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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2651

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The nine dragon souls were all in their Hierarch Realm. Undeniably, these souls were definitely the nine elders of the Dragon Clan who had defeated the Battle Kingdom hundred and thousand years ago. Ever since then, they had been staying in this place. Nevertheless, the nine dragon souls seemed to still have devastating strength.

“What kind of sword is this? It managed to put the sixth elder in such a difficult situation. His dragon mightiness doesn’t seem weaker than any of us. Is he also a descendant of the Dragon Clan?”

“It’s possible. He even can cast dragon transformation. The dragon breath becomes even more intense and strong after dragon transformation. It’s comparable to mine. Even the usual Dragon Clan might not have such a powerful strength of bloodline as ours.”

“Let’s ask him first before saying so much. This guy is talented. Who knows he might be the descendant of our clan.”

“Even if he is from the dragon clan, he deserves death by showing disrespect to the sixth elder.”

The great elder of the Lighting Dragon Clan, Ao Guyue, muttered to himself for a while then he looked at Jiang Chen:

“Young lad, are you from the dragon clan?”

Ao Guyue’s arrogant attitude had completely irritated Jiang Chen. These bunch of arrogant guys still put themself at such a high position of being a part of the divine dragon clan, don’t they know that they are only some broken souls now? They have lost their past glory.

“Dragon clan? Hehe, I am dismissive of being part of your dragon clan. You guys are already dead for more than a hundred thousand years. Don’t you guys know? What a sad thing to the dragon clan. In the battle, how many people have you guys killed? You have destroyed a prosperous kingdom and killed everyone here for your own selfish desire. What you guys have except greed?”

Jiang Chen’s words were extremely sharp and put the nine elders in silence. Their faces were extremely gloomy at the moment.

“How dare you! You are so ignorant and how dare you ignore our mightiness? It’s so disappointing! Despite having the bloodline of the dragon clan, you never stand along with the dragon clan. Sadly, we must kill him.”

The third elder shouted in a deep voice with soaring anger. The nine dragon souls had already made an unretractable judgement on Jiang Chen and there’s no way to turn back.

“The sword in his hand seems like a good thing that we should keep.”

The fifth elder smiled coldly.

“You’re right. Primal Origin Treasure is indeed a good thing. We might not know when to break the curse if he was not here. Did that attack as strong as an Hierarch’s attack really come out from him? I find it hard to believe.”

The elders of the dragon clan were in an intense discussion as if they were quite interested in Jiang Chen’s death.

“You have done such a good job, so none of us can run away from here now as the nine dragon souls emerged.”

Yan Qingcheng gave Jiang Chen a cold glance and said coldly.

“Others might not be able to survive through this, but my woman will definitely go out alive.”

Jiang Chen smiled. Yan Qingcheng snorted and she was unwilling to talk to him anymore.

“A bunch of shameless old men started yearning for my Heavenly Dragon Sword.”

Jiang Chen smiled coldly and said dismissively. The greedy faces of the elders were really disgusting.

“Don’t talk with him anymore, brother. Just kill him. Humph.”


Following the deafening sounds, a bronze coffin stood up from the ground and soared into the sky. The entire place was filled with mists. The nine dragon souls were stunned for a second.

“It’s the princess of the Battle Kingdom. We must kill her. We were almost killed in her hands in the past. Otherwise, Qiu Niu* would not have put us in the curse for hundred and thousand years. We will never forget such disgrace.”

Ao Guyue said with a deep voice. Their battle was heavenly-shaking and earthly-shocking. Nine of them joined hands together to suppress Qiu Niu and they almost killed him. However, he was saved by the princess of the Battle Kingdom and helped him by taking a heavy blow. At the end, Qiu Niu was outraged and suppressed the nine dragon souls with his own body for hundreds and thousands of years. However, Jiang Chen’s Fusion of Lightning accidentally broke the curse and released the nine dragon souls.

Ao Guyue would not forget what had happened. The princess of Battle Kingdom was probably a reincarnation from the ancient ages, otherwise, she would not be capable of withstanding that heavy blow. Qiu Niu definitely knew about this as well.

At that moment, a young talented white-clothed man stood on the top of the coffin. His hands were holding a bamboo flute while his eyes were full of peace. He started blowing the flute and a touching melody came out from it.

“Damn it! The man’s soul is still alive.” The third elder gritted his teeth and said.

“Qiu Niu used to be more powerful than us. If we did not join hands to deal with him, his body would not be shattered.” Ao Guyue said coldly.

No one really knew how strong Qiu Niu was. However, they did not gain the upper hand despite their collaboration. From this, one could imagine how dreadful Qiu Niu’s battle strength was. Right now, Qiu Niu’s soul was reborn together with the coffin of the Battle Kingdom princess. This had made Ao Guyue become more cautious.

“No matter how strong he was, he is only a broken soul now. Why should we be afraid of him? The mightiness of the dragon clan is unbeatable. Show no mercy to whoever stops us. Kill them! ”

The Second elder said with an overbearing manner; his sharp eyes were full of killing intent.

“He has such a high spirit, is he Qiu Niu?” Jiang Chen murmured.

This guy stepped on the bronze coffin while playing the flute that came out as a relaxing melody. He looked like a weak scholar who had no grudge with the world. Jiang Chen could not imagine he had any relations with the mighty dragons’ eldest son.

“Qiu Niu, your soul has not worn away yet.”

Ao Guyue pointed the sword against Qiu Niu while roaring loudly.

The white-clothed guy looked at Jiang Chen, not caring about Ao Guyue at all.

“Your breath is familiar but it’s so annoying.”

The white-clothed man frowned his forehead. Jiang Chen remained solemn. Is it because of the breath of the Ancestral Dragon Emperor?

“Lady, let me borrow your body to revive my wife. This can only be done depending on you as you are the only one who has the Nine Phoenix Saint Body. You might be compatible with my wife.”

As soon as he finished his words, the white-clothed man looked at Yan Qingcheng passionately.

“Your wife has already died.”

“Even if she has died, I will revive her life. I don’t want to kill you and don’t want to hurt you at all. Don’t force me to do so.”

The white-clothed man and Jiang Chen exchanged a glance. Jiang Chen’s stubbornness made him feel very uncomfortable.

“You can only touch her by stepping over my body.” Jiang Chen said coldly.

“Do you know who you are talking to?”

“Qiu Niu, the dragon’s eldest son.” Jiang Chen said.

“Since you know who I am, why do you still dare to go against me? I initially wanted to save you out of here. But you are still so stubborn. Who is this lady to you?”

“She is also my beloved wife.”

Jiang Chen said firmly.

*Qiu Niu: According to the Chinese legend, Qiu Niu is the name of the dragon’s eldest son among his nine sons.

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