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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2655

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“Please continue, I would like to see how long this guy can sustain. With such a huge consumption of strength in casting this formation, I guess he will use up all of his Divine Strength soon.”

“Haha, you’re right, third brother. I don’t believe that he could do anything to us if we continue attacking like this.”

“Even though he is capable, he will still die. My emperor’s mightiness would not be invaded.”

Everyone paid full attention and kept attacking against the sword formation. The huge impact repulsed Jiang Chen again. His body was now covered with blood. Yan Qingcheng shivered while looking at the scene. Doesn’t he want to live anymore?

The corner of Jiang Chen’s mouth became colder as he did not have a choice at all but move forward.

“Then let’s see who can last longer”

Jiang Chen took another ten Energy Recovery Pills. His strength recovered in addition to the effect of the Wood Spirit, so he had not fallen into a complete passive position yet in the battle.

“Stop for a while.”

Jiang Chen sneered while his eyes looked fierce.

“Finally, I can cast out the Dou Formation Technique this time.”

Jiang Chen pointed his fingers to the sky and the sky immediately changed colour. Under enforcement of the Dou Formation Technique, the Ashura Sword Formation became more powerful. It was at least seventy percent more powerful than before. The Ghost Prison Ashura Sword Formation suddenly became a true killer that ruled over the world under heaven. The sword qi was filled with killing intent and kept crashing against the opponent. The formation became irresistible with its massive sword shadows.

“This…… This guy has the secret technique of the Battle God Clan—Dou Formation Technique!”

“Battle God Clan was one of the ancient clans. Never expected that the Dou Formation Technique would be revealed to an outsider. It’s disappointing.”

“Be careful. We definitely can’t break through this formation now. Each of the sword shadows that came out from the formation pose a great threat to us now. The weapon that managed to strengthen this formation is the Primal Origin Treasure that has the dragon qi. The lethality it poses to us is unbelievably terrifying.”

Even Ao Guyue’s countenance fell immediately. They felt the incredibly great threat from the Ashura Sword Formation after it was enhanced by the Dou Formation Technique.

“Ten Reverends, so what? You guys are now trapped by my formation.”

Jiang Chen smiled coldly, but he also started becoming weaker.

Jiang Chen knew that his divine strength would be used up soon and that would be the time he passed away. The ten all lived up to their name and each of them were unparalleled strong sovereigns before they died.

“Hurry up! Leave the Gate of Warrior.”

Jiang Chen gave Yan Qingcheng a glance to signal her to leave. If Yan Qingcheng didn’t leave the place, he would not feel relieved at all. Moreover, their target now was Yan Qingcheng. Jiang Chen would not let her fall into the predicament.

Yan Qingcheng frowned her forehead and stared at Jiang Chen.


“Why? If you don’t leave now, I am afraid that I won’t be able to protect you.”

Jiang Chen looked at Yan Qingcheng. Has this stubborn girl finally remembered me?

Nevertheless, Yan Qingcheng remained calm and said:

“We come and leave together. If I leave now and you die, I will definitely regret it.”

Yan Qingcheng’s words made Jiang Chen speechless. She said ‘I will definitely regret’ but not ‘I will definitely be heartbroken’. Jiang Chen knew that he was still only a passerby in her life.

“Leave now!”

Jiang Chen shouted in anger. Under the Dou Formation Technique, the Ashura Sword Formation consumed too much of his strength. Jiang Chen’s face looked terrible and his eyes seemed cold. However, Yan Qingcheng remained unmoved.

“Don’t shout at me!”

Yan Qingcheng stared at Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen had no choice but to continue pestering Yan Qingcheng because his current situation was very dangerous. If the situation continued like this, he would be drained up by Ashura Sword Formation sooner or later. Although the Dou Formation Technique helped to boost the Ashura Sword Formation, it took too much Divine Origin Strength. It’s not easy for him to control the sword formation without any flaw due to his limited cultivation realm.

Jiang Chen gritted his teeth tightly. The sword shadows remained irresistible in the formation and kept making the enemies drop their jaws.

“If things continue to be like this, we will be tortured to death by this guy.”

“We must find a way out. Otherwise, we are going to fail again this time.”

“I don’t want to get killed by a young guy like this. I am an emperor of the dragon clan.”

“It’s not okay if we continue to be like this.”

Each of them kept discussing. Jiang Chen was nervous but they were also nervous as they did not know how long Jiang Chen could sustain while Jiang Chen also did not know how much strength they had to withstand the formation.

“I somehow still can control this Gate of Warrior. This would be our last chance. By that time, the formation will be weakened for a while, we seize the chance to break the formation.”

Qiu Niu said with a low voice. He used to be able to fully control the Gate of Warrior, but now his strength was too weak. In comparison to those sovereign emperors, he was too fragile. It would be their chance when there’s a subtle flaw occuring in the formation.

In fact, Jiang Chen had already used up half of his strength.

“Gate of Warrior, I am going to live forever!”

Qiu Niu opened his eyes wide and grasped his fist tighty. Suddenly, something changed between heaven and earth. There was a shock in the Gate of Warrior. Jiang Chen carried a frown in his forehead. His determination came to an end at the moment. The Ashura Sword Formation was weakened due to the shock.

“Now’s the time!”

Ao Guyue shouted in rage. No one would like to die in Jiang Chen’s formation like this, especially these elders of the dragon clan. If they were really defeated by Jiang Chen, they would feel too shameful.

Ao Guyue and others used up their last strength and joined hands with Qiu Niu to break through the Ashura Sword Formation when a flaw occurred in it. They swore to shatter Jiang Chen’s Ashura Sword Formation.

Jiang Chen could feel the determination of the ten experts. At that moment, he had already been exhausted and even the Energy Recovery Pills were unable to recover the injury he suffered. He looked aged like an old man right now, his face was full of wrinkles. His hair had turned white and he had lost his young appearance.


The formation was broken and there were ten figures emerging in the sky. Each of them looked exhausted as they all suffered severe injury. However, Jiang Chen’s condition was more critical than them and obviously he came to the edge of his life.

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