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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2671

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“You all came on time. Hahaha. Twenty Divine Kings are here only to catch me. I really want to see if you have such capability. Even if you are from Hundred Sects Alliance, what do I need to be afraid of?”

Jiang Chen’s arrogance had provoked everyone’s anger. In the face of the twenty Divine Kings who joined hands to deal with him, his battle spirit became more intense!

“I am going to enjoy the killing and see who can stop me.”

Jiang Chen was not slow in action. Immediately, he casted the dragon transformation and fought with the twenty of them  effortlessly. With his dragon transformation, Divine Kings could not match him at all. When he was only a Late Heavenly God, he already managed to overcome Dou Ling and Luo Qinghe who were Middle Divine Kings. He was even more powerful now and invincible. Each of them looked extremely solemn.

With Jiang Chen’s Heavenly Dragon Sword reaching another realm, even if he could not reach his enemy, his sword would be able to slice them. The dreadful sword qi pierced through the void.

The twenty of them did not dare to relax at all, but they still could not gain any upper hand. Jiang Chen was like an unparalleled war god. In the face of twenty Divine Kings, he was able to gain the upper hand in the battle with his Half-step Divine King cultivation realm. The entire Linhe Boundary was impressed.

“This guy is unbelievably strong. He must be killed. Must be killed.”

Xuanyuan Zhong said with a low voice. If Jiang Chen was not killed, none of them would be relieved.

If they allowed the tiger back to its mountain again, they could not imagine how much strength it would be able to gain next time. Fortunately, Jiang Chen was arrogant and conceited. He was not strong enough to come back here. If he was a Hierarch, Xuanyuan Zhong knew that he would also need to bow down to him despite capturing his father.. Fortunately, although Jiang Chen’s only a Half-step Divine King now, he already wanted to fight with all the experts. Xuanyuan Zhong found him extremely foolish.

“Haha. Why are you guys so weak? If you don’t do your best now, don’t blame me for being ruthless later.”

Jiang Chen sneered coldly. He was not afraid at all in the face of twenty Divine Kings. He continued to launch attacks with his sword. It was unbeatable. Moreover, his powerful strength of recovery greatly helped him in the battle. None of the twenty Divine Kings had such cards. Jiang Chen could actually set up his own sect and become the master.

“Kid, don’t be happy now. You don’t have such capability.”

“Later, you’ll mourn sadly. Humph. Bastard, you should die.”

The twenty Divine Kings exerted all of their skills and cards. They were extremely brutal, intending to take Jiang Chen down. However, it was extremely difficult. They thought that they would be able to tortune Jiang Chen to death. Unexpectedly, Jiang chen was like a war god who had unlimited determination and overbearing aura.

“Three Thousand Miles of Ice!”

Jiang Chen was sweeping across the entire universe. His Three thousand Miles of Ice pushed the twenty of them far away. The dreadful power of ice had put all of them in despair. All of them were injured severely after being repulsed badly. Their faces looked extremely shocked as they realized that Jiang Chen was indeed too powerful.

Jiang Chen stood with pride and gave a faint smile. He was invincible, who can fight him? Even Xuanyuan Zhong did not dare to fight him now because he would not perform as well as Jiang Chen in the face of twenty Divine King experts. At the moment, everyone trembled in fear as they looked at the Three Thousands Miles of Ice.

“Even twenty Divine Kings can’t hold a candle against Jiang Chen. They even lost their advantage and were suppressed by Jiang Chen. It’s really shameful to the Linhe Boundary.”

Xuanyuan Zhong knew that it’s time to make an ending.


Jiang Chen said proudly while looking around with his sharp eagle-like eyes.

Xuanyuan Zhong smiled coldly and looked at Jiang Chen. He then said dismissively:

“Anyone? I am going to show you someone whom you would be fond of.”

Jiang Chen shivered in his heart. He had been feeling uneasy these days. Who was that guy? Who was the guy whom he really wanted to see?

“What do you mean?”

However, Jiang Chen remained calm and looked at Xuanyuan Zhong.

“You will know soon. Elder Ti, bring him here.”

Xuanyuan Zhong said.

“Yes, sect master.”

Ti Longhuai smiled coldly and immediately entered the sect.

Except Divine Pill Sect and Ghost Eye Sect, the other sect masters were confused. What does the sect master of Clear Stream Sect want to do?

No one knew. Jiang Chen was anxious but he had no clue.

“Jiang Chen. He is Jiang Chen. The son Brother Zhen mentioned before should be this guy. These people used Brother Zhen to threaten Jiang Chen.”

Ling Ruyue stood somewhere afar while looking at this scene. Nevertheless, she could still feel the cruel killing intent filling up the entire Clear Stream Sect. Each of their lives was in danger now. She was too weak to be there, that was why she could only observe the situation.

Minutes passed, and Ti Longhuai brought a middle-aged man who was clothed in a ragged. The man looked thin and weak. The beard on his face also showed what he had been going through. He looked dirty and pitiful. However, Jiang Chen’s gaze stunned at the man.


Jiang Chen could not imagine that the Clear Stream Sect had caught his father. Wasn’t his father enjoying his life at the Immortal World? Why is he here? Jiang Chen was very sure that his man was his father–Jiang Zhenhai.

“Little Chen? My son……”

Jiang Zhenhai raised his head suddenly and his eyesight seems clearer now. It was full of missing and compassion. No matter how strong or weak he was or where he was, Jiang Zhenhai could not help suppressing his emotion when he saw his own son. He assumed both the role of a father and a mother to raise up Jiang Chen since he was young. Jiang Zhenhai could lose anything but he could not lose his son.

Jiang Zhen was a tough man and he almost never shed any tears in his lifetime. However, when he met his son again, he felt extremely bitter in his heart. Others might not know, but he could see that his son had gone through too much suffering and obstacles throughout the days. The aura of Jiang Chen was completely different from what he used to have in Immortal World. His restrained manner and inner determination was not the same anymore. He could not explain this with words. He knew that Jiang Chen had endured many trials alone in the Divine World and Jiang Chen would not tell others about it. Jiang Chen could only bear everything alone.

Jiang Zhenhai had no chance to tell Jiang Chen all of these feelings because if he did not leave immediately, he would be tortured by all these experts from Clear Stream Sect. He would be doomed to lose his life here.

“Hurry up, leave here. They will kill you.”

Jiang Zhenhaid shouted with tears in his eyes. Jiang Chen’s heart trembled at the moment and his face became pale.

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