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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2652

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“Who is your beloved wife!”

Yan Qingcheng frowned her forehead and said in an unpleasant way. However, she hated the white-clothed guy more as he intended to use her body to revive his beloved wife.

“Hehehe, she doesn’t agree with what you said.”

Qiu Niu sneered and shook his head, showing his dismissive attitude to Jiang Chen.

“Battle Kingdom has already fallen, but you are still thinking about resurrecting the princess. Qiu Niu, do you really think that you are a Venerable Emperor? You are only a broken soul right now.”

Ao Guyue teased in an ironic way. Qiu Niu’s gaze finally fell on them.

“If this guy did not release you from my curse, when will you have a chance to come out again? I never had any desire to fight with others in the world, why do you want to hurt and frame me? I didn’t kill others but others died because of me. Hundreds and thousands of the people of Battle Kingdom were involved in the misfortune innocently. Even if I die a thousand times, I will not be forgiven. I don’t plan to continue my life today. I want to use my last spiritual strength to resurrect the princess to let her know that this world is not under my world. I don’t want to bear the hatred of this world forever.”

Qiu Niu murmured and said, his eyes were filled with melanchony. The princess passed away with hatred as she thought that Qiu Niu was a traitor who came from the dragon clan. She thought that Qiu Niu was here to join the Battle Kingdom in order to get her father’s God Scripture. This was the reason why the Gate of Warrior would not vanish unless Qiu Niu died.

Qiu Niu had already used up all of his strength to constraint the nine elders of the dragon clan. The Gate of Warrior was sealed by the nine elders as they were determined to have a life-and-death battle, which led to the entire Battle Kingdom being trapped in the Gate of Warrior. Everyone and everything were turned into ashes. Qiu Niu’s hatred was completely a result of the nine elder’s provocation.

Humph. Such nice words you have said. Since you are born in the dragon clan, you are supposed to do something for the dragon clan. Your identity has already determined your fate. You’re just a scum if you don’t fight for the dragon clan.”

The third elder shouted angrily.

“Hahaha. Is that the biggest joke ever? Dragon clan? You guys, as the elder of the dragon clan, have you ever seen me as part of the dragon clan? Has anyone here ever said something good about me before? In the dragon clan’s eye, the nine sons of the dragon are just some abandoned sons. However, you guys still try to puppeteer us, don’t you? Since the dragon clan don’t recognise me, why do I need to recognise the clan? It’s too easy for me to kill the nine of you, old things. So what if you’re all God Emperors? You’re still under my suppression for more than a thousand years. What can you do to me? Even if the Lord of Heavens stopped me here today, I would not spare any mercy. Ever since you guys pursued me and intended to kill me, I am no longer part of the dragon clan,” Qiu Niu said arrogantly.

“I have never been a part of the dragon clan.”

Qiu Niu felt bitter in his heart. He could choose anything in his life but not his background. Being born in the dragon clan was something out of his control. The identity was both a glory and a shame.

“The dragon emperor has nine sons, but each of them are ugly in nature. You are not supposed to live in the world. Humph.”

Ao Guyue waved his sleeves and ignored what Qiu Niu had said. Even Jiang Chen heaved a sigh for Qiu Niu. Qiu Niu was indeed quite pitiful as he was misunderstood by everyone. That was why he was filled with hatred now. Even if he had already become a divine soul, he still couldn’t escape the misfortune. At this moment, Qiu Niu’s fighting spirit rose, his eyes were especially filled with blood. Jiang Chen shook his head as he knew that Qiu Niu was completely devoured by hatred.

Qiu Niu only wanted to resurrect the princess of Battle Kingdom, to let her know how hard he had been working to suppress the nine dragons throughout these years. He wanted to prove to her that he was not a traitor. Moreover, he also suffered from the anger of the people of the Battle Kingdom. Qiu Niu’s soul was in incredible pain throughout these years.

“His soul does not belong to him anymore.” Jiang Chen said in a deep voice.

Qiu Niu was still living not only to suppress the nine dragon elders, but also to cleanse the grievances he had been suffering. However, he was no longer the kind and peaceful young man who had no grudge against the world.

Although Qiu Niu looked smart with his white clothes, no one could understand the pain he had suffered.

“No one can stop me, otherwise, I will kill you. Since I was able to suppress you for hundreds and thousands of years, I can also shatter your souls. You are going to vanish from the world forever.”

Qiu Niu was oppressive and he pressed against Ao Guyue and the others. Ao Guyue’s countenance fell as it was extremely difficult to deal with Qiu Niu. If they really fought head on, they might not be able to gain the upper hand at all.

“Qiu Niu, don’t forget that you are still from the Dragon Clan even if you don’t want to admit it. Do you really want to go against the dragon clan even after you die? If the God Luo Spriture falls into other’s hand, the consequence is unimaginable. We have gone through so much to prevent the crisis, in order to get the God Luo Scripture. We are just one step away from the God Luo Scripture now, but you are still trying to stop us.”

Ao Guyue did not want to have a life and death fight against Qiu Niu, otherwise, they might not even have the chance to leave this place with their souls. If they could return to the dragon clan, they would still have the chance to rebuild their body due to their high cultivation realm. God Emperor was not an easy cultivation realm that everyone could reach. They would not gain any benefit if they continue to deal with Qiu Niu.

Being suppressed for thousands of years had already been a great reminder to them. That was why Ao Guyue was not willing to bet again. He was worried they would wast all of the effort they had put in before.

Moreover, there were another eight brothers standing behind Ao Guyue. A thousand years ago, nine of the emperors all died and had fallen here all for the God Scripture. It was a massive loss to the dragon clan. Now, this was the only chance for them to return to the dragon clan.

“Only if I could resurrect the princess, I would only be immortal. No one can stop me and I am going to destroy everything. Gate of Warrior, invincible expert.”

Qiu Niu said oppressively. He’d still fight for his wife. It’s really admirable.

Jiang Chen looked at Yan Qingcheng. He would not let anyone touch his beloved wife as well. Even though he might be killed, he would also fight until the end.

“We only want the God Scripture. If you can help us get it, we will also help you resurrect the princess. If you want to resurrect the princess alone, I am afraid you might need to sacrifice your own soul. There are no benefits if all of us suffer great damage. So what if you defeat us? Would you be able to resurrect the princess alone?”  Ao Guyue said.

He wanted to pull Qiu Niu into his team, otherwise, the consequence would be tragic. They were unwilling to accept that.

They had been defeated once in the past. They did not want to repeat history today.

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