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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2660

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“Buddha Long Xiang? Hehe, interesting. In the past, Buddha Long Xiang would have to call me senior.” the Ancestral Dragon Emperor said with a smile.

However, Yuan Cheng’s expression became extremely ugly.

“May I ask senior… ” Yuan Cheng asked carefully.

“You do not have the qualification to know who I am, scram, otherwise, die!” Ancestral Dragon Emperor said indifferently.

However, Jiang Chen was feeling worried. This Ancestral Dragon Emperor is pretty good at acting tough. He too is barely hanging on, we’re both doomed if Yuan Cheng wants to fight to the end. Ancestral Dragon Emperor has nothing left to fight against him, he’s just trying to scare him off, we’ll have to run with our lives if it fails… and the Warrior’s Gate has to be handed to him on a silver platter.

Jiang Chen was much more worried than Ancestral Dragon Emperor as he and Yan Qingcheng’s life was in his hands.

“Senior, although I do not know which senior from the Dragon Clan are you. However, I cannot go against the orders of my master and it’ll be hard for me to report to my master if I don’t take the Warrior’s Gate back. ” Yuan Cheng said, gritting his teeth.

He had shown enough respect to Ancestral Dragon Emperor, but he will not back down if he needs to fight. Plus, the opponent’s just a dragon spirit who’s certainly weaker than in his prime, Yuan Cheng will use everything he has to get the Warrior’s Gate.

“Hmph, stubborn, you’re forcing my hand?!” Ancestral Dragon Emperor harrumphed and raised his collar.

Yuan Cheng jumped a little. I may not have an advantage if this dragon spirit really wants to fight.

“Then, this junior will have to check, senior’s magnificence.”

Yuan Cheng clenched his teeth and said, preparing himself to face a powerful foe and dared not to dawdle.

“Looks like this fella is a tough guy, the temptation of the Warrior’s Gate is too great, run, quick. Stop thinking about the Warrior’s Gate now. There will be more chances in the future, I need to go back to slumber. That attack took up all I have. He’s a Half-Step Divine Emperor.” The Ancestral Dragon Emperor’s image appeared in Jiang Chen’s mind.

Jiang Chen was shocked. He guessed that the fella was powerful but did not expect him to be a Half-Step Divine Emperor. Qilian Region… no… even Lone Dragon County, this kind of expert is on the top of the pyramid, he’s here for the Warrior’s Gate, looks like there’s no chance for me today.


At this moment, Jiang Chen was prepared to run away. There was no way to fight against a Half-Step Divine Emperor, an overlord in any region. Although he’s confident, he knew its impossible for him to fight a battle to the death with him. A smart person will live long, he did not like those words but he was forced to do it.

“Very well then!” The dragon spirit said.

Yuan Cheng prepared his stance with an extremely solemn expression. However, the Ancestral Dragon Emperor instantly jumped into the pagoda and Jiang Chen grabbed Yan Qingcheng and ran away with the Great Void Technique, running out from the Thunder Rush Sea.

At that moment, Yuan Cheng was dumbfounded, he was prepared to fight against a powerful foe yet the opponent ran away, are you sh!tting me?

Instantly, Yuan Cheng knew that he had been played. That dragon spirit is certainly not my match otherwise they wouldn’t have run…!

“Motherf*cker, you dare toy with me? Let’s see where you’re going to run to.” Yuan Cheng gritted his teeth.

He had been played, how could he not be angry? Even in the Middle Region Divine Land, he was regarded as one of the most respected people out there, a Half-Step Divine Emperor. Not anyone could achieve it. The eighth disciple of Buddha Long Xiang. Yet he faced such shame over here, he will never let this go.

“You dare! Give me your life!” Yuan Cheng burst out towards the sky like a meteor, pursuing Jiang Chen.

The distance they had was constantly shortened even though he used the Great Void Technique. He could probably get away if it was a Hierarch expert. But now… it’s a Half-Step Divine Emperor…

“F*ck, this fella is too strong, where did this bastard come from?!” Jiang Chen cursed, although it’s pointless.

The moment he ran out from the Icye Sea Divine Dragon Palace, a thousand zhang tall waveswave came crashing upon him, forcing him to back off. Jiang Chen would will certainly be shattered into pieces if he rushed into it, not even a Divine King could withstand it.

Violent waves in the front and a ferocious behind him, he was stuck.

“Hmph, boy, why aren’t you running? Run, I almost got cheated… it’s just a dragon spirit… made me think that it’s a powerful being from the Dragon Clan. Hah, it’s just a coward. This is hilarious.” Yuan Cheng sneered.

Jiang Chen was stuck now and there’s only one thing left for him to do, it was to hide inside the pagoda. However, he still might may not be able to get away too even soif he does it. This expert could’ve some cards to force them out of the pagodafrom it.

“You should give me a reason even if I have to die. Tell me, who are you, why do you want to kill me. Who are you to Qingcheng.” Jiang Chen squinted his eyes.

“Hmph, you do not have the qualification to know about it. I’ll give you a painless death.” Yuan Cheng threw a punch and Jiang Chen took it in a desperate manner, heavily injuring himcausing him a heavy injury.

However, at this moment, a dark shadow covered the sky, as if the night hadhas come. Jiang Chen and Yuan Cheng looked up, they could only see dark shadows, something was covering the sunlight.

“Is that a sea-demon?” Jiang Chen murmured.

This giant being that is covering the sky, what is it?!

“What monster are you, come out!” Yuan Cheng shouted.

This figure was extremely gigantic, he doesn’t know what it was.

At that moment, Yuan Cheng and Jiang Chen did not move, because the size of it was too scary. That thousand zhang tall wave that could kill a Divine King felt like nothing compared to towards this being. One couldn’t even see the end of this being, truly fearful.

Yuan Cheng’s expression became slightly pale because he suddenly remembered of a legend:

The North has a fish, it’s name is Kun!

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