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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2644

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“Jiang Chen, he……is still alive?”

Qu Tianshu said in a low voice. Even Luo Qinghe’s glance had become sharp.

“Good guy. Even the Luo He Thousand Cups failed to kill you, it seems like you’re such a tough opponent.”

Luo Qinghe looked gloomy and cold. He had never thought that Jiang Chen was a tough rival, and that the Twelve Fire God Guards were unusually terrifying. With the help of the twelve Fire God Guards, killing Jiang Chen was definitely not as easy as solving a basic math calculation.

“I have never expected Jiang Chen to have such a card in his hand. He is just too annoying.”

Donghuang Zhuoqing did not know whether to laugh or cry but he was thrilled when he saw Jiang Chen breaking through the Three Origin of Heavy Water. The Twelve Fire God Guards were implicit with dread which Donghuang Zhuoqing could hardly resist.

“Such terrifying puppets of flames. I wonder how strong this guy is.”

Zi Xi murmured under his breath. Even he would need to go all out if he confronted the Twelve Fire God Guards. Moreover, the moment Jiang Chen broke through from the bottom of the Three Origins of Heavy Water was just shocking, remarkable and incomparable.

“Good guy, it seems like I have underestimated you earlier as I have never expected this to happen. Those puppets are just breathtaking. Haha.”

Dou Ling said with a slight smile. The battle between Luo Xingran and him was exceedingly intense but he’s fine with it because he preferred dealing with the great beauty rather than intermingling with Luo Qinghe.

“It’s my turn now.”

A faint grin bent the corner of Jiang Chen’s mouth. The Twelve Fire God Guards soared to the sky in the blink of an eye and surrounded Luo Qinghe completely.

“The battle has just begun.”

Jiang Chen retreated at first in order to make a greater advancement. The power of the Heavenly Dragon Sword was irresistible, and the Twelve Fire God Guards had completely driven Luo Qinghe up to the wall which forced him to treat this seriously.

“The giant yellow dog is a tough one, but I have never thought that you are a tougher rival for me.”

Even though Luo Qinghe was startled, he was still able to remain calm. He was soon ready to confront the attack of Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen’s Twelve Fire God Guards had successfully made a turnaround with a formidable strong attack. Jiang Chen reacted immediately and struck out fiercely.

“Third sword, Solitary!”

Jiang Chen was determined to kill Luo Qinghe and that was the reason he would not pull his punches, hitting him with full strength. Jiang Chen’s Twelve Fire God Guards swept through fiercely and the entire world of the brave soldiers seemed to be eclipsed, turning dull at that moment.

“It is such a terrifying sword aura.”

Zi Xi, Luo Xingran and the others looked gloomy. The strong blow had revealed Luo Qinghe’s weakness completely.

“The water of the Luo River flows from heaven!”

Luo Qinghe retreated swiftly. His face turned pale and his whole body was trembling with fear. If he was hit by that strike, he would have died in vain without a doubt.

The Luo He Thousand Cups were being thrown out after colliding with the Heavenly Dragon Sword directly. However, Jiang Chen’s sword aura was still growing. Even though it’s a real Origin Divine Tool, the Luo He Thousand Cups was still easily damaged by a strike. Luo Qinghe quickly tried to make an escape, looking terrified and astonished.

“Drawing the sword and breaking the water, overwhelming and inevitable!”

Jiang Chen’s strike, Solitary, had made the entire sky turn dull and cloudy.

Luo Qinghe took each step cautiously as he was totally miserable under the formidable strike. He would have been defeated by Jiang Chen if he made a slight mistake. Jiang Chen had exerted his sword skill to the extreme and perfection.

“The sword is dreadful. I think even I could hardly resist those strikes.”

Donghuang Taiji murmured and took a glance at Murong Yuner. Jiang Chen had given Donghuang Taiji a shock and he was totally convinced by Jiang Chen. It seemed like only Donghuang TaiA who was still in seclusion could possibly compete against this devil.

But even then, it seemed like even Donghuang TaiA could hardly constrain Jiang Chen from Donghuang Taiji’s perspective.

The light of the sword turned dull while Luo Qinghe fled helter-skelter with a tensed face.

“Ghost Shadow Slash!!”

Luo Qinghe launched a strike once again while Jiang Chen was rushing at him. He steeled himself, intending to suppress Jiang Chen completely. Otherwise, his life would get tougher and miserable.

“This guy is truly terrifying. But I am going to treat this seriously now.”

Qu Tianshu looked awe-inspiring. From the beginning, she just treated Jiang Chen as a talented genius but she had realized that Jiang Chen’s real strength was not inferior to those strong masters after watching this battle. He was even way stronger than some sect elders.

A series of devil shadows and sword lights penetrated the heavens and earth. Jiang Chen remained calm and unmoved in all directions and the Fire God Guards’ kept alternately advancing and retreating perfectly which put Luo Qinghe into a difficult predicament. Together with the Twelve Fire God Guards, Jiang Chen confronted Luo Qinghe and he even gained the upper hand over Luo Qinghe.

“That guy from the God Luo Clan is too weak, he can’t even deal with a guy at the Heavenly God Realm. It seems like you are not as strong as what I had thought. Hahaha.”

Dou Ling said in disdain, all the while casting awful and ruthless tricks when dealing with Luo Xingran as showing kindness and sympathy to the lady would spoil his plan. He would never make this kind of silly mistake. The Dou Formation Technique was launched again, restraining Luo Xingran completely. At this moment, Luo Xingran was slightly flustered as Dou Ling had become more aggressive than her. She would not be able to resist the Dou Formation Technique with her strength alone. Under the shadow of the swords, Dou Ling took the initiative and Luo Xingran was about to be defeated by the formation.

“Where is the arrogance and confidence that you have shown?”

Jiang Chen grinned.

Luo Qinghe had lost the initiative to fight and Jiang Chen was not going to spare his life or give him any opportunity. Jiang Chen was determined to kill him. Or else, he would be the one suffering in the future.

“Kid, do you think that this is all I got as an expert from the God Luo Clan? Humph. It’s too early to count your chickens before they hatched.” Luo Qinghe said in disdain.

“You should feel proud for ending up in this situation. Even if you die, you would still smile in your grave. I have prepared this for the Battle God Clan but now you’ll be the one to go through the trial with me.”

Luo Qinghe pierced through the sky with his sword and flung the Twelve Fire God Guards away. The light of the sword in his hand was growing brighter and magnificent.

“Spirit Transferring Body.”

Dou Ling narrowed his eyes.

“Is it the Spirit Transferring Body of the strong Hierarch experts? It can transfer half of the Divine Strength of a Hierarch to his body, temporarily boosting his strength to a Half-step Hierarch Realm within a short period of time.”

Dou Ling was startled. It seemed like the God Luo Clan had come prepared for this event. Once the Spirit Transferring Body exploded, Jiang Chen would not be able to resist the suppression using his own strength. There was a world of difference between a Late Heavenly God Realm and a Half-step Hierarch. Jiang Chen would suffer a great defeat if they clashed. Even though Jiang Chen was strong enough and tough, it was meaningless in front of an overwhelmingly powerful expert. Every advantage that Jiang Chen has evaporated at this moment.

“It’s unbelievable that this guy used the Spirit Transferring Body because it will cause a backlash towards that Hierarch expert, and that expert could hardly restore the Divine Strength that’s utilized in more than hundred years.

Zi Xi said in a low voice. He doubted that any Hierarchs would be willing to do so in order to help a Divine King expert to complete the transformation of the Spirit Transferring Body.

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