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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2672

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Jiang Chen looked at his father’s traumatised face, and forced himself to show a smile. He shook his head and looked at Xuanyuan Zhong.

“Let go of my father.”

“Owh? Are you talking to me? Jiang Chen, the unparalleled monstrous devil finally submits himself to me? Hahaha.”

Xuanyuan Zhong shook his head and heaved a sigh. His eyes shone at this moment.

“Where’s your arrogance now? Where’s your mad overbearing manner? Jiang Chen, I have never expected that you will come today.”

Xuanyuan Zhong said dismissively. Everyone had their own weaknesses. Jiang Chen’s weakness obviously was that he overvalued his family, that was why he became this vulnerable now.

“How could you not release my father? This is none of his business. If you have anything against me then just come to me.”

Jiang Chen said in a deep voice. He could not tolerate this at all but his heart had been troubled ever since he saw his father.

“Everyone, let’s see how strong Jiang Chen is. If you strike me, then I will return the strike on your father. Let’s see if you are stronger than your father.”

Xuanyuan Zhong looked at Jiang Chen.

“Leave this place, Little Chen. Don’t worry about me, you won’t be able to defeat them.”

Jiang Zhenhai tried his best to break free from them but to no avail. If Xuanyuan Zhong took a slight action, his life would be terminated immediately. That was why Jiang Chen could not do anything at this moment. He did not dare to take any action as his father’s life was in their hands. Jiang Chen knew that he had all kinds of tricks but he was still trapped.

Lin Ruyue kept rubbing her hands and she looked pale, but she was of no use. She did not have the strength to fight with these Divine King experts at all. She could only look at her beloved Brother Zhenhai  being tortured by them ruthlessly. Even his son, who was supposedly shining like a bright star, was currently in a dilemma.

“I don’t want you to die as it’s too cheap for you to die. I want you to be slaughtered by the hundreds and thousands of souls in the Falling Wind Canyon and suffer great pain before death.”

Xuanyuan Zhong’s words caught everyone’s attention. It would surely be a great suffering to Jiang Chen.

“Faster, leave! You… this bad kid, don’t you listen to me anymore?”

Jiang Zhenhai’s anger was completely provoked and his eyes were filled with blood. His hands were trembling, however, he was still under Xuanyuan Zhong’s suppression. As long as he had any intention to move, he  might be killed by Xuanyuan Zhong anytime.

“Remember what you said. Otherwise, I will definitely eliminate the entire Clear Stream Sect and turn it into hell.”

Jiang Chen said in a deep voice. He did not dare to see his father’s face which was now full of tears. That was the pain he found most unbearable.

Jiang Chen kneeled down slowly somewhere far from his father.

“I am not filial to you, father.”

Jiang Chen had been an arrogant man who never bowed down to heaven or earth, but he  kneeled down for his father.

Looking at Jiang Chen, Jiang zhenhai almost fainted. Why didn’t you leave?I would rather not have you as my son. I beg you to leave immediately. Jiang Zhenhai was not willing to see his own son suffer because of him.

When he stepped into the Divine World, he did not use his real name because he was worried that he would bring danger to his son. However, it was still found out by Wang Jianji. Jiang Zhenhai had only told Lin Ruyue about this before because he missed his son too much. He was unwilling to lie to Lin Ruyue, so he told her the truth. However, who knew that he would cause such great trouble and became his son’s biggest burden.

“It’s my fault. It’s all my fault.”

Jiang Zhenhai hated himself very much but what could he do? Jiang Chen was still in great danger.

“Hahaha, I am going to see how stubborn you are.”

Ti Longqing smiled coldly and took the initiative, attacking Jiang Chen. The other twenty Divine King experts started attacking Jiang Chen as well at this moment. After their onslaught, Jiang Chen stood up but he did not strike back.

Ti Longhuai and the others were stunned for a moment but they continued to send out heavy blows. Twenty Divine King experts launched their most terrifying attack against Jiang Chen.

Each of their formidable palm strikes landed on Jiang Chen heavily but Jiang Chen did not defend against them at all. Fortunately, Jiang Chen was very strong. A Hierarch expert would have been killed by such an alliance of twenty Divine King Realm experts.


Jiang Chen spurted out a mouthful of blood, looking pale. Despite the storm-like attack, he remained standing still.

“Son, my son…….”

Jiang Zhenhai trembled and tears kept rolling down from his bloody red eyes. However, he, as a father, was powerless at this moment. It was all because of him, a disappointing father.

Jiang Zhenhai’s regret and hatred were all stuck in his heart.

“Father, this is what I deserve.”

Jiang Chen smiled while blood kept coming out from the corner of his mouth. His body was full of wounds and blood while all of his bones and veins were broken.

Jiang Zhenhai’s eyesight became blurred and, slowly, the light in his eyes disappeared as if boundless darkness fell on him. Jiang Zhenhai became blind.

Deep inside in his heart, he was unwilling to see his son being beaten up without any resistance. He did not even want this scene to stay in his mind. He could not see what was happening in front of him anymore, however, the pain in his heart remained.

Jiang Chen gritted his teeth  hard, he was as still as a rock. He did not give up and did not fight back.

Jiang Chen was now full blood as all of the meridians were broken and his cultivation realm seemed to vanish as well due to the severe injury. Even the Wooden Spirit couldn’t make any difference and he might need more than a thousand years to recover from such injury.

Looking at how Jiang Chen was being tortured, Xuanyuan Zhong and others became more excited.

“Aren’t you wild? Aren’t you arrogant? Aren’t you very powerful? Now you are still under our attack.”

Li Batian stared at the sky with pride. He finally felt slightly relieved after taking revenge. Jiang Chen’s bones and meridians were shattered completely. He could not pose any threat anymore and he lost all of his combat strength.

“My son, my son. Puuuuu…….”

Jiang Zhenhai started getting sick due to depression. He spurt out some blood while his heart was like being torn apart. Which father could bear to see his son being tortured like this? Obviously, he could not stand it anymore.

“Jiang Chen looked no different from a dead man right now. In the past, you have killed so many innocent people and slaughtered so many geniuses. Now, I want everyone in the entire Linhe Boundary to see that you are a rubbish.” Xuanyuan Zhong said with a deep voice.

“This is karma. Hahaha.”

“Not bad. This guy should have died a hundred thousand times by now.”

“Sect master, thank you very much. You decide how to handle Jiang Chen.”

“Kill him and chop him into pieces. He must be killed!”

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