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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2663

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“It will not affect the battle of Profound Connection Divine Palace too much because most of those who walked out alive are not the top disciples. Xuan Shenji from Heavenly Profound Sect, Gui Gu from Killing Luo Sect and Donghuang Tai`A from Eastern Emperor Sect are not among them.” Zi Xi said with a low voice.

Those who died and severely injured were only the second-grade genius disciples of the ten major sects. The top geniuses did not join the journey to the Thunder Rush Sea as they focused on cultivating their realm to join the battle of Profound Connection Divine Palace.

“I hope so.”

Zi Qingtian murmured but he had some sense of impending doom as if some unavoidable thunders and storms were coming soon. He did not know what would happen to the battle of Profound Connection Divine Palace this time. Zi Qingtian could not help feeling worried.

Above the Thunder Rush Sea, fierce sea waves were surfing and rolling up from thousand miles away. Jiang Chen stood up on the wave alone despite the thunderstorms and lightning. He was like an unparalleled God of War who feared nothing. His ice-cold eyes seemed to be able see through everything under heaven.

Jiang Chen had gone through hardship and thunders on the sea for more than half a year. The experience had helped him to build up a strong foundation and spirit. His cultivation realm had become firmer and stronger. Jiang Chen was accompanied by the sea monster all this while. The Divine King sea monsters within the three thousand miles were all defeated by Jiang Chen. However, he did not kill them but befriended them. Humans normally would never gain the upper hand when fighting with the sea monsters on the sea. However, he was able to overcome them alone. In this half year, Jiang Chen had experienced transformation and his strength reached an unprecedentedly high realm.

Jiang Chen’s aura also became much vigorous now and he bore the aura of a King. His Half-step Divine King Realm was genuinely in-built in his body, as firm as a mountain.  He had the confidence to overcome any ordinary Divine King experts.

“It’s the time to engrave the dragon ball on the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda now.”

Jiang Chen murmured. When the first time he engraved a dragon ball on the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda, many floors were opened. He doesn’t know what kind of surprise would come this time.

Jiang Chen took out the dragon ball and he could immediately feel the strong attraction between the dragon ball and Ancestral Dragon Pagoda. They seemed to have a very strong connection and wanted to combine with each other well. Jiang Chen held the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda and the dragon ball together and they were suddenly integrated.  The Ancestral Dragon Pagoda gave out strong radiance and brought great shock to heaven and earth. There were dragons and fishes surging up from the sea along with the waves. They appeared next to Jiang Chen.

Hundreds and thousands of monsters that were from thousands of miles away came to worship the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda.

The Dragon was not only the conqueror to all of the monsters on the land. It was even the supreme king among the sea creatures. All of the sea monsters unexpectedly started bowing down to Jiang Chen. Those monsters who were under Hierarch Realm all were waiting for Jiang Chen’s order. As soon as the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda appeared, they even applauded loudly.

The perfect combination between dragon ball and the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda was under Jiang Chen’s expectation. What he did not expect, however, was that the floors in the pagoda did not open as fast as last time. The process was still full of changing colour. When the eighty-ninth floor opened, the time suddenly passed slowly.

“Will the ninetieth floor open? ”

Jiang Chen murmured. Accompanied by the golden radiance, the ninetieth floor opened gradually. His eyes turned blazing. He could feel that the ninetieth floor was significantly different from the eighty-ninth floor.

“There’s sky beyond the sky.”

Jiang Chen frowned as there are only a few big words in the ninetieth floor. They were some golden seal inscriptions, written as “There’s sky beyond the sky!”

“What does this mean?”

Jiang Chen could not understand, however, these words had really intrigued him. As the Ancestral Dragon Emperor had already fallen into a deep hibernation, he had no way to understand the words at the moment. The words were not so important, however. More importantly, the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda’s defensive power became stronger now. The pagoda’s time elapse speed had also advanced to a faster pace. Jiang Chen knew that the opening of each floor in the pagoda would bring him different things each time. However, it was also more and more difficult to open the new floor.

He estimated that a piece of dragon ball would only open one to two floors of the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda next time. Driven by his curiosity, Jiang Chen yearned to get more dragon balls.

Yawn*, I had a good sleep. I am so sleepy.”

Fire Qilin yawned. He looked bored and lazy. However, Jiang Chen could sense that Fire Qilin had become stronger now.

“You have been sleeping until now ever since your injury?”

Jiang Chen said while his face showed contempt.

“So what? I am having a backache from the sleep now.” Fire Qilin replied, looking lost.

“How do you break through just by sleeping?!”

Jiang Chen was shocked and almost spurted out blood. You are really ungrateful, making a breakthrough from sleep sounds so shameless.

“How’s your cultivation realm now?”

Jiang Chen continued to ask.

“Almost at the peak of Early Divine King Realm. However, it’s more than enough to deal with Mid Divine Kings. Moreover, I have gained back some inherited memory. I might need to digest the memory slowly.”

Fire Qilin curled up his mouth and seemed to be unsatisfied.

“I have been cultivating tremendously, but still can’t catch up to you.”

Jiang Chen heaved a sigh. Fire Qilin had inherited memories but Jiang Chen only had his own fist to fight for his future.

“Anyhow, I am too charming in the Qilin Clan and I leave no space of living for others.”

Fire Qilin curled up his lips and showed his narcissistic face.

“Don’t be so shameless. You’re the only one I know from the Qilin Clan.” Jiang Chen said dismissively.

Two of them stepped through the thousand-miles sea and left the Thunder Rush Sea.

The moment Fire Qilin stepped out of the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda, a Heavenly Lightning Tribulation struck on his head directly. Jiang Chen couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

“Evil people would receive karma from heaven. Hahaha. You are only charming for less than three seconds. Accept the baptism of the Heavenly Lightning Tribulation.”

“Mother f*ucker. I thought there won’t be a Heavenly Lightning Tribulation. If I knew earlier, I would stay inside the Ancestral Dagon Pagoda.”

Fire Qilin did not know whether to laugh or cry at the moment. Jiang Chen could not help him as well. But luckily, Fire Qilin’s cultivation realm had already reached the Early Divine King Realm. At least it was impossible for the  Heavenly Lightning Tribulation to kill him.

“You never care about your brother.”

Fire Qilin said fiercely while Jiang Chen turned around without giving Fire Qilin a glance.

After Jiang Chen returned to Ling Jue City, he did not rush back to the Eastern Emperor Sect because he wanted to take revenge. He felt that it’s his time going back to LinHe Boundary to take revenge. He wanted the entire LinHe Boundary to bow down and submit to him. He wanted all of the sects to lose their dignity. He wanted to avenge Tang Zhen and the others who died innocently. He wanted to avenge Profound Feng Sect and let others know who was the true king.

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