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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2661

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There was a fish in the Northern ocean called Kun. The length of Kun was somehow more than thousands of miles. It transformed into a bird and its name was Peng. The back of Peng was thousands of miles long. It flew wildly, spreading its wings which looked like a cloud on the horizon.

This was just a legend and nobody had seen Kun and Peng. Thus, no one knew whether it was a fish or a bird.

However, Yuan Cheng could not explain it  at the moment. He had failed to describe the huge creature which was covering the sky and blotting the sun, three feet above his head.

“Is this the real Kun?”

Yuan Cheng was trembling in fear. If his guess was right, this was truly terrifying. Even though he was a Half-step Divine Emperor, his legs turned to jelly after seeing it. This creature blotted out the sun utterly. He believed that even a Sovereign expert would not be able to compete against it.

Jiang Chen narrowed his eyes slightly and looked cold, he dared not to make a rash move at this moment. He could not even imagine how big the enormous creature was and did not know where its end was.

“There was a fish in the Northern ocean called Kun. The length of Kun was somehow more than thousands of miles……”

Jiang Chen murmured under his breath. If he did not guess it wrong, it was most probably the legendary Kun. He had never expected himself to have such an opportunity to meet such a terrifying creature during his lifetime. Compared to the nine sons of the dragon, Kun was legendary and nobody had seen it. Or, to put it another way, those who had seen it were all dead.

It could blot out the sun completely with its body, which was unbeatable and unmatched in the world. In the boundless Thunder Rush Sea, no one knew how horrifying the creature was. Not to mention Jiang Chen, even Yuan Cheng felt suffocated, he felt like facing death.

No one was comparable to the boundless magnitude of the sea but this dark shadow was magnificent and vast like the sea. They could hardly see  its end, and none of them could identify if it was the real Kun.


A sudden ear-splitting roar devastated the universe. Even though Jiang Chen had escaped into the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda in time, it still made him feel like he was stabbed with pins and needles. He looked deathly pale and  was spurting blood continuously, there was only endless fright shown in his eyes.

Inside the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda, the roar seemed gentle but it was still earth-shattering and devastating, which made everyone feel overwhelmed with grief and horror. Yuan Cheng, meanwhile, was the one who took the brunt of the roar. Even though a Half-step Emperor Realm was already covering his ears with both of his hands, he still turned ghastly pale without exception. After the thunderous roar, it proved that Yuan Cheng could hardly resist the tremendous thunder. He was bleeding from seven orifices and suffered serious wounds eventually. Under the strike of the huge waves, he had nearly fallen into the deep sea.

“It’s just too terrifying.”

At this moment, Yan Qingcheng wore a worried frown and woke up from a deep sleep as it was just impossible for her to remain asleep in this situation.

“Are you feeling better now?”

Jiang Chen asked anxiously and felt completely relieved after seeing Yan Qingcheng wake up. There was a shade of blue light shimmering brightly between her eyebrows. As what he expected, it showed that this princess from the Battle Kingdom was not an ordinary person.

“I am fine. Thank you anyway.

Yan Qingcheng said in a low voice.

“Goddamn it, what exactly is this? Is that the real Kun?”

Yuan Cheng was cursing angrily in his mind but he had no time for others. He was trembling with fright and took to his heels.

However, everything was already too late. As the enormous virtual shadow was showing the colour of the sky, at this moment, the clouds still remained the same and the blue sky appeared vividly. But in the next second, there was an enormous bloody mouth appearing in the vast void. Its nose and eyes were totally invisible, no one had noticed how big the mouth was but the black hawk was falling like a canopy from the heavens. Yuan Cheng was in despair, feeling depressed and helpless.

“No! No! No……”

Yuan Cheng was running desperately and staggeringly. He soared high in the void and even teleported. Unfortunately, it was just meaningless and made no difference. The moment the enormous virtual shadow fell to the earth, Yuan Cheng was eventually engulfed by the shadow.

The waves were towering three feet high. Jiang Chen was filled with astonishment. This was invincible and matchless in the world. It could even engulf a Half-step Emperor at once and there was no place for him to run.

The gigantic black hawk disappeared in the endless sky and dived into the deep sea after staying in the sky for more than an hour. Jiang Chen was not sure if it was the real Kun and did not even know what the creature was. However, it was a fact that it had engulfed Yuan Cheng. It was a battle without any suspense and an Emperor Realm expert sounded like a joke in front of the dark shadow.

“What is that?”

Yan Qingcheng murmured under her breath. Apparently, the enormous dark shadow had given her a huge shock but she was still clueless about the creature at the last moment.

The moment the dark shadow disappeared, Jiang Chen felt at ease for being able to survive the crisis. It was such a narrow escape from death. However, it made him feel relieved and at ease after watching Yuan Cheng being engulfed by the dark shadow. It was like a lifesaver to him.

“It’s shapeless and selfless. Every flower and every world, every blade of grass and bodhi, every thought and intention, they are withering and getting a new life each year.

There was a voice reverberating in Jiang Chen’s heart. He was slightly startled and looked shocked. Where did the voice come from? After hearing the voice, Jiang Chen became serious and worried. It was like a phrase with a profound meaning, and it also sounded like an acknowledgement to him. Jiang Chen raised his head immediately and looked into the enormous dark shadow that had just disappeared above the shore.

“Is that you?”

Jiang Chen murmured. It seemed like the voice was coming from afar, at the ends of the world.

“It is shapeless and selfless. Every flower and every world……”

Jiang Chen kept murmuring the phrase in his mind. At this moment, there was a huge transformation in Jiang Chen’s mind. The hidden meaning was hard to understand but he could tell that the feeling was true.

He opened his eyes and looked into the world. The whole world had become crystal clear and the  Azure Stone Gate on the shore of the Thunder Rush Sea was within his reach at this moment.

“Gate of Warrior, open now!”

Jiang Chen roared in a deep voice. The Gate of Warrior was transformed into a human’s height building in a twinkling of an eye and laid beside Jiang Chen. He tried to reach and hold it but the Warrior’s Gate was absorbed into his body.

Jiang Chen was on cloud nine and was filled with excitement. Needless to say, he gained the power to control the Warrior’s Gate after perceiving the meaning of the phrase. Even the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda and the Myriad Qi Cauldron was unable to accommodate the Warrior’s Gate but he had finally found the correct way to launch it after hearing the unfamiliar phrases.

It sounded like a fantasy but Jiang Chen was sure that the dark shadow meant to give him a helping hand. Otherwise, he could not explain why the dark shadow engulfed the Half-step Emperor at once.

Jiang Chen looked at the Qi in his diaphragm, where Warrior’s Gate was placed. He could launch the gate by just thinking of it. Jiang Chen’s soul was spreading out and another world was opened. Next, Jiang Chen was stunned as he could not see the end of the Warrior’s Gate. Even though he was able to control the gate completely, he still failed to find its edges within hundreds of miles.

There was a whole wide world that was full of amazing and strange things! Obviously, there was an old world behind the Gate of Warrior. Jiang Chen looked solemn and serious. Even Emperor experts could not master the Gate of Warrior. Qiu Niu’s mightiness was undeniable yet he knew nothing about it.

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