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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2670

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When the six great Divine Kings unleashed their great techniques, shining rays of light blast through the skies and terrifying sword qi flew up and shattered the surrounding mountains.

Nevertheless, Jiang Chen was still able to keep his opponents close without losing. His Heavenly Dragon Sword was unstoppable, causing his opponents unable to cut past his blade.

Swords and spears clashed, sparks flying all over the place. Jiang Chen was fending off the six great Divine Kings without much pressure as time went on even though they were doing their best to take him down.

Jiang Chen finally understood how dangerous it was to face a powerful foe. Those rays of light earlier could easily cause a serious wound if he was directly hit. He faced this battle with full concentration as this was his first time facing so many Divine Kings after his breakthrough.

“This lad is too cunning, like a slippery eel. Everyone, don’t hold back anymore, it may take too long if we hold back, kill him with all we got.” Dan Feng said.

Obviously, the six of them weren’t fighting with their all. After all, there were six of them fighting off a single target. Moreover, they could easily fight against a Mid Divine King expert if they only used 70% of their might. Yet they weren’t able to land any effective blows against Jiang Chen. Dan Feng was feeling extremely frustrated.

“Alright!” The others complied and attacked much stronger.

Jiang Chen sneered. Although the six of them were cooperating, they weren’t of a single unit. He had faced many Divine Kings before, this wasn’t his first time. The six of them weren’t much with the Heavenly Dragon Sword in his hands. Each of his blade strikes were faster than before, his techniques were getting better and better. Although he hasn’t reached the Sword Saint’s level, he’s still a force to be reckoned.

“The blade shall cut apart the wills of the heavens!


Jiang Chen unleashed the Sword of Solitary, it was much stronger than before with his cultivation level at the Half-Step Divine King now.

“Boy, let’s see how long you’ll last.” Li Batian sneered.

When the six of them finally overpowered him, Jiang Chen used the Sword of Solitary to finally push them back. However, they weren’t planning to give him any time to rest as they quickly went back for him.

“Divine Golden Bell: God Sealing Prohibition!”

Jiang Chen’s technique was swift, immediately trapping the six of them in the Divine Golden Bell. They were overpowered by the God Sealing Prohibition and were injured by Jiang Chen’s sword qi. Their expressions became pale as they looked at each other, they did not expect Jiang Chen to have such capabilities.

“Divine Golden Bell: God Sealing Prohibition? The secret technique of the Eastern Emperor Sect.” Xuanyuan Zhong said.

Everyone was stunned by his words. They did not expect Jiang Chen to use such a powerful technique that was able to injure them. At this moment, Jiang Chen stood proudly on the air with murderous intent in his eyes.

“What? Is that the rumoured Qilian Region’s Eastern Emperor Sect’s Eastern Emperor Limitless Art?” Dan Feng said in shock.

The Eastern Emperor Sect was one of the great sects of the Nine Regions, although different from theirs. However, the Eastern Emperor Sect’s fame dates several tens of thousands back, reaching even the Lone Dragon County. The Eastern Emperor Limitless Art was truly famous.

“Rumours have it that the God Sealing Prohibition is the Eastern Emperor Sect’s secret art. How does he know it? Did he join the Eastern Emperor Sect?” Li Xie said with a solemn expression, slightly stunned.

“Entering the Profound Wind Sect and then the Eastern Emperor Sect. Jiang Chen, you’re a fickle man,” Li Batian said with disdain.

“So what? I, Jiang Chen, do not need you guys to teach me how I do things. Hahaha.” Jiang Chen said in a domineering tone, ignoring their taunts and sneers.

“Looks like this kid thinks that he can reign supreme in the Linhe Boundary after learning some stuff from the Eastern Emperor Sect. Keep dreaming, kid. We will never let you have your ways.” Dan Kui said in disdain.

Although they were pushed back by Jiang Chen, he was still within the Clear Stream Sect’s boundaries. They weren’t worried about Jiang Chen running away.

“Comrades, I hope all of you will join hands together. Although the six of us here are strong, it seems we’re still short, I hope comrades shall lend a hand.” Di Longhuai looked at the dozen or so Divine King experts behind Xuanyuan Zhong.

They were the top elders of the sects, those supreme elders that undergo seclusion. Their capabilities were nothing to scoff at, too. These elders wouldn’t have come out from their seclusion if Jiang Chen didn’t destroy so many sects. The top elders of the 14 sects have gathered in this place.

“Alright, we’re ready to battle even if Brother Di did not ask, haha.”

“You’re right, he’s just a mere Half-Step Divine King, I refuse to believe that he could withstand the might of twenty Divine King experts. Today, Jiang Chen will die!”

The 14 Divine King experts behind Xuanyuan Zhong joined in the fray.

“Great, that’s more like it, twenty Divine King experts. Today, I, Jiang Chen, will fight towards the end. I’ll kill each and every one of you, no matter how many comes.” Jiang Chen said coldly.

At this moment, his heart turned cold, without a shred of anger, only murderous intent remained. Countless men died because of him when the alliance wanted him dead. The Profound Wind Sect was almost destroyed and Dragon Shisan almost died, including himself.

Therefore, Jiang Chen does not have a single shred of pity towards these people. They should all be dead. Had they forgotten how they had treated him? What kinds of methods did they employ? They should’ve known that he would come back for revenge. Karma always strikes back.

Jiang Chen wasn’t cold blooded, this happened thanks to the actions of others. He wanted to be kind, but people forced him to become a butcher in this man-eating world. People will find their ways to devour you if you’re not powerful.

The laws of the Divine World… Jiang Chen understood it, it was the same as the Immortal World. It’s just much more cruel, that’s all. He has to use his own two fists to create a path of his own.

Those who kill are not necessarily bad, those who do kill but push you towards the edge are much scarier. The human mind was indeed scary.

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