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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2645

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From the fact that the Spirit Transferring Body could only boost his strength within a short period of time, it could be surmised that he was just acting on impulse. He had brought an exceedingly great harm to that Hierarch expert he borrowed the energy from.

Thus, it could be seen that the God Luo Clan was definitely paying through the nose in order to fight for the God Luo’s Scripture. Generally, Hierarch experts would not simply interfere as the God Luo Clan would not be willing to arouse the wrath of Hierarch experts. It could possibly provoke a world war by doing so.

“Jiang Chen, back off. You can not match him anymore,” said Donghuang Zhuoqing faintly.

However, Jiang Chen looked serious and fearless, holding his weapon in hand. His eyes met Luo Qinghe’s, communicating their strong will to fight.

“A Half-step Hierarch, what can you do with me?”

Jiang Chen’s arrogance was towering into the sky. He was smiling coldly and stared at Luo Qinghe, it seemed like he was showing his willingness to have a battle with God.

“Ancient Soaring Dragon Technique!”

Jiang Chen roared furiously and cast the Ancient Soaring Dragon Technique. At this moment, his strength took a jump and was enhanced. With his current power, even a Late Divine King would not dare accept the challenge of Jiang Chen anymore.

“Great. Let’s see who will be the ultimate winner. Hahaha.”

Jiang Chen was not showing a mark of cowardice at the moment. He vowed to fight to the death and he would be the hero in this battle. How could he be afraid of becoming a hero of the world?

“Heavenly Dragon Battle Armour!”

Jiang Chen exerted every trick in his book as he could not afford losing against Luo Qinghe.

Both of them fought in the void with an ear-splitting noise, causing the void to crack within hundreds of miles. Even the air was frozen at the moment. The impact of their continuous collision was extraordinarily strong and horrifying. However, none of them gained the upper hand. Even though both of Jiang Chen’s strength and body were strong enough, he had to admit that he could hardly resist Luo Qinghe’s attacks directly after he became a real Half-step Hierarch. Without the protection of the Heavenly Dragon Battle Armour, he would have already suffered a severe injury.

Hence, Jiang Chen took every step cautiously and treated every clash seriously. Luo Qinghe had become stronger with the help of the external force. While the Spirit Transferring Body had boosted his battle strength to another level which he wouldn’t be able to reach previously.

“Hahaha. You’re still too young to fight me. Next is your time of death.”

Luo Qinghe soared high into the sky and his aura had reached its peak. There was a huge gap between the Half-step Hierarch Realm and the Divine King Realm. Most importantly, the Origin Qi connecting the world had reached the level which could devour the world at the moment. No one who was above the Hierarch Realm would be a match to him.

“Three Thousand Flames Dragon Seal!”

There were countless flames of the dragon running wild as the thunder and lightning continuously surged forward in the sky. It had wrapped Luo Qinghe completely. The dreadfulness of the Three Thousand Flames Dragon Seal was imaginable. However, Luo Qinghe made a perfect escape from the fire and struck Jiang Chen. The Twelve Fire God Guard has suffered serious injury and their body was covered with countless wounds.

“He’s too strong.”

Jiang Chen thought. The moment he tried to raise his head, Luo Qinghe had approached him and the sword was seemingly falling from the sky and was about to hit him from all directions.

Fortunately, Jiang Chen was able to resist the attack with the Heavenly Dragon Sword, but he was thrown out eight hundreds miles away. And there was a crack left on the Heavenly Dragon Battle Armour.

“Jiang Chen, you have to go now. You will never be his opponent.” Zi Xi said it and gritted his teeth.

At the moment, those who dealt with Luo Qinghe would be dead for sure. It was not that they were acting mean and selfish, but even Zi Xi himself could not resist Luo Qinghe’s attack, not to mention Donghuang Zhuoqing and the rest of them. None of them had expected the battle to go on like this and it was an incredible miracle that Jiang Chen could hold on until now. Jiang Chen was merely a Late Heavenly God after all.

