiously, his glare blazed with rage. At this moment, a flame leapt up towards the sky and the entire Clear Stream Sect felt impressed and thrilled as the flame was a Fire Qilin and its strength was comparable to Mid Divine King Realm. Even the Sect Lord of the Clear Stream Sect, Xuanyuan Zhong became extremely dignified and worried at this moment.

“Brother Zhen……Brother Zhen……”

Lin Ruyue was toddling off to Jiang Haizhen, she looked miserable and suffering. She would have died if Jiang Haizhen did not save her life previously. But there was nothing she could do but watch him writhing in the torment of hell helplessly at this moment.

The Fire Qilin soared up into the heavens and caught Jiang Haizhen. The mightiness of the Qilin had frightened the whole universe and everyone drew a few steps backward. The Fire Qilin stood beside Jiang Chen and roared furiously. Everyone looked ghastly pale and dignified at this moment.

“Even the Fire Qilin is trying to shield him?”

“The Fire Qilin is too terrifying. Is it an Ancient Divine Beast?”

“This guy is just lucky enough to have the Fire Qilin as his shield. I admire his fortune.”

“This Fire Qilin is a Divine Beast. It will definitely bring great benefits to our Clear Stream Sect if we could soothe the beast successfully.”

Xuanyuan Zhong’s eyes glimmered with light, fixing his gaze at the Fire Qilin.

“Jiang Chen, are you alright?”

The Fire Qilin looked at Jiang Chen and made all the strong experts in all directions step backward with a tremendous roar. A Fire Qilin that has the strength of a Mid Divine King Realm, hence ordinary people would never be able to resist its strength easily. Even an ordinary Divine King Realm expert was completely no match for it.

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