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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2647

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“You… you… you’re still alive?”  Luo Qinghe was shocked.

He thought Jiang Chen was more than dead. However, Jiang Chen crawled out from the rubbles. Even Dou Ling was shocked too.

“You… this fella, you’re hard to kill.” Luo Qinghe cursed.

“It’s not easy to kill me. You can’t even defeat Big Yellow and you wanna fight me?” Jiang Chen’s eyes became cold as he was dead set on killing.

“Today, all of you shall die.”

“You’re on your last leg, what do you have left? Hmph, I’ve already killed you once, there’s no problem for me to do it the second time.”

Luo Qinghe and Jiang Chen stared at each other, as imaginary sparks burst forth between them.

“Great, all three of you shall become mine.” Formation Demon Bai Qi sneered.

Jiang Chen calmly picked up his blade, his aura changed. At this moment, he wanted to kill everyone, nobody could get away.

“I heard that the dragon ball is in your possession? Let’s see who shall have the last laugh.” Dou Ling squinted his eyes.

The four parties stood against one another, all of them were confident with themselves. Formation Demon Bai Qi was in his true body and was confident that he would reign supreme.

“Do you think that tattered body of yours has what it takes to fight me?” Formation Demon Bai Qi looked at Jiang Chen with disdain.

The current Jiang Chen was definitely the weakest. He almost died earlier too. What does he have to defeat them all?

“Take this.” Bai Qi sneered.

A punch from a Peak Late Divine King instantly flew towards Jiang Chen and the latter flew back from the force.

“Worthless.” Formation Demon Bai Qi shook his head as his disdain towards Jiang Chen deepened.

Jiang Chen slowly stood up with blood flowing down from his lips, he sneered:

“Let the last person standing have the last laugh.”

Jiang Chen instantly took a dozen regenerative pills. His strength recovered by half with the help of the wood spirit’s regenerative abilities. Plus, at this moment, he felt that his strength was rising, as if it was about to break through.

“This is it.”

Jiang Chen looked up towards the sky, lightning clouds gathered.

“How can this be? What is this Heavenly Lightning?”

Everyone looked up to the sky, Dou Ling and the others frowned. The trio felt unsettled as the Heavenly Lightning appeared.

“Isn’t this Warrior’s Gate an independent space? How can there be Heavenly Lightning here?” Formation Demon Bai Qi murmured quietly.

The independent Warrior’s Gate by right should be cut off from the outside world. Yet, for a Heavenly Lightning to appear now… it means that someone’s trying to break through.

“Something’s wrong.” Dou Ling said.

Jiang Chen used the Azure Dragon’s Five Steps and reached the sky.

“It’s you, to think you’re trying to break through now? Hahaha, this is hilarious.” Luo Qinghe completely looked down on Jiang Chen.

He’s definitely seeking to die by trying to break through at this moment. He was already on his last legs but he still wanted to battle all of them. The rest of them only needed to attack him and he’ll perish without a doubt.

“Really? Let’s see who’s going to cry later.”

Jiang Chen ignored the rest of them as lighting came crashing down from the sky. The trio dared not to face the might of the Heavenly Lightning and quickly retreated.

Jiang Chen stood in the middle of all that.

“How can a mere Heavenly God Realm’s Lightning Tribulation be this scary?”

“One Drought Heavenly Lightning. It’s the One Drought Heavenly Lightning that not even Divine King Experts may encounter. This fella is dead. Hahaha.”Luo Qinghe laughed.

“Such a terrifying Heavenly Lightning… wow.” Dou Ling gasped.

Jiang Chen was calm in the face of the Heavenly Lighting. Bai Qi instinctively shook his head. It would be Jiang Chen’s death the moment the lightning struck.

Jiang Chen looked up with a calm smile.

“I wish to fuse this lightning, who dares disturb me?” Jiang Chen’s expression became solemn.

The One Drought Heavenly Lightning was much more powerful than the Nine Stars Heavenly Tribulation Lightning. Jiang Chen stood below the clouds without fear, even in the face of that devastating power.

The moment the One Drought Heavenly Lightning struck Jiang Chen, it blinded everyone, the trio quickly covered their eyes. Jiang Chen would probably be reduced to dust when the lightning struck.

However, the unimaginable happened, Jiang Chen didn’t die under the One Drought Heavenly Lightning. As a matter of fact, he was pretty calm and composed. The moment the lightning passed through his body, a perfect cycle had gone through his body. The trio were dumbfounded.

“Impossible, that’s a Heavenly Lightning, not even I could be that calm in front of it, I must be dreaming.” Dou Ling said in disbelief.

“Oh my god, he’s not afraid of the Heavenly Lightning?” Formation Demon Bai Qi gasped.

“I must be seeing things.” Luo Qinghe murmured.

At this moment, Jiang Chen held the Nine Stars Heavenly Tribulation Lightning in his left and the Dawn Sky Golden Lightning in his right palm. The two lightning slowly fused together.

“That’s… Dawn Sky Golden Lightning?”

“Nine Stars Heavenly Tribulation Lightning?”

The fella must be mad, to fuse two lightnings together, that’s akin to suicide. One may not kill you, but the explosive strength of two would even put them in a dangerous situation. They were threatened by Jiang Chen, the explosive power from the fusion of the two lightning will certainly give them a fatal injury.

“You’re already scared from just the fusion of two? Won’t you guys be pissin your pants if I fuse another one?” Jiang Chen smiled.

However, he would also not fool aroun, as this was his first time seeing the One Drought Heavenly Lightning. First, he’ll fuse the Nine Stars Heavenly Tribulation Lightning and Dawn Sky Golden Lightning, only then will he be able to fuse the One Drought Heavenly Lightning into it, which should reduce the difficulty of the process.

Since, the explosive power of the fusion of two was enough to startle them.

The moment Jiang Chen caused the One Drought Heavenly Lightning to fall, their eyes became red.

“Motherf*cker! Is he planning to fuse three together? Is he mad?” Dou Ling shouted as his expression changed continuously.

Not even Hierarch experts could save them if he fused those three together.

“Since you guys like to watch, then, once would be enough. Let’s see who’s going to stop me with the fusion of three…”

Jiang Chen stood proudly in the sky as the One Drought Heavenly Lightning passed through his body and fused into the lightning fusion. Luo Qinghe, Formation Demon and Bai Qi’s became pale.

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