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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2641

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Unfortunately, he was still trapped by Dou Ling’s formation. With the enforcement of the Dou Formation Technique, Donghuang Zhuowing kept being repulsed by Dou Ling. The Dou Formation Technique had made his formation become even more dreadful. The mightiness of the Dou Formation Technique was displayed fully.

Even Zi Xi was not able to escape the misfortune despite his formidable strength and skill. He was able to stop the formation from transforming, but was not able to break out from its suppression.

“Be careful,” Qu Tianshu shouted.

Jiang Chen was still weaker than her. Qu Tianshu used her body to defend Jiang Chen from Dou Ling’s attack, affecting the formation and weakening it. Both of them exerted their full strength. In the end, Qu Tianshu was still repulsed badly. Her face was pale and blood kept spurting out from her mouth.

“Break it!”

Jiang Chen shouted out of rage. The Three Star Dou Formation Technique was shattered. He flashed through the space and broke the formation. Then, Jiang Chen immediately brought Qu Tianshu to escape from their predicament.

Dou Ling said in a deep voice:

“How did you break my Dou Formation Technique?”

“Do you think you are the only one who knew the Dou Formation Technique?”

Jiang Chen said faintly.

“You killed a member of our Battle God Clan!”

Dou Ling suddenly realised that Jiang Chen killed one of their people. He even practiced the Dou Formation Technique in the dark. It’s an unforgivable sin.

“There’s no I’ll find, yet luck brings me here to meet you. You are the one who killed one of our people and stole the Dou Formation Technique. Today you must pay the price with your life.”

Dou Ling actually came to the Thunder Rush Sea with two missions. The first one was to find out the myth of the Thunder Rush Sea. The second one was to find out the individual who had killed a member of their Battle God Clan because they could sense that the killer was inside the Qilian Boundary. They just didn’t know where the exact location of the killer was. However, right now Dou Ling was very sure that Jiang Chen was the killer.

“Since you knew that I was the one who killed him, that means you are not too far from death.” Jiang Chen smiled and said.

“Haha, don’t you know your limit? How would you dare to fight me? Do you really think that I would need to exert any effort to kill you? You’re too arrogant.”

Dou Ling shook his head dismissively, and laughed loudly.

Qu Tianshu and Zi Xi’s countenance fell. They never expected that Jiang Chen killed a member of the Battle God Clan. How did he do it? It was well-known that the Battle Clan God would protect all of their people at the cost of their life.

Now, they’re afraid that this battle would be very fierce.

“I think you are the one who brags about your own power. It won’t be easy for you to escape from our palm now.” Jiang Chen said coldly.

“Then let’s see who would last until the end. Humph!”

Dou Ling immediately sent out a powerful strike. Although Jiang Chen and Qu Tianshu managed to get rid of the Dou Formation Technique, Zi Xi and Donghuang Zhuoqing were still not able to escape from the trap yet. Dou Ling shouted out of rage to strengthen his Dou Formation Technique. Both Zi Xi and Donghuang Zhuoqing were suppressed badly by the newly strengthened technique. Donghuang Zhuoqing was even injured severely while Zi Xi was only lightly wounded.

Jiang Chen swept across the place with his sword and pressed against Dou Ling. Sword shadows were wrestling as he once again clashed with Dou Ling. Jiang Chen’s aura was not weak at all, however, Dou Ling was not easy to deal with despite the absence of the Dou Formation Technique. He still managed to withstand Jiang Chen’s attack steadily. At the same time, Qu Tianshu also helped in pressuring Dou Ling.

“I am going to help you!”

Zi Xi shouted loudly and soared to the sky. At this moment, Dou Ling finally felt the pressure because Jiang Chen was not affected by his Dou Formation Technique. With Zi Xi’s active participation in the battle, he started struggling in fighting against them.

“Hahaha. The Battle God Clan seems quite weak. You are struggling under the attack of a guy who has not even reached the Divine King Realm yet. Your clan has even lost your secret technique. Hahaha. It’s really ridiculous and funny.”

As soon as the mad laughter burst out, Dou Ling turned around and faced the Saint Soul Mountain and saw a white-clothed man standing there with overbearing pride. His aura was very powerful, suppressing the atmosphere around. His eyes were like those of a tiger, cold and filled with killing intent. There was an unparalleled beautiful lady standing and clinging around him. A perfect match between a man and a lady.

“Who are you?”

Dou Ling sent out a heavy blow against Jiang Chen. He looked gloomy, staring at the top of the void and said.

Jiang Chen frowned his forehead as well while looking at the couple with a serious expression.

“God Luo Clan. Luo Qinghe.”

The man’s face looked cold and no emotion could be seen from his eyes. He looked at Jiang Chen and the others as if he was looking at a group of ants.

“God Luo Clan. It’s the people of the God Luo Clan. No wonder.” Jiang Chen murmured.

The man’s arrogance definitely came from his noble identity. It seemed like the God Luo Clan was even more arrogant than the Battle God Clan and they did not even care about the Battle God Clan at all. It was actually reasonable for the God Luo Clan to come all the way here to fight for the God Luo’s Scripture.

“God Luo Clan, are you here to interfere with us? I have really underestimated you guys.”

Dou Ling sneered coldly while still maintaining his dismissive attitude towards the God Luo Clan.

“The scripture in your hands belongs to the God Luo Clan. Give it to me, and I might spare your life.” Luo Qinghe said proudly.

“Are you dreaming? Do you really think that your God Luo Clan is invincible under the heavens? Since when is my Battle God Clan afraid of you? ”

Dou Ling and Luo Qinghe exchanged a glance, and killing intent spread across the entire space. A terrifying battle would surely erupt anytime.

“The God Luo Clan and the Battle God Clan are both here. I guess there’s not much hope for us now.”

Donghuang Zhuoqing sighed and shook his head helplessly. Regardless of the God Luo Clan or Battle God Clan, they could eliminate the Eastern Emperor Sect effortlessly. Hundreds and thousands of years ago, the Eastern Emperor Sect might still be able to fight with them. However,  the Eastern Emperor Sect was nothing in their eyes now.

“Thunder Rush Sea has attracted quite a lot of big names here this time. The participation of the God Luo Clan and the Battle God Clan will definitely stir up a storm in Lone Dragon County.”

Zi Xi said in a soft voice. At this moment, he knew that they wouldn’t be able to turn the situation around. Those two were not any weaker than Dou Ling. If they really start a fight, they would definitely gain no advantage at all. Perhaps it’s the time for them to stop and leave.

“Let’s retreat, Jiang Chen.”

Zi Xi looked at Jiang Chen and said softly.

Jiang Chen shook his head.

“I am determined to get the scripture!”

Zi Xi shivered slightly, and could not help heaving a sigh. It’s worrying to see Jiang Chen being so stubborn.

He believed that the experts from the God Luo Clan and the Battle God Clan must have trump cards that they had not revealed yet. If Jiang Chen kept being stubborn, he might only come to a dead end!

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