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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2656

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Jiang Chen’s qi was getting weak, weaker than all of them expected.

“Are you alright?” Yan Qingcheng asked in a somewhat worried tone.

Jiang Chen kneeled with one knee with his blade supporting his body. He then slowly stood up with a smile, yet one could definitely see the lethargy on his face. Yan Qingcheng felt extremely sad for him.

Cough I thought I’m hurt pretty badly. But it looks like he’s in a much worse condition than us after unleashing that sword formation. Haha.” Fourth Brother sneered.

Jiang Chen was now at his weakest point, even a gust of wind could cause him to tumble.

“You’re the strongest Half-Step Divine King I’ve ever seen. Such talent would also be regarded as the one of the best even in the immemorial times.” Qiu Niu said with a tinge of shock in his eyes.

Jiang Chen still lost, how could he overpower 10 Hierarchs alone?

“I have not lost!” Jiang Chen’s gaze was firm.

The whole Warrior’s Gate felt like it shook once and caused a flaw in the formation. But if it did not, Jiang Chen could’ve brought all ten of them down with him.

Although he lost honorably, it was still considered as a loss. There’s nothing left in his body, potential, energy, spirit, everything gone, he’s like a dried wood.

“Indeed, a great emperor’s aura. It’s a pity that you still have to die. Those who stand before the might of the Dragon Clan shall be killed without mercy!” Ao Guyue said


Flaming Mad Dragon flew up towards the sky and attacked Jiang Chen.

“You’ll have to get through me first.” Yan Qingcheng did not hesitate in standing before Jiang Chen.

Yan Qingcheng was then pushed backwards. She landed beside Jiang Chen after taking on the tackle of the Flaming Mad Dragon. At that moment, he could feel her lifeforce flowing out from her body.

“Bastard! F*ck off!”

Qiu Niu threw a powerful punch, pushing the Flaming Mad Dragon back. She would’ve died if it wasn’t for Ao Guyue.

“Qiu Niu! What are you doing?!” The fifth brother shouted.

“What am I doing? He almost killed that woman with that attack, you’re asking me what am I doing? My Princess Bingling will lose all hope if she dies. At that moment, I want everyone of you to die with her. I’ll even shatter your spirit, to forbid you the chance to reincarnate.” Qiu Niu’s anger reached the sky.

The others instantly became silent. The Flaming Mad Dragon was originally aiming towards Jiang Chen but nobody expected the girl to stand in front of him.

Jiang Chen’s arm was shivering, his eyes were red. Yan Qingcheng’s life was seeping out from her, although she’s not dead but god knows how long she can last…

“You… Why are you this foolish? Why did you have to take it for me? Why!” Jiang Chen said in sadness, yet he couldn’t shout it out loud no matter what.

“Because I do not wish to owe anyone.” Yan Qingcheng smiled, albeit forced.

Her face was pale, it’s like a flower that was wilting, a flower  losing its lifeforce.

Jiang Chen’s eyes became moist, his heart became as hard as steel. Why, why couldn’t I protect the one I love?

“Hand her to me, I’ll make sure that she lives.” Qiu Niu said, his gaze was fixed on Yan Qingcheng.

“Boy, quickly hand over the God Luo’s Scripture, otherwise, you’ll die a worse death compared to her.” The  Third Brother sneered.

Jiang Chen laughed miserably with Yan Qingcheng in his arms as he felt her lifeforce dripping away by the second. Not even his wood spirit could do anything to stop it. An attack from a Hierarch towards her was able to put him in such despair.

“There’s only one chance for her to live. This is your only chance.” Qiu Niu looked at Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen slowly looked up and gazed towards Qiu Niu and the nine dragon elders. At that moment, his gaze seemed like that of a demonic god, filled with deadly murderous intent that would make everyone afraid. Nobody would’ve expected that the ten souls would feel a tinge of fear deep within their heart.

“I want this Heaven to change to my will. I want this Earth to crumble to my will!”

Jiang Chen’s voice was like a murmur. Yet the ten of them felt the sadness from it, especially Qiu Niu, he felt extremely comfortable. He had seen that gaze once before. It was in the ancient time, far far away, one that he couldn’t recall where or when it was.

Jiang Chen slowly stood up like a peerless demonic god. At this moment, he’s not himself anymore.

“Brothers, quickly kill this ape before anything goes wrong.” Ao Guyue said.

Qiu Niu felt something was amiss too. All of them prepared to kill Jiang Chen with their combined effort.

A strand of grey hair appeared on Jiang Chen’s hair, his face was filled with wrinkles, his gaze was like an immemorial spirit, it was scary.

“Die!!” Ao Guyue attacked first.

Jiang Chen was thrown back by the combined attacks of the ten. Yet, mysteriously, he stood up again, slowly.

“I want all of you to accompany her in death!” Jiang Chen’s gaze was like a sharp blade, without a shred of emotion, the sky was filled with thunderous anger.

“Come! Pagoda!”

There was nothing in his mind now, he only thought of the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda, only the pagoda could have the chance to overpower these ten Hierarchs. However, the pagoda could not be found, but he could only think solely of the pagoda now.

His voice reached thousands, millions and billions li away, reverberating through the skies of the supreme heavens.

“Trying to act mysterious, but you still must die! Everything will end once you die.” Ao Guyue sneered.

On a desolate mountain billions li away, a black-robed man who was holding on a giant metal pole suddenly looked up, his fiery eyes piercing through the sky.

Because, at this moment, the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda in his possession suddenly trembled.

The black-robed man’s eyes burned much brighter and his heart trembled.

The black-robed man held the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda. However, he could feel the terrifying energy coming from it, even he couldn’t control it.

The next second, the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda flew up towards the sky!

“Bastard… Little Chen, I knew it, you’re still alive!” The black-robed man gritted his teeth and said, his eyes became coldly.

He was none other than Dragon Shisan.

On top of the skies of the Northern Cold Divine Region, a golden ray of light became a mystery of all the experts.

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