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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2639

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God Luo’s Scripture

Those three words could easily cause chaos in Lone Dragon County, it could even move the Northern Cold Divine Region. No wonder the Dragon Clan was moved… Even the Battle God Clan came to have a piece of it. Jiang Chen gasped. From the looks of it, not many of them knew about the God Luo’s Scripture. Otherwise, the people who came for it would’ve been much more than this and the Battle God Clan wouldn’t have just sent a single Divine King expert.

Red Lotus said that the God Luo’s Scripture is extremely powerful and mysterious. However nobody knew how powerful it was, yet it was still able to cause chaos and move the people of the entire Divine World.

Everyone was pumped after the emergence of the God Luo’s Scripture. Although nobody knew what it was, at least it was something that Dou Ling was looking heavily upon. And given that it’s hidden within Princess Bingying’s body, it’s more than enough proof that the atlas was something great.

“What is this?” Donghuang Zhuoqing asked.

“It’s definitely not simple, that fella from the Battle God Clan looked upon it like a great treasure.” Zi Xi squinted his eyes.

Now that Dou Ling has become a public enemy, it doesn’t look like he’ll get away easily even though he has gotten the atlas. How could they allow him to easily get away with this many people?

“That fella is the prodigy of the Battle God Clan, be careful.” Qu Tianshu said as she stared at Dou Ling, fearing that he may do something funny.

“That’s it, we must not let that fella get away with the atlas.” Yin Hun said.

It was finally time for them to strike. The trio stayed quiet the entire time just for this moment, the final battle. They will become the winners in the end. That atlas was extraordinary since Dou Ling really coveted it. The trio did not know what it was, but they would not let Dou Ling have the last laugh.

“I’ve been holding this anger for so long, this Dou Ling had been flaunting for so long, does he think that we’re useless? Let’s show him what we got.” Hei Cha said.

He had been holding it in for so long, not showing his true strength this whole time, just for this single moment, for the atlas, to bring honour and success for his sect.

The Heavenly Profound Sect and Killing Luo Sect had planned this for so long, for the sake of getting the greatest treasure and they were not planning to let go of the dragon ball from Jiang Chen too. Unless there’s a Hierarch, otherwise, they would be trapped in this place. Hei Cha smirked, ready to battle, to get the atlas from Dou Ling’s grasp.

“It’s time for us to have Dou Ling pay his due for the death of our elders. He must die. He’s strong, so what? However, the Qilian Region is not the Battle God Clan’s territory.” Li Peng was also prepared for battle.

Their aim? To kill and rob him off of his treasure!

“Dou Ling, pay back the lives of my elders.”

Hei Cha was the first to fly up towards the mountain peak, followed by Yin Hun and Li Peng. The trio rushed towards Dou Ling together.

Dou Ling’s eyes became cold as he smirked:

“I’ve already expected this moment since you guys do not know your limitation, then I’ll leave his Battle Formation Technique to you.”

Dou Ling was prepared. He knew that all parties would come for him after he got the treasure. Therefore, he had prepared his hands.

The trio immediately entered the vicinity of the Heavenly Lightning Downpour Formation. However, the formation was weakened with the combined force of the trio. Hence, Dou Ling then buffed the formation with his Battle Formation Technique and its might was raised considerably.




The trio combined their might and unleashed a mighty force using the three elements. The might of their strike was akin to the full force attack of a Late Divine King, crashing upon the Heavenly Lightning Downpour Formation.


Jiang Chen and the others’ ears were ringing after the clash. The surrounding stones and mountains flew apart from the epicentre of the force. They all looked at the scene with a solemn expression, they did not expect the trio to have such a card.

“The Heavenly Profound Sect and Killing Luo Sect really came prepared.” Jiang Chen said.

“This Dou Ling also came prepared as he had laid traps for others to fall in.”

They could see that Dou Ling did not lose even though the Heavenly Lightning Downpour Formation slowly degenerated with the might of the three. Although it looked like he’s losing, Dou Ling just used a formation to fend off the trio, he himself did not lose anything.

“Use everything, this formation is weird, we must not stay here any longer.”

Yin Hun roared as the trio combined the three elements and unleashed another Late Divine King Grade attack.

However, Dou Ling was no easy foe as he had the Battle Formation Technique to assist him. The trio was stopped in their tracks by the lightning. Hei Cha’s expression became pale as his body was burnt by the lightning.

“Big Bro, I can’t take it anymore!” Hei Cha gritted his teeth and said.

The Dou Formation Technique was much stronger than they had expected and Dou Ling was waiting for an opportunity the moment they lost their energy to take them all out. Hei Cha was the weakest amongst them, although they were all Divine Kings, one could clearly see who’s stronger and who’s weaker. Obviously, Hei Cha couldn’t fully exhibit the might of the technique. Dou Ling found the weakest link and attacked with his full force, forcing Hei Cha to fall back.

“Hei Cha, you must not fall!” Yin Hun said, worriedly.

The trio’s power would drop significantly if Hei Cha fell. The remaining two were definitely not Dou Ling’s match. Not even their elders were able to face him, they couldn’t have lasted this long without this special technique.

Li Peng’s expression instantly changed as he cursed. He knew how important everyone was, if one falls, the others will surely follow suit.

“Those three fellas are losing.” Jiang Chen said with a smile.

At this moment, the slaughter has just begun!

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