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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2658

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“At this moment, I hope you understand that your obsession will only bring harm to you. Ah Niu, I love you. It’s because of your noble, pure and upright quality. However, I do not like the current you, and I never will. Obsession has swallowed your conscience, consigning you to eternal damnation.” Princess Bingying said.

Qiu Niu felt ashamed after hearing it. Yeah, since when did I become this selfish? The me in the past would not do this.

“But… I do not wish to leave you. Ying Ying, if I am to be left alone, what difference does it have if I die?” Qiu Niu smiled bitterly.

“Fate rises and perishes, everything has its own course. I die, perhaps, I could live in another form. If I continue living, then, perhaps, I would thoroughly die.”

Princess Bingying said and looked at Jiang Chen:

“Please, believe me, I will save your wife.”

Jiang Chen did not have a reason to not believe her as that was his only hope.

Jiang Chen suddenly turned around, Qiu Niu, Ancestral Dragon Emperor and Princess Bingying were the same too.

Jiang Chen knew that these nine dragon elders must be killed. He must avenge Yan Qiucheng, for Princess Bingying.

“You guys have done all kinds of evil deeds, billions of citizens of the Battle Kingdom were killed because of you all. Trash of the Dragon Clan, today, I shall eliminate you! ” Jiang Chen said as he took a step forward with the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda, the world shook.

“Lord Ancestral Dragon Emperor, save us.”

“I beg you, Lord Ancestral Dragon Emperor. You must save us.”

The nine of them kneeled and begged the Ancestral Dragon Emperor for protection. The latter only sighed in return. Blood for blood, plus, they killed billions of Battle Kingdom citizens, a giant country. No one could wash away such a sin.

“This is your only end, you can only blame yourselves for it!”

Jiang Chen’s Ancestral Dragon Pagoda shone brightly and the nine great Hierarch Realm dragon spirits instantly perished! They didn’t have a chance to fight back. It was a suppression that comes from the soul.

The Ancestral Dragon Emperor silently closed his eyes. He built the Dragon Clan from scratch as the first Dragon Emperor that was born from the world. He had the responsibility to protect the Dragon Clan. However, at this moment, there was nothing he could say. Because, these nine damned dragons massacred a country and all of its citizens.

The Dragon Clan could not face the others if this blood wasn’t paid. Moreover, they destroyed the country of his child’s wife, causing Qiu Niu to bear such grudge for millions of years.

Princess Bingying’s eyes teared up. At this moment, the blood of the subjects of the country was finally paid. Yet, she couldn’t see her father’s figure anymore.

“Lord Father, this proves that I’ve made the right choice, it was all the nine damned dragons fault.” Princess Bingying looked up to the sky and her heart became calm.

Now, she only needs to revive Yan Qingcheng as she’s hanging on a thin thread.

“Yingying…”  Qiu Niu gritted his teeth.

Once Princess Bingying revived Yan Qingcheng, she would perish and there would be no Princess Bingying in this world anymore.

“This is my fate. Ah Niu, rest assured, you’ll forever be my most beloved one in my heart, forever and ever. I’m already dead for thousands of years. You want to revive me but is there any purpose for me to be alive, alone in this world? I will still be alone if it’s without you, what should I do about that? Therefore, stop your obsession, our intertwined fate will be destroyed one day. That is not the end, it’s just our marriage’s fate. Isn’t it the same as death? To live in pain, alone? Hence, do not waste your time anymore, you fool, I’ve never blamed you.”

Qiu Niu wanted to say something but didn’t when Princess Bingying turned around. He was wrong from the start, very wrong, he finally understood but it wasn’t too late, luckily he didn’t make any more great mistakes, otherwise, Bingling would be terribly sad if he used Yan Qingcheng to revive her.

Qiu Niu smiled.

“Father, I’ve never done any dishonorable thing in this life and I’ve never wronged anyone. I am different from the others, not all the nine sons of the dragon are bad. It’s just that I do not wish to quarrel with others, only wanting to live a peaceful life. Jiang Chen, this Warrior’s Gate will be yours, you’ll obtain a great treasure if you manage to take it. The current you may not be able to find out its secrets. But you’ll someday understand this place’s greatness. Perhaps, I’ll become a good man in my next life.” Qiu Ni said as he turned around and scattered into golden sparkles, spreading across heaven and earth.

“Let me exorcise you.”

Jiang Chen wielded the Great Yu Soul Forming Light.

“By returning to what one was is also considered to fulfil the great dao.. This father has never been great to you in this life.” Ancestral Dragon Emperor murmured, his expression was somewhat lonely.

Qiu Niu burnt up his soul and proceeded to enter the cycle of reincarnation, to start a new life.

Princess Bingying did not look back, however, her face was covered with tears.

Jiang Chen did not speak a word, perhaps, this was the best ending. Princess Bingying managed to save Yan Qingcheng and she too was on the verge of dispersing. She then bowed towards the Ancestral Dragon Emperor and dispersed into a blue sparkle. A blue crystal was then imprinted on Yan Qingcheng’s forehead.

“This is something left to me by my mother, it’s indestructible, it will protect you from harm. I hope both of you will stay happy forever.”

“Thank you, princess.”

Jiang Chen bowed towards the blue glows that were floating away. This was his gratitude towards Princess Bingying. This bow was something he should do.

“Senior, what is this Warrior’s Gate?” Jiang Chen asked the Ancestral Dragon Emperor.

“Warrior’s Gate, to think that the Warrior’s Gate would be in his possession. After countless years, the heroes under this heaven since days long past have been searching for this Warrior’s Gate. Although I do not know what this place is, at least this place was able to change heaven and earth. Only a few people from the immemorial times truly understand the Warrior’s Gate. Even Emperor Realm experts have to take this place seriously. I too only heard of it. At least it’s at the same or greater level than the God Luo’s Scripture. Because this Warrior’s Gate was once a complete independent world.”

Jiang Chen was shocked by the Ancestral Dragon Emperor’s words. It was an independent world?

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