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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2664

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“You’re still not strong enough, and you might not be able to beat up all of them. Even if you have my help, it might still be to no avail. Jiang Chen, I am not someone who is afraid of death, but I want you to know that it’s unnecessary to make any meaningless sacrifice. When you are strong enough, you can still go back to the Linhe Boundary to make a return. It’s not difficult for us to fight a sect together, however those sects that have existed for more than a thousand years have a very strong foundation. There must be supreme experts guarding those sects. Our chance is very slim.” Fire Qilin said seriously.

Jiang Chen nodded.

“I understand what you said but if I don’t go there right now, I might leave a lifelong regret in my life. It seems there’s an impossible force pushing me to take revenge, to get back what I lost before. It was quite embarrassing when I fled away from Linhe Boundary that day.”

Jiang Chen smiled bitterly. He had already made up his mind to go back to Linhe Boundary. He must gain a glorious victory and mess up the entire Linhe Boundary. There were things he suppressed too long in his heart that had made him feel really uncomfortable. He must vent it out.

In Linhe Boundary, there was a small town at the corner of the area of Clear Stream Sect.

Wang Family was the pioneer of the three major families in the Gu Ye City. However, Wang Family always wanted to seek breakthrough in order to unite the three major families here. The other two families had become stronger these years. One of their disciples had been cultivating in Heavenly Star Sect; the other one had been cultivating in Ghost Eye Sect. Wang Family could feel that a crisis was coming soon at the current moment.

The head of Wang Family, Wang Yunkun looked serious; he was really worried. If the situation continued like this, his family would definitely lose their current leading position.

“Master, I have a plan. Maybe you want to give it a try.”

Wang Jianji smiled cunningly. As Wang Yunkun’s military counselor, most of the ideas at Wang Family were from him.

Wang Yunkun’s eyes shone and looked at Wang Jianji and said:

“Tell me about it.”

“Perhaps Mr. Jiang could be our saviour.”

Wang Jianji grinned.

“Mr. Jiang? Do you mean Jiang Zhen?”

Wang Yunkun frowned his forehead.

“Although Mr. Jiang just ascended here from the Immortal World, he is very talented and many ordinary people of the Divine World are incomparable to him. He is strong, who knows our Wang Family might need to depend on him in the future. Although he is just at the peak of Void God Realm now and not even at the True God Realm yet, I believe that he definitely would excel in the coming twenty years.”

Wang Yunkun said seriously. However, he had know idea how Wang Jianji could persuade Jiang Zhen to help them.

“It’s not like that. I don’t mean that, master.” Wang Jianji profoundly added.

Wang Yunkun’s countenance fell. Wang Jianji knew it’s time to tell the truth, otherwise he might accidentally provoke his master’s anger.

“A few days again, I saw that Mr Jiang spoke out his worry when he was drinking with a woman. He said that he has a son in the Divine World. The son’s name is Jiang Chen.”

“Jiang Chen? So? There are more than a thousand people called Jiang Chen in Divine World. Even the idiot in our town is also called Jiang Chen, isn’t he?”  Wang Yunkun said in confusion.

“Master, did you forget the Jiang Chen who stirred up bloody storms in Linhe Boundary a few years ago? Jiang Chen from the Profound Feng Sect had confronted more than a hundred sects alone. At the end, he fled from the boundary. He had put those sects to shame. I guess that Jiang Chen also came from the Immortal World.”

Wang Jianji’s words startled Wang Yunkun.

“Do you mean Jiang Zhen is Jiang Chen’s father? There’s a connection between them?”

“It’s hard to say, but both of them are from Immortal World. He has a son called Jiang Chen and both of them appeared at Linhe Boundary at the same time. Doesn’t this sound strange? If we can send Jiang Zhen to Clear Stream Sect or Divine Pill Sect, I am sure that those who hate Jiang Chen to the bone would definitely reward us graciously. By that time, we could also approach one of the major sects. More importantly, even if they just simply spare us something, that would be enough for us to sweep across the entire Gu Ye City.”

Wang Jianji squinted his eyes and finally revealed his idea to Wang Yunkun. However, Wang Yunkun fell into a deep contemplation at this moment.

“However, Mr. Jiang had shown me kindness before. If my youngest son did not encounter him at that time, he might have died. If I do something like this, it goes against my morality.”

Wang Yunkun could not help shaking his head while heaving a sigh. Although he was not a righteous man, Jiang Zhen was still the saviour of his son. If he pushed Jiang Zhen away to those sects, what he did would have no difference from harming him and foreot his kindness. How would he come to Wang Yunkun in the future?

“Jiang Chen is the person whom everyone in Linhe Boundary are looking to kill. If we help those supreme sects get Jiang Chen’s father, it is actually a contribution. It’s not a shameful thing and I believe everyone would understand your situation, master. If we don’t save ourselves, the others will simply kill us. We are forced to do this. Our current situation is not good now as the other families have been aiming at us. They might cause any huge threat to us anytime. We shouldn’t lose the opportunity, master! We must know that eagles don’t catch flies.”

Wang Jianji kept counseling earnestly. If they still did not make a decision now, it would be too late by the time Jiang Zhen became stronger.

After Wang Jianji’s advices, Wang Yunkun finally changed his mind.

“You’re right. Eagles don’t catch flies. I am going to be sorry to you, Mr Jiang. Hope that you don’t blame me if you pass away in the future.”

Wang Yunkun gritted his teeth tightly and he looked solemn as if he had made a huge decision. It’s a decision that is going to change his entire life.

“Get ready to summon him to the hall tomorrow.”

“Great. Don’t worry, I will handle everything. Hehe.”

Wang Jianji smiled coldly. Jiang Zhenhai, Jiang Zhenhai, there’s no woman in the world whom I could not get.

It’s a clear day in the bamboo forest. Under the moonlight, there was a couple.

Jiang Zhenhai had gone through a lot in his life. His greatest pride was his son. In the entire Immortal World, no one did not know about Jiang Chen. He even enjoyed the glory of his son and gained great respect from people. However, he did not want to live in the Immortal World comfortably forever despite the great life. He always missed his son, Jiang Chen.

Jiang Zhenhai did not expect that he would finally meet a woman who finally moved his heart after many years. He saved her in the forest that time. It was like a cliche. After that, they fell in love. At that time, he even managed to save Wang Yunkun’s youngest son Wang Peng. Because of Wang Yunkun’s earnest invitation, he finally decided to stay here for a long term as a guest.

Lin Ruyue was exactly like her name which means as light as wind and as elegant as moon. Although she was not extraordinarily beautiful, she still had the attractive appearance that gained hundred and thousands people’s attention in the town.

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