“Just go to hell now!”

Luo Qinghe swept through the sky and everything around was destroyed at once. The dust in the entire Saint Soul Mountain was rising in all directions and trembling wildly. Jiang Chen was suppressed under the edge of the sword. He cut across the sky like a kite with broken strings.

Most of them had fallen into despair. Luo Qinghe was invincible and unbeatable at the moment, it was absolutely impossible for Jiang Chen to strike back now.

At the moment, the Heavenly Dragon Battle Armour had fallen apart and at the same time, Jiang Chen suffered severe wounds.

“Is there anyone who could fight me now? Hahaha.”

Luo Qinghe was extremely arrogant but it’s reasonable because his power was irresistible, even he could hardly control himself from being overbearing. A Half-step Hierarch was way superior than Jiang Chen, which was another level that Jiang Chen could not simply cut through.

“Is Jiang Chen dead now?”

Donghuang Taiji said and gritted his teeth.

“No, he will not simply die.”

Long Xinghua said in a low voice. He was like a rebirth phoenix in the fire, so it is impossible for him to die easily like this.

“Jiang Chen, are you still alive?”

“No matter if you’re dead or not, let’s see who could save you this time.”

Luo Qinghe struck out his last strong blow and broke through the void. The ashes and dust had risen from eight hundred feet and five thousands of broken stones. The entire universe was spinning around and turning over, it was like the end of the world.

After the strike, everyone stared at Jiang Chen silently. None of them dared to imagine whether Jiang Chen survived or died.

Zi Xi remained silent, Qu Tianshu and Donghuang Zhuoqing were the same. Even if Jiang Chen was a civet cat with nine lives, the chances of his survival were still slim.

“Leave quickly. You guys are not qualified to stay here anymore.”

Luo Qinghe took a cold glance at Zi Xi and the others. He did not plan to kill them all as it was not a way to settle everything. It was a crucial step to bring honour to their God Luo Clan and prove their mightiness. Moreover, they were disciples of the Qilian Boundary’s great sects and one of them is the son of the Reverend of the Nine Boundaries. He did not lose his mind at the moment. It was totally enough to beat the dog before the lion since most of them were not life-threatening to him.

Donghuang Zhuoqing and Zi Xi gazed upon each other, they were unwilling to leave simply like this. But there was nothing they could do at the moment. It would be meaningless for them to stay here since Jiang Chen was dead now. Fortunately, the people of the God Luo Clan did not attack them, so they survived. Otherwise, their lives would be at stake if they continued staying in this place.

“When there’s life, there’s hope. Let’s go now.

Donghuang Zhuoqing gritted his teeth. This was probably the most annoying moment in his life, but he could do nothing with it since they were incompetent. Even Jiang Chen who was a talented genius was defeated badly and died.

“Jiang Chen, it’s time to say goodbye to you now. If there is a chance in my lifetime, I will not spare their life.”

Long Xinghua gritted his teeth in anger and her eyes were bloodshot. Without Jiang Chen, she would have died several times.

“It is probably the most terrible battle in our Qilian Boundary.”

Zi Xi shook his head and felt deeply grieved. Everyone stepped backward and left slowly. They were not qualified to stay here anymore and most importantly, the Warrior’s Gate sounded like a Coward’s gate at the moment.

Even though they were not willing to admit that, they were badly defeated when they chose to leave. They were not qualified to be called a warrior.

“Dou Ling, it’s your turn. Humph. That little kid is already dead now.”

Luo Qinghe narrowed his eyes and took a gaze at Dou Ling. He was unwilling to fight to the death with him as both sides would definitely have a huge amount to lose. It would be better for him to demand Dou Ling’s surrender now.

“It means nothing to me. Do you think beating the dog before the lion is effective to me? It’s just an act of a coward. Just crop off my head if you are capable. By then, I will be greatly convinced.”

Dou Ling, who’s dressed in white, soared highly into the sky and remained calm. He had never been afraid of Luo Qinghe.

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